Souvenirs from Japan

So what did I buy in Japan? Aside from four tops/shirts for a number of multinational companies (Zara, Uni Qlo, H&M), I also bought a belt from Old Navy.  That’s all par for the course –  I have the time and the funds when on holidays to buy clothing.

Not incredibly inspiring, but all suit me
Not incredibly inspiring, but all suit me

However, I also bought

  1. Two packets of the same size of oragami paper – all in blue tones.  I plan to frame some.
  2. A fabric hand towel
  3. An offcut of fabric, and 1m of a fabric I loved – I’m considering using them between the glass and the ‘wood’ of the coffee table.
  4. Maple leaf shaped cakes from Hiroshima, with the limited edition Maple flavour!
  5. Sheets of stickers of Japanese temples, and paper shapes, to add to my travel journal (upcoming post)
Paper to be framed
Paper to be framed
100 yen - an impulse purchase
100 yen – an impulse purchase
Fabric - not even a planned purchase, a happy chance discovery!
Fabric – not even a planned purchase, a happy chance discovery!

I also spent countless money on snacks! My my my, did I try everything and then some.  I feel very unhealthy now! I enjoyed cream/custard filled puffs (three times), small pancakes packages with maple jelly and butter, caramel pop corn, pizza flavoured chips (crisps for Laura ;), strawberry yoghurt drink, little brownie bites, pineapple ring icecream, mango ice block (twice!), alcoholic lemon flavoured icey drink… There was plenty more, I assure you… these are what I remember! That’s right – rice balls (really triangular shaped), though the last one I had, well I was pretty sure it was my LAST one, I got a little over them.

I also brought home a sake bottle, as the glass was blue! It’s now sharing the trolley with a Bombay Sapphire mini bottle. Classy huh?

What’s your favourite of my souvenirs?  Is there something you ‘always’ collect as a souvenir when travelling?

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  1. I love the origami paper! That blue is stunning. Also love the fabrics. And yes, clothes shopping is always fun on holidays when you have the time.

    I probably collect pamphlets more than anything else as travel souvenirs (and have been known to scrap-book them.) I like the idea of useful things you need to replace fairly often, though (yes – tea towels!) I wish I'd bought a teatowel in each country we visited this trip, as I actually need new ones now.

    1. You know me and my blues! I can't wait to fork out for some frames, and fill up some more of our walls!

      I've never considered collecting tea towels of my travels, isn't that weird?

  2. I love the origami paper and fabric, too. I usually buy clothes and earrings when I travel because there are different choices available compared to home. @Fiona, I have decided to buy tea towels on my upcoming travels, too, because my current ones are worn out and I thought it would be "kitschy fun" to buy souvenir ones!

    1. I meant to release a post whilst I was away about jewellery – mainly cause I'm at this unique point where I have 'enough' – everything can think I would like to wear (however, I am not saying I don't want a wedding band!). So I tend to look at all the jewelry but seldom buy much.

      I actually thought of you and your love of textiles when I bought the fabrics.

  3. I buy clothing when I travel too as I have little or no inclination to shop any other time. I love your purchases.

    Ha! Pizza crisps – they sound good!!

    1. The pizza crisps were ok – though a little heavy on the flavouring for me, given I don't usually eat that sort of stuff.

      Glad to hear there's another shopper out there – I do feel very consumeristic on holidays – paying for things more continuously than at home.

  4. So much good stuff! I like your towel and fabric choices 🙂 I've also bought kitchen towels on trips. And treats. Gobs and gobs of treats. We had dessert almost every night in California (unless we were too stuffed/tired) which we rarely do at home and we bought little treats for our long drives too.

    1. You don't find the kitchen towels super kitsch? I suppose even if they were, it could work 😉

      Ah I'm glad to see I'm not the only one to pig out on a holiday – and to think, we're about to book a couple holiday (seeing the BF hasn't had a break since Easter)

  5. I think trying all the new food is a must. Even having a second and third try of something to make sure you like it. So extra weight is a worthy souvenir!

    Good to see you branch out with your colour scheme – not!

    So, much window shopping for wedding bands lately?

    1. Bahaha – I agree – countless icecreams checked for tastiness more than one (Mango was the best from seven 11!). Interesting 2kg have already gone, getting me back to the 70-72kg normal I'm used to.

      Come on – when you're onto a good thing why change? I do have a yellow dress, and I enjoy wearing it! It's not relegated or nuffin! And no to the last questions 😉 Well, if I see someone wearing something I like (usually an engagement) I take note, and even was so ballsy as to ask the BF the other day if that (pointing) was an engagement ring. He did NOT buy in!

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