+1 Walking Challenge Update

Well it’s been less than week since I officially ‘started’ the +1 Walking Challenge on the blog, but in reality, I’ve been at it almost a week.  I thought I’d take the time to check in with my progress, to stay accountable, and have you rally and cheer me on!

Date Distance




Real cumulative time totals Planned daily target time Planned  time totals
04/12/2013 2.5 23.5 3.88 22 2.92
03/12/2013 3.75 29 3.49 21 2.55
02/12/2013 2.24 19 3.01 20 2.20
01/12/2013 5.03 38 2.69 19 1.87
30/11/2013 2.76 34 2.06 18 1.55
29/11/2013 3.57 30 1.49 17 1.25
28/11/2013 1.65 16.5 0.99 16 0.97
27/11/2013 2.42 16 0.72 15 0.70
26/11/2013 2.09 14 0.45 14 0.45
25/11/2013 1.87 13 0.22 13 0.22

Firstly, this has been harder than I thought it would be!  On Thursday morning, I got up to the sound of rain, got dressed, and promptly ploped back in bed.  I told myself I would do it that afternoon (ie now, when I’m drafting this).  But then I got home, and the finale of Season 1 of Homeland was more luring.  And the chocolate bits reserved for making brownies, they were also pretty darn attractive.

Somewhere I'd like to run (I was there for work) - Kirribilli
Somewhere I’d like to run (I was there for work) – Kirribilli

Then, I rested on the fact that my cumulative total time is way ahead of my planned time for this date (even with a start back a week ago).  It helps that I had two longer walk/runs on the weekend.

As I’ve touched on elsewhere, I’m still training for water polo and playing each once a week.  So, overall, I’ve really ‘upped’ my exercise.  Not surprisingly, I’m hungrier now too! I think I need to plan to have some filling HEALTHY snacks. (I have thankfully finished the cooking chocolate and feel sick, so that’ll teach me!)

I’ll continue this walking – with Christmas and other temptations, there’s every *need* to continue exercising!

How have others fared in their challenges?  Are you keeping up with an extra minute every day, on average?  Are you feeling hungrier too?  Anyone feel skinnier yet? (No!)

10 Replies to “+1 Walking Challenge Update”

  1. That’s a gorgeous photo, I would love to run there, too! I think really nice scenery is a good motivator to get outside. It’s been dreary and cold here, so I picked the worst months to start. You’ve done really well and I’m sure you’ll keep it up! I don’t really feel hungrier after my sessions, but it does tire me out, which is nice since I have a difficult time getting to bed some nights. My boyfriend can eat endlessly though; sometimes I am thankful he’s not running as much as he used to!

    1. Nice places, or trying to get to somewhere (a shop) are great motivators to get me moving. Just did my 'walk' to buy a second hand rolling pin to make a gingerbread house tomorrow. Glad it's helping you sleep better, that's a positive! Just remember, anything you do is better than nothing, so pat yourself on the back when you do brave the cold!

  2. I haven't been walking but I have been exercising 🙂 I went swimming with a friend twice this week and we swam 1km each time, which I haven't done for a while. It feels really good and going with a friend means I don't make excuses and I actually go to the pool.

    Has it been warm in Sydney? I hear Melbourne's been freezing, which would make getting up difficult!

    1. Any exercise is commendable, even if you're not on the +1 bandwagon. Nice work on the 1km swim, I'm not sure i get that much done in my 30 mins warm up at waterpolo (I think combined with all the other stuff at training I would, but it's not the same). You're right though, friends help!

      It's been mainly warm here, though one day this week, I remember waking to see it 'felt like' 10C on my phone! I think that's one of the days I slept in!!

  3. What's with our weather? Boiling hot, then ferocious winds, then freezing cold. Doesn't make for conducive walking environment.

    Must be nice to get out of the office and visit different parts of Sydney?

    1. Yeah it's a little insane – I think it's snowing in the Snowy mountains, which always explains (to me) when it's cold in Sydney.

      I love being able to drive around with work – although I do it a lot less in the new role than I should (I often just get people to go out, and offer my car and camera!).

  4. This has been such a great way to get motivated, Sarah! I've really found it hard with the weather – one day was 36C and later in the week was torrential rain and hail! I haven't done all the walks in the morning – sometimes it's been a case of parking a bit further from school at pickup and doing it that way. But so far – keeping up!

    1. Yay I'm so glad to hear you're on board, and found a way around those creaking stairs in the morning! I've been slack on some days, but making up for it on other days, and walking to things I could otherwise take public transport or drive to. The weather is a pain, but I'm glad to hear that hasn't stopped you.

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