Getting stuff done!

In contrast to my last post, I pleased to report how I’ve knotched things up a gear in my personal life!

  • I went to SES on Tuesday despite horrible weather, thankfully we were indoors and playing with power tools.  My first time with a plane saw, grinder and nail gun.  FUN!
On the inside, I'm a tradie!
On the inside, I’m a tradie!
  • Thursday night, I ventured out in the drizzle to the new UTS building on Broadway, which happens to house the faculty I studied in.  Here’s a view from inside:
I don't see (modern) Hogwarts, but my FB friends did
I don’t see (modern) Hogwarts, but my FB friends did
  • A church ‘youth dinner’ on Friday night – there was just one guest, but many RSVPs so at least I know it’s in peoples minds
  • Saturday was brunch with a friend from my school years, and then walked her around our neighbourhood.  It’s such a pleasure to see my home and locale from someone else’s point of view.  She loved the diversity of new and innovative buildings as well as the older terraces.  The short walk from the city, and the views of it.  And lovely big trees as well
  • A couple of water polo friends cane around for dinner on Saturday, I attempted a pot luck but that’s not really an Aussie thing.  We had a huge pile of roast veggies (thanks Em), a pile of nachoes, and a self saucing chocolate pudding, plus lots of chatter as three from four of us had been overseas recently! (that ticks my goal of entertaining at home more too)
  • Made it to church this morning – people asked about my ‘holiday’ (I think they mean the past two weeks when I’ve chosen to sleep in perhaps?)  Anyhow, I garnered two more contacts for the youth dinners, and resolved some catering dramas which I’d been remiss in doing in the past few weeks due to work.  All’s well that ends well cause
  • The tea/coffee issues at church meant I went to the local Asian IGA, and optimised my trip by buying 6 varieties of dumplings from their freezer section.  The ultimate in tasty quick food for the nights where the BF and I have different schedules
  • I came home to hang out a load of washing, iron some work shirts whilst watching Project Runway, and then made a curtain to block the light a little better for the BF who gets up closer to 9am (!!) on weekdays! (!!)


Sadly the remnant wasn't long enough, but I see a future 'frill' hem... I did love the colour though, and it was thick enough to do the trick
Sadly the remnant wasn’t long enough, but I see a future ‘frill’ hem… I did love the colour though, and it was thick enough to do the trick
  • I was frustrated that one of my op shop shirt’s French cuffs didn’t have enough button holes to stop the cuffs from flapping.  I was thinking I might get a ‘mender’ at the dry cleaners’ to do it.  Then I googled the machine I have, worked out which foot to use (helpfully stored behind the machine) and gave it a whirl.  Here’s the result:
Sarah style buttonhole - I didn't have any thread other than black or white. But thankfully my cufflink works perfectly
Sarah style buttonhole – I didn’t have any thread other than black or white. But thankfully my cufflink works perfectly
Not the tidiest job, but free~!!!
Not the tidiest job, but free~!!!

And I forgot to mention (and I think I will try to draft a quick post) but…

  • I finished reading the bible – one of my 12 in 2 goals!!  I happened to read the last of it on the train from work to the airport to meet my brother, so it was a momentous day!

Now for the work week ahead… I have to remember to pat myself on the back more.  Remember that if I was asked ‘have you done everything you can to make it work’ I could honestly answer yes.  The results aren’t solely up to me.

How was your weekend?  Did you get a run on things you’ve otherwise been avoiding? (Yes, it would seem, I had been ‘avoiding’ socialisation if I’m perfectly honest!)

10 Replies to “Getting stuff done!”

  1. Being productive feels so good 🙂 Especially when you have time to do things you've been putting off! I had more of a catch up weekend (errands/laundry/dishes/batch cooking) but we have some fun things coming up.

    I think your buttonhole looks great – and you're right, can't beat free!

    1. Catching up is awesome! I''m glad I got fun and functional into one weekend, and still was rested enough for a new week. Alas, I envy all your reading lately, so I must try to add more of that too.

  2. I'm clapping loudly!!! What a week. I'm particularly impressed with the buttonhole making – given my deficit in the sewing machine area.

    I'm with your friend. I can see the modern Hogwarts. I will pop down next time I am in the city. I did a post grad diploma at UTS. Hate the old ugly building. There's a ton of work going on at UTS. Loving the results.

    1. Thanks for the applause!

      The button hole was a little fiddly (supposedly MEANT to be full auto but alas no).

      UTS is certainly throwing money at new building between FEIT on Broadway, then there's the 'crumbled paper bag' for business faculty, and a new extended Science building around the usual campus space. It's intense!

  3. That is an awesome effort (high five!) I am always impressed with any kind of mending. Like Lucinda I have a sewing deficit!

    I did get a run on things I've been avoiding – namely the mega buildup of laundry and house cleaning that I haven't got on top of since our return home from overseas. A bit of a 'boring' weekend but I finally feel caught up!

    How's this sunny weather…I think we are coming out of winter at last!

    1. Thanks Fiona – I find mending really therapeutic, bit like colouring in, which I've taken to later. I think it's the small scale focus, but the sense of accomplishment at the end.

      Yesterday was so warm, I too thought the end of winter. Alas it's raining this morning. So sad to see the back of that lovely sunshine.

  4. I'm impressed with the mending as well – I am terrible at sewing! I also like to see the SES stuff. I put my name down for our local one, but didn't get in this time (which I guess is good because they have so many people who want to volunteer). I'm hoping to get in the next round in January.

    I did a lot of spring cleaning this weekend, which is unusual for me. I also bottled the homebrew, which should keep us in beer for quite a while. Today I'm getting stuck into the blog and job applications.

    1. Oh I'm not any good, by my own standards, but 'don't let perfect be the enemy of good' – which is pretty much my life's motto!

      I can't believe the SES would be 'full' – though you guys did have floods. Likely, they just lost your number/were disorganised, as any big bureaucracy can be. Fingers crossed for the next intake though, you learn some great things.

      Oooh job applications – that something in my near future too, when my interim job becomes permanent and they advertise for applicants.

    1. It was a tough slog at times, that's for sure, but it all started to relate to each other, so that was nice.

      If I don't think about social stuff (and blog about it) I think I might become a full time hermit. It was certainly start to look that way prior to the weekend!!

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