Trying new stuff – Aerial Yoga

So this weekend, I did something ‘cool’ that I didn’t even know existed, so it couldn’t even be on a bucket list! Β It was sky yoga:

S\itting around
Sitting around

It’s a small studio in the centre of the grungiest part of Sydney, near Central station. To get to the ‘Sky Lab’ you go past a graffiti wall – more like a whole artistic commune!!

Upside down
I did upside down in the class too – nearly killed me!


I went with a friend after our usual “Pilates in the Park” was cancelled. A school friend recently started it (another implant from the state of Queensland) but she was in NZ for the weekend, so we forked out our pennies to try sky yoga! I have the best and smartest friend, who’ll try any quirky challenge. And take silly photos ENDLESSLY!

Who's a silly billy?
Who’s a silly billy?

I’m pretty sore today – two days later. The back of my thighs… and some soreness in my back. Still the quirky factor of fitness has me hooked.

There are so many professional photos, they’ve taken, so check out the website for some ethereal photos… I can’t help but want more!

11 Replies to “Trying new stuff – Aerial Yoga”

    1. I'm not sure I can handle the upside down part either – I've done it once more since I posted. It cuts into my 'chub' and it hurts πŸ™ Another reason to lose weight?

  1. A friend did it and posted similar photos on FB. That was the first I’d heard of it. Wonder if he did it at the same studio you went to! I think I can accurately predict that I will never do it. Good for you, you young flexible strong thing.

    1. Sorry Lucinda – I've just been 'slow' in approving, and it's hard to auto approve with this IntenseDebate. I should spend some time and energy tidying up the blog – the latest thing is to make it mobile friends o_O! I did do it the other day with two blokes!

  2. It looks great fun…and definitely something to try when you are young and flexible enough! It looks even more relaxing than 'regular' yoga.

  3. I posted a comment but it appears to have been lost. For some reason your site no longer remembers me an I have to enter all the bloody details every time. I must have left a bit out so it trashed my comment. The impertinence!

    Anyway, I basically said it looks fun but a little uncomfortable. I had a friend who did it. He may have done it at the same studio.

    1. It's not lost… I remember you – even if the site doesn't! I hate repeat detail entry too…

      Definitely uncomfortable when I was 'upside down upside down'

  4. Now what’s going on? After I posted my comment just now, my earlier one pops up. It wasn’t there before. Truely. I’m not just going blind and senile in my maturing years!!! Feel free to delete my repetitiveness. (Repeating your stories! Another sign of aging.)

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