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I recall when I used to feel overwhelmed by the quantity of blogs I had to read and comment on.  Some how, with some natural attrition, I have overcome the overwhelm.  Now, my issue is podcasts! Figuring that some people may be seeking some podcast recommendations, I thought I’d list them.

By ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) or at least, their employees! – 5

  • Pineapple Project – a podcast by a female comedian, pitched at women getting their finances in order.  Currently on hiatus.
  • Ladies, We Need to Talk – by Yummi Stynes, who I LOVED back when she did radio in the afternoon with Chrissie Swan.  She touches on many topics, money is one, but also female orgasms, mental load.  All sorts of things.  Erratic posting schedule.
  • Bang On – by Zan Rowe and Myf Warhurst for the ABC digital radio service Double J.  I loved Zan when she did mornings on Triple J, before moving radio stations.  They talk about current events, including music (both have been involved with Eurovision) and parodies to fashion.
  • Chat 10, Looks 3 – it’s like Bang On, but I feel like for an ‘older’ audience, just my read of it.  Hosted by Leigh Sales, a journalist* and Annabel Crabb who is a politics journalist.  They steer clear of work (politics) and are firmly in books, baking and random other things that enter their mind, like show tunes and podcasts.
  • Download This Show – my celebrity crush is on the host, Mark Fernell.  He used to do short movie reviews on Triple J.  Now he has two co hosts (who vary) and they discuss the week in technology and media with humour and lightness.

*thanks for the suggested edit 🙂

Other Aussie content – 2

  • Straight and Curly – found based on a recommendation from the Chat10 Facebook group.  Two ladies riffing on life hacks and productivity.
  • The Teacher’s Pet – by The Australian’s journalist about a crime from 1982 that remains unsolved.  If I’m honest, I’m starting to grow tired of this podcast, there’s a LOT of repeating information and using the same descriptors of characters in the narrative.

NPR content – 4

  • Hidden Brain – I love the host’s voice, and he uses interesting academic research and often the experts to discuss how the brain works in so many scenarios.  The topics always pique my interest and his voice has a lovely lilt.
  • Planet Money – two hosts who talk about all sorts of things that relate to economics.  Release FAR too often for my appetite though!
  • How I built this – Guy Raz interviews the entrepreneurs of major companies, most of which I know of.  There’s an occasional company that’s very US centric.  In any case, it explored their journey to wealth and success.
  • Invisibilia – hasn’t been an episode for ages, so I almost forget the details! Should add it to the ‘fade out’ list down below.

The rest – 8

  • Ear Hustle – inside San Quentin jail, this has some incredible into an insight into life in prison. Short seasons and long breaks, so I’m always wanting more!
  • Kind World – in hiatus lately, but a lovely short podcast of serendipitous kindness.  Always warms my heart.
  • Reveal – investigative (US) journalism with person of colour host (he’s never said it, but you can just tell!)  Goes deep into issues in the US and makes you thankful not to live there.
  • Savage Lovecast – a gay advice columnist, with a very liberal political and sexual perspective! Every episode starts with a politics rant which I find keeps me up to date with the US current affairs!
  • Young House Love Has a Podcast – a married couple who had a fabulous blog and then retired from it.  They returned with a podcast about renovating their beach houses.  They are such an upbeat couple – serious relationship goals!
  • The Guilty Feminist – only recently added it to rotation and always a live taped show with guests.  I enjoy the opening where they admit to ‘I’m a feminist but….’ and also, assess whether the day or week has been ‘guilty’ or ‘feminist’.  Lovely plummy British tones of the core host.  Her guests are as diverse as someone with Cerebral Palsy and disability activists.  Really causes me to think, but also laugh out loud.
  • The Shortest Longest Time – a parenting podcast.  A recent change in host has put this into the maybe pile, but they’re current on a break for the US summer.
  • Death, Sex and Money – topics we should talk about more.  Currently doing a ‘summer loving’ series about dating.

That brings the count to 19 podcasts so far!

Things I’m drifting away from – 3

  • Where should we begin – Esther Perel’s recordings of her couple’s counselling.  I find them a little longer than I can handle.  I might find them more insightful in a relationship?
  • Ask a Manager – I found this recommended so I started listening, but I think the host’s voice grates on my ears, even if her ‘work life’ advice is probably well placed.
  • Dear Sugars – two advice columnist who always seem to be able to recall literature that emulates the writers life! Cheryl Strayed is great, but… I get a bit over advice, or the styles of questions which are asked.

Things to devour (ie not on current rotation) – 6

  • The Habitat -about a group of six people who go into a bubble for a year to simulate being on Mars.  It explores every facet of life, including the interpersonal relationships and the simulated delays in emails.  Fascinating, consumed my whole Saturday prepping food!
  • Making Obama – I only listened to the season of Making Oprah, but didn’t get far with Making Obama.  One day?
  • Myths & Legends – I subscribed to this in summer when I took a month off, and would listen to learn about Greek and Roman myths whilst doing jigsaw puzzles.  I imagine I’ll dip back into this when I have a curiosity on certain myths from certain regions, as it’s quite diverse.
  • Getting Serious with Jonathan Van Ness – he’s a little too flighty to continue listen to, but asks innocent questions in serious issues.  His voice isn’t quite the timbre I enjoy.
  • Casefile – an American podcast with an Australia host.  I did the three parts of Silk Road in binge form, but realise I don’t need to hear lots of crime.  The music or sound is really well done however, really improves the mood of the podcast.
  • Alone – A Love Story – two seasons of a woman’s divorce.  Some have reviewed it as self absorbed, but I found it well done, and could really walk in her shoes and know how she felt.

What are your favourite podcasts? Do you listen to any that I do?

8 Replies to “Podcast overload”

  1. We listen to “Reveal” a lot. Perhaps unsurprising, given that I’m a US journalist myself. I find it informative and compelling. A lot of the subject matter is discouraging, but I guess that’s why investigative journalism is so important — to bring those issues to light.

    1. Oh, it’s so cool to think we’re listening to the same stories. I certainly learn a lot. The most recent podcast on a WW2 crime reminded me of a novel I recently read

  2. I wanted to love it, but Where Should We Begin… puts me to sleep….!

    I’m in a bit of a podcast rut at the moment – the Happiness Project is one of my regulars but I do often tune out a bit at points!

    1. Oh yes, I sometimes see Gretchen’s broadcast emails and listen to a podcast or two that sound interesting.

      I like the shorter stints Esther does on other podcasts as a guest.

  3. I didn’t know Ask a Manager had a podcast and I am on their email list! I listen to Dear Sugars and Dear Prudence occasionally but I find listening to other people’s problems stresses me out, especially if I disagree with the advice given! I listen to the other Dan Savage podcast, Hot Mic, which is storytelling, mostly on sexual themes. I only listen to one Aussie podcast right now, Talk the Talk (linguistics made fun!) but I will check out some on your list!

    1. That’s strange they haven’t cross prompted on their email list! You’re right – the problem genre can get a little much, and so I often drop Dear Sugars, but enjoy Dan as he’s a different voice on some issues – not all of them I agree with.

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