Chicago in quirky photos

2016 USA 057

Chicago knows how to make a stunning building

2016 USA 408

Escalators for trolleys (or shopping carts as they call them)

2016 USA 390

Snow blowing sideways, and Michael Jordan’s steak house

2016 USA 378

Something you do not see in Australia – bags of salt for ice!

2016 USA 374

These were flowers for my friend in Milkwaukee who I met in 2006 in France. Who knew one protected flowers (tulips under there) from snow like this?

2016 USA 362

This stately building is now the Hard Rock Hotel where we stayed for 5 nights. Very nice! Very AnExactingLife – you can try a guitar in room!

2016 USA 339

Pretty ceiling in a Bloomingdales

2016 USA 335

Pretty outside too!

One of the presidential candidates businesses....

One of the presidential candidates businesses….

2016 USA 323

Pretty ceiling in the former Chicago Athletic Association (which is now a hotel with Shake Shack in the foyer – the BF’s best burger stateside)

2016 USA 058

Snow selfie!

2016 USA 062

What is this? Salad you say?

2016 USA 064

A former pool, restored to be a floor in the ‘hotel’ of the Chicago Athletic Association

2016 USA 071

CHICAGO DEEP DISH PIZZA (yes, I am yelling, cause the fat kid loves food!)

2016 USA 350

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  • I would love to go to Chicago! And stay at a Hard Rock Hotel 🙂 Love your coat. Now I am craving pizza with a side salad.

  • You are wearing the Coat with Delicious Lining 😀 What gorgeous buildings. I’ve always wanted to go to Chicago…it’s on the list. Interesting to see the snow adaptations. I have never seen a bag of snow salt before. And love that idea of the trolley escalator. They must exist somewhere in Australia, but again I have never seen one!

    • It was such a good coat, it got to use almost as soon as I’d paid for it!

      We have those inclined ramps for trolleys, but never seen a ‘trolley’ escalator like that one.

      Chicago is definitely adapted to the snow, so they could handle the day of snow, and then it was gone.

  • Salad in the cold. How very virtuous of you!

    That pizza iPhoto is making me nauseous.

    As to trolley escalators, are they ramps that you stand behind the trolley on?

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