Goals Update – April


My backpay came through this week, which now means I’m on a higher salary. ¬†It also means all my savings targets got a generous boost! ūüėÄ

$20k target by 22 Dec: On target to achieve

Mar 13: $13,003.17 (adjusted from March goals post to include interest of $53.11)

Apr 13: $14,522.79

12 in 2 Adventures: Ahead of target

Start of month $229.76

End of month: $797.56 + $89 paid for knife skills course

Generosity target of at least $100 per week not quite there

(weeks Mon thu Sun – and based on when things were withdrawn from my accounts):
week 1 Р$45 + $70 (dad) + 12hrs volunteering (babysitting, flowers, Sunday school)
week 2 – $20 + $80 to the cause spoken about here
week 3 – $20 + 2 hrs volunteering (babysitting/cleaning)
week 4 – $35 + $50 for a swim-a-thon of a colleague

I don’t want to share too much of my 12 in 2 goal to read the bible, but let’s just say I’ve started, and in a year, I should have the whole thing licked. ¬†Why am I bringing it up here? ¬†Well I read about giving, but silently, so only God knows. ¬†Made me question publishing it on the blog. ¬†But then I realised, the blog is helping me do it – in the sense that it reminds me to give to those less fortunate. ¬†What are your thoughts? ¬†Should I just retire this segment from my goals update? ¬†It does feel a little… show-off-ish


Cook at home twice a week: achieved

Bold means I made it myself! ¬†March was a roaring success – and April on¬†average¬†wasn’t too bad. ¬†I had one week where I didn’t hit my target, but given I’d been sick in the stomach and then super busy, I’m not 100% worried. ¬†I’ve seen an increase in eating at home of late, so that’s a bonus. ¬†Most of my meals out seem to be homecooked too – either at a friend’s or my parents. ¬†I still buy lunch 2 days a week – Mondays and on the weekend at least once usually.

Chicken and Leek terrine, thanks to coles.com.au
Chicken and Leek terrine, thanks to coles.com.au

Udon noodles (Thu)
Leek & Chicken Terrain and focaccia (Fri)
Leek & Potato bake (Sat)
Vietnamese noodles with prawns (Sun)

*can you imagine me coming home with EIGHT leeks – it was comical*
week 1 –

Chicken & Leek terrain with leek and potato bake leftovers (Mon)
Rocket salad with beef (Tue)
Apple sauce (sick!) (Wed)
Chicken soup – leftovers (Thu)
Ginger and Lemongrass stir fry (Fri)
Snack food at water polo presentation night (Sat)
Nothing ūüôĀ still sick from WED! (Sun)

week 2 – let’s not talk about some of the nutritional decisions I made this week, shall we?
?? (Mon)
Chocolate cake (Tue)
Pizzas (Wed)
Garlic pizza – inhaled pre concert (Thu)
Sushi – nearly made me sick (Fri)
Wedding (Sat)
Roast chicken at friend’s place (Sun)

week 3 –

Dosa with curried root veges¬†– I used mustard when I couldn’t buy mustard seeds, it works (Mon)
Vegie pasta bake at a friend’s (Tue)
GF pizza(Wed)
Lasange at my parent’s (Thu)
Italian out (Fri)
Coconut buns and chicken dim sum (Sat)
Leftover GF pizza (Sun)

week 4 –

Chickpea Salad (Mon)
Pizza (Tue)
Nachos at BF’s (Wed)
Curry at parents (Thu)
Sushi (Fri)
Roast lamb and potatos at BF’s (Sat)
Chicken Ceaser Salad at BF’s(Sun)

Sugar Рout the window!

Train for polo Рoff season


–¬†2 films a month:¬†achieved

Sunday night in week 1, my darling took me to Identity Thief I felt pretty rotten, which can be evidenced by the fact that the only Maltesers I consumed were those brought to my mouth! That’s unheard of! Funny funny film – even though BF is convinced I don’t like comedy. ¬†I ¬†also Die Hard – Die Another Day. ¬†Gosh I’m good to my bf! Next up,¬†Warm Bodies I think.

Р 2 books a month: achieved

Grotesque sort of straddled the months, but¬†definitely¬†in this month was A Tree Grows in Brooklyn which I¬†thoroughly¬†enjoyed – you can read my review. ¬†I tried to get into¬†Blown with limited success (had it on the go for two weeks). ¬†I think picked up¬†The Winter Garden by Laura Hillenbrand, and I’m really enjoying it!


Call/connect with an out of town friend –¬†not achieved

Not going great with this – I did send some messages but really not enough.


–¬†Certification:¬†on target

Seems I missed two of the sixteen competencies when I was writing out the framework, so whilst i said LAST month I only had three to go, I really had five! So now I’ve done two more, I have three to go. ¬†Only four are at the proper length though, so more work is needed

–¬†Looking for next role:¬†making progress

After some scheduling difficulties, I’m had an information interview with a company this week. ¬†I’m not sure I’ll make the change, given it’d mean longer hours and a lower salary, and the only real carrot for me is that I could move to France (or somewhere else, but France is where I’d like to go, and their ‘home’). ¬†Nonetheless, I’ll make sure to look at their job ads monthly just in case.

I also now have a professional mentor, outside my company, thanks to the professional body that I’m doing my certification through. ¬†We meet in early May at an event, so it shall be interesting to see what I learn and how I grow.

8 Replies to “Goals Update – April”

  1. I love your food list; I have plenty of questionable food too! I am impressed by your certification and mentoring process; very good career thinking. Curious what the concert was?

    1. Thanks for confessing you too have some questionable food!

      The concert was a Rock Corps imitative. You volunteer 4 hours to get a ticket. The acts were Guy Sebastian (an Australian talent show winner or runner up 10 years ago), Tinie Temper, the Potbellz, and The Script. I mainly went for The Script, love those Irish guys!

  2. That's terrific to get an external mentor…very smart thinking!

    I know the Bible passages you're referring to about giving…it's a tough question. I just find it so encouraging to see someone prioritising giving to such an extent…a sorely needed counter-point to consumerism. If the spirit of writing about it is to stay on track – and it helps others too – it seems so worthwhile. Catch-22…

    1. Thanks Fiona. Seeing it in my goals post every month keeps me mindful to share what I have with others, rather than be stingey as I have been in the past.

  3. My food choices this week have also been questionable because I've been sick with a cold. Lots of soup and I've been craving protein so eggs and nuts. In fact, I'll have to cook some beautiful meals this weekend so I have some pictures to post on Monday!

    Moving to France sounds cool ūüôā

    1. Haha blogging keeps us accountable with food it seems! Being sick really does shake up your commitment to eating plans – I noticed Simply Being Mum has also compromised on ready made pizza this week due to illness too.

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