Smile for you close up!

Wow… This was meant to publish last week (Thu 25 July), but it seems all the other changes, I failed to get it to publish! Thanks to everything else going on in my life, I’ve not been meticulously planning content, and preparing photos.  That’s not to say photos haven’t been taken of my new place though 😀

Moving plans

Here’s how things are tracking

  • My place has had it’s professional photos taken (so it’s even more perfect that how you usually see it… No tea towels!  No hand towels! No soap by the sink!)
Living room
Living room
  • The ad will go up today last Thursday (so excited to see it!)
  • My open time is booked in (10am last Saturday)
Bathroom (evidently not cleaned :s)
Bathroom (evidently not cleaned :s)
  • I’ll pick up the spare keys from my parents Wednesday afternoon (as I’m out that way for a meeting today) & drop them to the agent
  • My friends are hiring a van (in the GoGet car share system here in Sydney) and will help the BF and I move his few possessions (this past Saturday!)
Dining area
Dining area
  • My strata manager has approved us to store the BF’s stuff in the ‘games’ room in my building (essentially a storage place/meeting room) for the week between him moving in, and us getting keys for our new place
  • I’ve done my change of address almost everywhere I can think of, the majority were online, so super quick and easy
Bedroom, missing on bedside box from Ikea
Bedroom, missing on bedside box from Ikea

I was getting all frazzled about the ‘hurry hurry wait’ situation, but I’ve now resolved I will commence next Saturday – in the afternoon, after the showing.  With that decision, I’m much calmer.  I think I can realistically get everything packed in 1.5 days, with moving on Monday. Of course, if my place hasn’t yet got a lease, I’ll move ‘half’ my stuff – the stuff I can take away from my apartment, but still give people an idea of space and furniture options.  Mostly everything in the cupboard and occasional storage like side tables and ottomans. Naturally, I have a prioritised list of what to move: from move now, to move last.


In non moving news, I’ve also been told I start my new role on Monday today.  Just what a girl needs :p I’ll be working under (another) new boss.  Everything’s in flux in my office’s management, and I’ve liked my temporary new boss.  The new new boss, well, I’m not sure we gel just yet.  But it’s a learning experience.  I’ll certainly have a much larger amount of work to output (many more smaller jobs, whereas now I have a few large jobs… When I say ‘few’ I mean about 25, of which 5-10 are active at any one time ;))

Along with a new type of work, and output, I will also oversee the work of one person in my office, and a collection of people in another office.  The other office people won’t be working on my portfolio full time, but will help out to raise output.

Needless to say, I’ll have a few plates in the air in the next this week, between starting a new role, having my house open for inspection, and hopefully getting it leased, and packing and moving from my place to our new place.

I’ve always said I’d rather be busy than bored though!

View from the entryway
View from the entryway

Oh I am SO excited to have had my place photographed by a pro, if you couldn’t tell! And here I was thinking (and hoping) I was modest… I’m not, I love my baby(house).

Maybe tomorrow I can share the ‘disaster’ photos of how it looks after absorbing some of the BF’s stuff.  It really isn’t that much of a disaster!

26 Replies to “Smile for you close up!”

  1. The photos are fabulous – I finally understand the whole layout, LOL! Your place is awesome and I can't wait to see how you make the new place your own! Congratulations on your new challenges at work – I know you are up to it!

    1. Yeah I've been a little more 'close up' on my photos, focusing on certain aspects, but now it all 'flows'. I'm in love with this place, but it'll be fun to set up in a new one. Thanks for the encouragement!

    1. I think there might have been some sneaky shots, but certainly not a full kitchen run down/analysis of those open shelves. It's certainly pouring!

    1. I think the real estate photographers might have some 'funny business' camera lens (like moderate fish eyes), or at least super powerful flashes to make things way brighter! But it does look AMAZING!

  2. The professional photos look amazing! You really have a lot going on all at once! Work sounds very involved but I'm certain you'll enjoy the challenge. Hope the next week or two run smoothly…take it one day at a time!

  3. It looks great! I love the layout…..hopefully someone will snap it up! Good luck with your new job – you have a lot going on, but I'm sure you're up to it too 🙂

    1. Fingers crossed for some awesome tenants! In the vein of your moving to do list, all the furniture moving, I've noticed a few touch ups to complete now.

  4. Ditto all the other comments: wow! Your place is beautiful. I can see why you're proud of the professional photos! Is it like the makeover shows: now you see the professional photos and your place looks gorgeous, you don't want to leave?

    Good luck at work. You are certainly having a busy time at the moment. With all this going on, go easy on yourself with all the other challenges you set yourself!

    1. Totally going a bit easier on other challenges – more easy food, with waste! But something's gotta give! I'm so pleased my place presented so well, my photos always made me think it was too dark. But I am looking forward to the new spacious place!

  5. I really like your place!!!! There's something to be said for that loft feel for your bedroom. I'm sure someone will love it and hopefully take care of it well.

    Congratulations on work! wow! So much excitement at one time!

  6. I know I have probably missed this from and earlier post, but what is the new role? If I remember correctly you are in the same industry as me (electrical engineering – don't shoot me if I'm wrong) and so it is always interesting to see which way others progress.

    1. Hi Glen, you're not getting shot this time, you're exactly right. I've moved within my office from new constructions to maintenance. It's a good change in the current climate, and a far greater workload (so my blogging might scale back accordingly).

  7. Like everyone has noted, it's a beautiful place (and so organized!).

    We have much, much more to declutter before we approach that level of organization. Best of luck with the new digs and new manager.

    1. Thanks Brian – though it doesn't like quite as good right now, with the few additional pieces of the bf's furniture, and all the 'stuff' like sofa cushions and the like. I'm lucky to have a storage area (not photographed) at the end of the bedroom. It's not ideal as it's open, but it's a place for all the excess!

  8. Wow, it looks great! I would totally move in there if I could 😉 I'm sure it'll be rented in no time. I especially like your kitchen, it has a very different feel than most you find here. Good luck with your new position – sounds exciting to be able to oversee some people!

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