Volcanic Cave (again!) and pretty Reykjavik buildings

I spent the morning doing (another!) volcanic caving tour (the other was here).  I was immensely pleased it wasn’t the whole day, which gave me time to walk around ‘downtown’ Reykjavik.  I headed for the famed church, and then just meandered around.  I then started being strategic – next meal strategic! So I looked at a few menus and I think I have decided where I’ll have a degustation meal.  I had a museli bar for dinner last night – I’m about contrasts!

The cave’s entrance – there was a bit of squatting and semi crawling
Just inside the cave, looking back
These are called candles – I’m not clear if they are ‘pushed up’ with lava or drip down
Look at the texture of the ceiling of the cave in some places
Volcanic plains, hiding the underground caves
A 3 minutes wind and rain swept walk post caving! The car’s seats were heated though!

It’s pretty tough to get good cave photos, but it was quite unlike the cave I went in with the Journey to the Centre of the Earth, and I’m thankful I did both.

Its’ design replicate some of the basalt rock formations I’ve seen naturally
Wait five minutes in Iceland and the weather will totally change!
Give Iceland five minutes and the weather changes to this! Sunshine! Yes 🙂

What an organ (and it’s not like my church doesn’t have an AMAZING organ)

I hope you’re not over photos yet – now I have countless cute houses and buildings!

The rear of a key building down town. As I self guided, I have no further info!
And the front

Hidden down the garden path
I wanted to get those Icelandic flags in!
Stylish – I think this was in a street with embassies!
Quaint – and 1898 on the nameplate!
Not the only photo with a crane in it. There’s a stack of building.
See the street art between these two? I have a small collection of photos of street art 🙂
Balconies for the Icelandic summer

To follow the Icelandic humour of the above caption, here’s a common ad:

As an Aussie, I agree!
I wonder if there’s a list of colours they are permitted to use?
I was particularly taken by the relief work
Harpa or concert hall.
A earthmover just rolling down a street (there were cars). So unlike many capital cities!!
Cute seahorses
A little garden to – some of which are STILL waiting for tulips to bloom
I’ll make this one mine
Never far from water, or ice capped mounatins
Hunter green
Contrast of yesteryear on the left and modern on the right.
I love the symmetry
Another church
My German room mate was headed here today
Two restaurants and a museum. Very tourist focused
I think this was a gallery or similar.

Any favourites?

5 Replies to “Volcanic Cave (again!) and pretty Reykjavik buildings”

    1. I expect Canadians find the weather easier to deal with too! I met some Canadian’s in the airport when I arrived. Their biggest dislike: paying for bathrooms. Unlike an Aussie, who might say the weather!

  1. I can just sense the atmosphere, with all that water and snow-covered mountains as the backdrop. It looks beautiful. I get a kick out of the different architecture in different places! Roof-lines clearly designed for all that snow, compared to our 22 degree pitch roofs. That basalt-column inspired church is really cool as well!

    1. The church almost feels like it’s only ‘famous building’! But, it figures, with a small population and harsh weather, you’re hardly going to have masses of edifices that brave all the weather conditions (like a fierce wind).

  2. Do what did the locals dress in? They must be used to the weather! (Oh and after saying I still have issues with commenting, I didn’t!!!)

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