Yay! Friday!

Twice in three weeks, I’ve had the chance to take Friday off (one was sick leave, today is my one day off a month, which I’ve wholeheartedly earnt with extra hours worked!)

I plan to get the ‘pink slip’ for my scooter sorted, so that I can get it third party insured and registered.  It blows me away that once a year a 4 year old scooter needs inspection.  I suppose that’s why NSW (the state I live in) has so many new vehicles in comparison to states of Australia with less rigorous inspection periods. Consume, consume, consume!!

Oh, but it’s raining. Like most days in the past fortnight.  I’m not sure I’ve shared with bloggers my utter dislike of rain.  If I was God for a day, I’d make it always rain from midnight to 5am.  We could all plan around it!

Then this afternoon, I plan to meet my mother, a teacher who always gets a half day Friday thanks to it being the start of the Sabbath at her Muslim school, and she’ll escort me to my suburban tax accountant to do this year’s tax.  Last year, I found a local accountant, and the service was woeful.  Given my finances continue to get more complicated, being a landlord, earning more etc, I think sticking to a former accountant who seemed knowledgeable, helpful and did face to face tax, is a better bet.  Yes, I used to DIY my taxes, but now I just get everything prepped and meet the accountant.  There’s so much tax law I don’t understand, and given it changes annually, it’s good to have someone to nut it through with.

And should there be idle time around both of these, I shall read… thanks to whomever recently read and reviewed ‘The Girl you Left Behind’ I already love it, and love that it’s a weighty tome of WWI and France! Already got in a chapter or three before getting out of bed to take the BF to work. (Such a great GF right? To ensure he gets to work dry?  Not half as sweet as he was, to come at 10pm to my parents house (a good 30mins from our home) to pick me up last night, after having a reunion dinner.  The youngest of my two brothers returned from South America yesterday afternoon, after 9 months away!  Should you want to know about his navel gazing in the last month or two, here’s his blog: Not Finding Myself).

What’s involved with your day ahead?

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  1. Sounds like the Friday off was needed to recover from the family reunion? Or were you picked up because it was late, dark, cold and wet?

    I love rain. The sound, the atmosphere, the reason it provides to stay in bed or under a blanket and read and drink tea and watch DVDs without the guilt of having to go out and enjoy the sunshine.

    Anyway, sounds like a busy day off! If it was mine, I'd waste it by idling away my life!

    1. Nah the family reunion was lovely! I was mainly picked up cause it was late.

      I think the rain is more than OK if I don't have to do anywhere or do anything, sadly that isn't true for me often!!

  2. This morning we went for a long walk (and just got back to the car before the rain came!). I feel like it's always raining here in the UK. I hate it!

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  3. I wish I'd taken Friday off! I was exhausted this week. Didn't cook a thing (except scrambled eggs) and didn't make it to yoga once. Super glad it's now the weekend so I can rest and recharge. 🙂

    I don't DIY our taxes either. The peace of mind of paying someone who knows what they're doing is the best part for me!

  4. Hope you had a wonderful reunion with your brother 🙂 I was constantly amazed at the rigorous road-worthy standards in NSW. I had to spend a fortune to keep my car on the road there. I'm not sure we should be proud of it but we don't even need a roadworthy certificate here in Vic (and so my 14 year old Elantra is being pushed as far as I can go with it!)

    1. It was lovely – cause I've spent time away, I hope I saved him from the inane questions 'everyone asks'.

      Yeah the standards are incredibly high, and at a cost of course – even $22 is money I'd rather spend elsewhere than on a pink slip check!

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