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Can you see my future here?
Can you see my future here?

Sorry, I seem to have lost my momentum of regular posts.  I think it packed up and left with motivation a few weeks ago.  Hopefully both with return with renewed vigour, but until then, I’ll stick to publishing a weekend’s to do list:

  • Vacuum both bedrooms
  • Clean toilet
  • Fold and put away light load
  • Stain treat linen shirt (again)
  • Wash dark load
  • Buy two ferns for the living room (:D)
  • Get cuttings of herbs from friends <- our napping got in the way
  • Visit open house for awesome 3 bed warehouse conversion (and dream of my future).  Yeah we like to look at places of our dreams. It sold before we got there 🙁
  • Go rock climbing
  • Do an interval run, aiming for a 4 mins on, 2 mins off for a distance of at least 5kms 5km attempting 4.30/1.30 splits (but not succeeding!)
  • Write the little bro an email (he’s in South America) He’s already written back too 🙂
  • Take back plastic packaging & bags to Coles pre run too!
  • Buy some paints for my growing collection of tubes for a Advent calendar (talk about prepared, right?)
  • (Maybe) buy some quilting and coloured thread to make this
  • Read a few more chapters of my book on Gen. Honoré’s experience in New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina (ideally finish it to return it to my mentor on Monday)
Views for miles… yep I could live here

What’s on your weekend’s to do list?

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  1. I love both photos – such pretty spaces. One thing I wish my home had was more windows!

    My to do list this weekend is: schoolwork, write a short blog post for Monday, and fit in a little extra sleep. Good luck with your to-dos! You have a nice mix of things so I hope that keeps you motivated 🙂

    1. I knew I forgot something that'll happen inevitably – naps!!

      Windows rock, I realise after having a darker space in my first place. Enjoy these last days of school work 😉

  2. Hi Sarah, while your blog mojo has gone briefly missing, I found mine and put a couple more posts up! I am sure you will be back in action soon. Your weekend list looks great, and like Amanda said, there is a nice mix of tasks. Have fun working through your list!

    1. So glad to have you back Kim, I must remember to come and comment on the weekend (sadly can't do it from work, though I can read the posts!)

  3. That looks like a very nice place! Sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead of you. We need to do laundry as well, to get as many things washed before the move as possible. There's going to be a lot of packing and cleaning, as well as a last minute trip to the dentist and optometrist. Sadly I haven't made use of my benefits so I'm fitting it in now! That's a really cute quilt. My mom knitted me a blanket, but I don't think I have the patience to do it. It did take her about a year…

    1. Thanks – it so nice to check out places, even if we won't live in them now.

      Don't wash to intensely, stuff always seems to get scuffed in the move (sheets, doonas etc), so anything you want fresh, be sure to protect with plastic (which I hate, but occassionally use – or re-use – dry cleaning bags).

      You can't see the dentist and optometrist down there – or just cause you won't have work insurance anymore? The system is so different here, not being linked to employment.

      The quilt would be a great feeling to complete… just a little 'while watching TV' hobby, especially as the weather cools down.

      1. I don't remember anything getting too damaged last time we moved, but I think I had most of the bedding stuff in their original plastic bags. The rest is going in a plastic tub! I won't have insurance once I leave, at least with dental and optical. I'm covered under my mom's medical.

        My mom did all of her knitting at night while watching TV. It's a good way to wind down if it's not frustrating =).

  4. It sounds like a very fun weekend, Sarah – enjoy! I would get very side-tracked if I attempted to buy just two ferns…! The open warehouse sounds really fun. I used to love rockclimbing. The indoor places have just got better and better.

    1. We went last weekend (to Bunnings) and DIDN'T buy anything… one of the BF's clients could sell them to us, but alas, don't deliver this far and too far to drive to their store. So how's that for restraint?!

      The warehouse will be awesome, I just know it. To buy it, oh, that would be lovely.

  5. Beautiful living space – lots to be inspired by! That's a long list for one weekend! I loved the quilt. I don't like machine sewing and I like hand-stitching, so it really appeals to me. Rom wants me to go clothes shopping with him this weekend – should be interesting! A new Structube store (inexpensive modern furniture and decor) has opened in town so I will be checking it out.

    1. Alas we didn't get a chance to see it – it sold $113k over the suggested price before the open house today (Saturday). It wasn't like we were going to be buying it!

      I first need to find the base fabric – two stores down with no luck 🙁 But I will get there.

      Oh clothes shopping, I'm sure you'll make Rom look very dapper :p The Structube store sounds intriguing, I shall google it!

  6. Falling off the blogginh bandwagon… yep, been there before, lol. Don't worry too much about it. Your to-do list for the weekend looks pretty solid. I'm hoping to get a couple more boxes unpacked at The Boy's house and a couple more stored away. There's light at the end of the tunnel! Then this weekend I'd like to finish up the renos at the house so we can get it put on the market in the next couple weeks. A couple transitions, some door trim, dapping baseboards, switching out the kitchen taps and then the last of the painting. I'm looking so forward to getting it all done 🙂

    1. I'm not – I figure my mojo will return one day, and I'll get back into it.

      Your weekend sounds tiresome – lots of things to sort out. It's nice there's no date looming in some regards (like when you buy a place, and need to sell the other one). You'll get it done eventually.

  7. I've lost my mojo for blogging a bit too, Sarah. Seems to have gone with my exercising mojo! And gardening mojo.

    Actually, all my mojos have gone into hibernation.

    What is the art that you are picking up from the stretchers? I have a dot painting from Alice I have to have stretched – had it for nearly a year!

    1. Oh my – I was picking up a dot painting I got given for Christmas from my parents. I'll take a photo and share it tomorrow. Alas, not had it for a year at least, but it was a few weeks between dropping it off, getting a quote, paying, and getting it back!

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