Journal of Japan

This is a picture heavy post, where I share the photographs of my journal of travelling – it started slow but once I got into it (on the road) it got more decorative!

Should fire ruin this journal, at least I’ll have it in blog form, and you get to sticky beak!

Day 1 in Osaka
Day 1 in Osaka
Day 2 - still on about Osaka
Day 2 – still on about Osaka
Suita City
Suita City
Suita City
Suita City
Getting colourful - back in Osaka after Suita City
Getting colourful – back in Osaka after Suita City
Japan sourvenirs 012-Optimized
Golden temple in Kyoto
Japan sourvenirs 013-Optimized
Trip to see SUMO! This crane was made by J2 (on tour) with a caramel lolly wrapper
Japan sourvenirs 014-Optimized
From Kyoto and the floating temple, to the day trip to Hiroshima
Japan sourvenirs 015-Optimized
Hiroshima day trip – the water colour was painted with the water of the river in Hiroshima 🙁
Japan sourvenirs 016-Optimized
Moss garden in Kyoto in the various seasons. The cranes were from my pillow in the Ryokan, one was from our guide at Hiroshima.
Japan sourvenirs 017-Optimized
Ryokan in Kyoto…! And our menu had the Gion Festival float (bottom left) on it, WAY cheaper than any souvenirs!
Japan sourvenirs 018-Optimized
Left hand side is a trimmed fan handed out in a department store. The right is the business card of our guide in the north, showing the lonely pine tree that survived the tsunami. Top right is the lovely caramel lolly wrapper (again!)
Japan sourvenirs 019-Optimized
Day trip to Hanone to see Mt Fuji (but we didn’t) – the ticket stubs returned for recycling at the end were snaffued for my journal.
Japan sourvenirs 020-Optimized
The right hand side hides map of Japan – where I marked everywhere we went. The decoration on top is Osaka stamps that were in some guide book. Far right is my name in katakana from our Suita City day 1
Japan sourvenirs 021-Optimized
We had a week long rail pass, the green tickets are (free) seating allocations on trains. All our city based rail stuff, the tickets get taken
Japan sourvenirs 022-Optimized
Tokyo’s disaster park, and my last day in Tokyo – with shopping images. The plane stickers were a purchase in Japan too!
Japan sourvenirs 023-Optimized
The hirigana alphabet that my homestay’s cousin wrote out for me – bless her. I was trying to remember symbols that evening, by reading the paper, and pointing to a symbol and checking what sound it was.

Questions most welcome!

14 Replies to “Journal of Japan”

  1. …and neat handwriting! That is gorgeous, I love it! It makes me wish I'd done a pen-and-paper journal for our trip.

    1. Thanks Fiona – the neat handwriting is a conscious choice (it can be pretty bad at times!) and I have to \’slow down\’ to write nicely! It\’s a nice way to collate my thoughts when travelling semi alone, as well as keep mementos etc along the way.

    1. Thank you Fiona – it really does kill some evening down time, and it's been super useful with a very long post I'm drafting on disasters and Japan.

    1. I try to be laid back about it – and just let myself write about whatever, whenever, and not get all hung up on ordering, or waiting and keeping space for photos. I bought a teeny tiny glue stick in Japan as I forgot to pack one, and so I did it mostly in those dead hours when travelling.

  2. Ditto above commenters.

    Beautiful work. So artistic. And such neat handwriting. At first I thought it was printed from some online journaling software.

    Great memory holder!

    1. Oh my I'm blushing to think you thought it was a print out – seems my childhood scrawl is truly beaten out of me! I like the idea of a online journaling package though, maybe I should investigate.

  3. Nosy me loves this! I don't record my travels with this level of detail but what an awesome keepsake 🙂

    And I agree with everyone – your handwriting is lovely!

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