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It would come as no surprise, but work has been insane.  Me blogging bloomed out of a less busy time at work, and now that work fills 40 hours and then some, and I still do many things after work, I’m finding blogging slipping by the wayside.
That, and a certain brand phone makes it SO much harder to share photos than my old phone (which couldn’t answer calls… so you can see why I stopped using that!)

Here’ some of what I’ve been up to:

State Emergency Service – mass casulty exercise a week ago

Moullage injury (ie injury made by make up)
Moullage injury (ie injury made by make up)
Close up of the 'injury'
Close up of the ‘injury’

Sunday early starts can be worth it.  This was my birthday gift for the BF last year

Sunday morning adventure for the BF
Sunday morning adventure for the BF (this is not him!)
This is ACTUALLY the BF, the last to land

Less than a month to my half marathon – last week, I found out I’m not built for them, according to my physio. So it’s a slow build and I hope I make it over the line intact!

Then a week later, I’ll be off for two weeks in Japan with the SES.

What’s new with you?

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  1. Wow! You have been busy. I was just wondering what you were up to. 🙂 I can sympathise entirely with being busy at work. Have fun in Japan.

    1. Thanks Fairy! I've been also pondering my wardrobe a LOT, which is partly due to you. Pinterest is helping me confirm what I'd like my style to be.

  2. Glad you are still blogging, Sarah, even if it is less frequent. I have cut back from 3x/week to 2 and sometimes don’t quite manage 2! You must be getting into the groove of your work – I can picture you being very productive. You must be in work mindset to be checking street lights while you’re out running! I have decided I’m not built for running at all and didn’t bother with the professional opinion, LOL! The SES is a huge commitment for “spare time” but the Japan training excursion sounds great. I love the idea of being able to view what others have done with apartments in your own building. There are a lot of houses on my street with the same basic structure and different finishes inside; I would love to see them, but don’t know my neighbours well enough!

    1. I think when I lived alone, I needed my voice to be heard more! So my insane blogging pace took some adjusting when I took on living with the BF!

      The street lights are getting worse rather than better, so my strategy might need to move from cure to prevention – I'm starting to suspect the globe replacement contractors might need more haste and less speed!

      Look out for ones for rent or sale, it's great to get a legitimate excuse to sticky beak!

  3. You do so much both at work and after that I never know how you fit it in, Sarah. But it’s good to know that because I find myself wondering if everything’s ok if the blogs I follow slow down a little or change patterns.

    It’s intriguing to see the SES training exercise! We have friends who were involved in SES and I know the time commitment was enormous. How interesting to go to Japan though! I think I’m catching your travel bug badly!

    Love the apartment makeover pictures…I have resisted getting too involved in Pinterest because I can see the potential to become a ‘professional’ Pinner!

    I pale at the thought of a half-marathon but I have done a few 5km runs (lol!) Would be a great feeling to complete a major run like a half-marathon!

    1. You make me feel like superwoman when you say that! I did spend one of those Sundays in bed, almost solely, other than church and a dinner out!! So I'm not always go go go

      Things are ok, my last proper post is an inkling to a little personal challenge I was presented with, so I was glad to have the wisdom of my readers.

      SES can take a fair bit of time – for now it's just the weekly sessions for trainings, but weekends will be part of some future training, and of course the call outs.

      I'm delighted to hear you've caught my travel bug – you grow in indescribable ways, and I tend to think even more the more different the culture and language.

      Oh the half marathon, I shall post on that front. I'm scared!

  4. What's new for me? I have attended my first formal interview in Australia( the interview was not good, i didn't answer the questions fully and confidently, didn't present myself very well in 20mins. it is really hard for me to let the employer know i am capable of applying the job what i am keen to ), I have done my first cannula in Australia ( that's quite unforgettable, both my buddy and pt were impressed with my performance), so i reckon i can not always get what i want but i can appreciate what i have been through. Today, Melboure is bracing gale-fore winds and seems like to be the coldest day so far this year. Have fun in Japan

  5. I've been busy too so not blogging or commenting as much as I like. Still I am amazed by how much you do – oh, the energy of youth. I keep meaning to make sure work takes less out of me and think sometimes about taking a demotion, but then I think I can pay off and save more on my current wage and then quit/retire earlier.

    Love the pool! Can you just visit as a landlord! And laze by the pool with a cocktail?

    The SES injury looks gory! Well done you for volunteering for something so worthwhile and needed.

    1. The photos were over about a two week period, but in one post, it does make it seem like I'm a whirlwind of activity and energy. I should post my photos of 'me in bed all day' which also happens!!

      I have a set of keys as a landlord, so I have visited once in summer, but I left my togs in the car, so I just dipped my feet in.

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