Candy Cane Wreath

It’s not perfect, but I’m proud of it!  I found the link to Millionayre’s blog through Lois at LivingSimplyFree‘s wonderful round ups of Christmas craft.  Hot glue gun + a cut up Chinese plastic food container lid + almost 40 candy canes ($4 from the dollar store).  And a late night on Thursday night:

Crafty Thursday
Crafty Thursday

On the same night, I prepared some gingerbread dough.  A friend is coming around soon, and we’ll make it into a house (houses?) and then decorate.  What a great idea, right, when we were ‘just’ going to go out for dinner.  I love having someone to help me with this little task – I’ve been putting it off for a few weeks, but this kicked me into action.  I’ll (of course) post some photos in due course too.

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  1. Love your wreath! where are you hanging it? I think this is the first time anyone shared something they created after seeing it on my blog!! Looking forward to seeing your gingerbread house(s). My granddaughter came over last night and brought me a wall from hers. Turns out when they were building their house she took one wall piece and decorated it separately to bring to me. This morning we broke it in half and shared it.

    1. It's on my front door of my apartment – the friend coming for the gingerbread house will enjoy it, I'm sure! I'm so pleased to share with you – I'm sure there's other things I've made from blogs, but I can't recall if I got it from yours. Isn't that nice, to bring you some house to eat – I love gingerbread, any wonder there's dough left actually! And you'll be pleased, I found a rolling pin in the op shop, rather than buying a very fancy one new (that tells you the thickness!)

    1. I'll share my gingerbread house photos soon – a roof 'tile' fell of whilst the BF was cooking dinner – as he said, lucky the photos were already taken.

  2. I love it! That is so cute! I'm afraid I'm not remotely crafty either but I do store up ideas like this on my teacher's file (just in case!)

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