Zero Waste update

The things that are making it into my bin ūüôĀ I welcome suggestions from readers (as well as offering my own, to date) on how I can keep the bin waste down! (I’ve decided to go without images – there’s no need, you all have imaginations I hope!)

In the trash, there’s been

  • old underwear: well I’m not going to go without, and there’s no way I can ‘recycle’ these, so maybe let that one through to the keeper?
  • muesli¬†plastic bags: I have a preferred¬†muesli, due to it’s low sugar content. ¬†I suppose I could make my own, with all the individual ingredients. ¬†But normal oats vs the oats in¬†muesli¬†are different (from the muesli, I was eating oats everyday for a year or so straight – and I just got fed up!)
  • gluten free snack bars: I love that I can ‘grab and go’ and they are GF and sugar free. ¬†Individual wrappers – not so great. ¬†I need to find a ‘snack’ recipe or 10 so I can make my own and nix the waste – suggestions welcome.
  • dried apricot & date bags: I saw these in the bulk bins at the co-op but the apricots were black (obviously more natural, but might turn the BF off them), and more pricey…. decisions
  • stock cube wrappers: I like that they are small, and shelf stable. ¬†I do not like trying to crush them up! ¬†And of course the waste. ¬†The issue with DIY stock is that I’d need a much bigger freezer… :s
  • plastic mailing bag: thank you to and her blogging group for the mail, but the plastic mailing bag, while thin and durable, is just plain waste. ¬†And I can’t help how people chose to mail things to me.
  • meat tray: this is a rare ‘waste’ – as I try to take a reusable¬†container¬†to the butcher. ¬†However, the butcher’s hours are shorter than the supermarket’s, so on this day, I missed the butcher. ¬† I can easily fix this one!
  • cheese bags: how can I get cheese (any cheese) without waste, given I don’t have a local deli or similar? ¬†I admit I could grate my own (rather than buying grated packs) – but whilst all supermarket cheese is wrapped, I’m going for the ‘easiest’ option of the cheeses!
  • cotton buds: I know they are bad for me, but it’s a hard habit to crack – suggestions?
  • floss: both the thread, and soon enough, the container it comes in.
  • tissues: I’m just scared I’ll ruin the balance in my bokashi bucket.

Have you got any¬†miracle¬†solutions to these waste woes? ¬†Anything that’s worked for you?

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        1. Yes there is biodegradable floss — it's silk floss. Just be sure they don't coat it with things that aren't biodegradable.

          I also have biodegradable face wipes that go right into the compost to add the chemical that composts need to grow.

          1. oooo, I don't use face wipes (a towel and some water and I'm sorted), but it's good to know that's an option for lazy nights (or when I'm not at home). I haven't purchased the floss yet – seems the packaging isn't zero waste, sorta defeats the purpose?!

  1. Yes to almost all those here as well. I'm impressed you take a reusable container to the butcher! always wanted to do so, but I feel a bit out of place. with clothes (old underwear)…if you have room for composting, perhaps 100% cotton purchases could be composted (another thing on a long list that I have yet to try!)

    1. My local butcher know I'm 'crazy' surprisingly the younger guy is more on board. Bea's guidance from zero waste home advises to keep your eyes on the produce, then the butcher/deli counter staff won't see any doubt in your eyes. If you try it let me know how you go

      1. Lol! I will be considered even more 'crazy' at my age…! Can I ask what kind of container you take? All tips accepted…

        1. Blue ice cream container. I usually get one meal at a time (my meals serve four though). Helps hide the meat – don't 100% love everything about meat!

  2. You can use old (cotton) undies as dusters or rags in general, that's what I do ūüôā But other than that, I'm really impressed with how little waste you produce. Maybe I should try taking a container to the butcher ūüôā

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! There's still recycling and compost but I don't count that. Mainly I'm lazy and dislike taking out garbage (or it stinking out my place). I'm not sure I could reuse my undies as dusters, just too weird. But I do reuse socks like th

  3. For tissues, I use handkerchiefs. They're incredible and super soft. Better than a tissue, I say.

    I'm working on No Waste as well, and trying to find substitutes for what I use. It's not easy.. I'll be looking forward to more of your updates on what you find.

    That's not a bad idea — going to the butcher with your own box. I might do that..

    1. I have considered handkerchiefs – I'd just need so many, cause when allergies hit, they hit with the intensity of a 10 tonne truck! I'll continue to update and work on keeping my waste down – thanks for the encouragement, sometimes it's a bit tough!

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