A new 12 in 2

I’m feeling a little stuck in a rut, so I thought I might set some ‘fun’ goals to help me look forward to things that are out of the ordinary.  I started with my Bucket List.


So here’s what I’d like to try and enjoy in the next two years (the numbers below are from the bucket list):

Struck through means they were done!

10. Visit Russia <-July 2016!

11. Visit Serbia/Croatia/Bosnia/Romania <- AUg 2016
25. Get hypnotised (ideally to solve a bad habit!): three times for my cuticle picking with limited success and much expense
26. Ride a segway
27. Drive on a race track
36. Go cave diving <- went canyoning in March 2016, which I think is similar oh and we visited caves
45. Build a bonfire and make S’mores
61. Try barre body classes (ballet with yoga/exercise)
65. Fly a glider <- gifted a voucher (thanks BF!); completed in June 2016

That’s eight… hmm I feel like i need some that take time to achieve.  Something academic or endurance… thoughts?

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  1. OK – I'm setting the bar high / being difficult with my suggestions. But just for fun, for consideration:

    + go to an airport and catch a purely random flight to somewhere (just for fun)
    + work on an engineering or building project in a developing area ('endurance')
    + share expertise as an engineer by volunteering time online? ('academic')

    I'm not sure if you are into spontaneous travel, but I seriously love the idea of hopping a bus / train / plane to somewhere completely out of the blue!

    1. Intense suggestions! I remember being enchanted with the idea of mystery flights as a child when mum mentioned them. Do they really exist? But I'd do it! I love being in foreign cities and going through the departures board and where I might like to go!

      Actually the latter part – I thought of offering myself to mentor someone (saw her again today). Might be worthwhile – she works at my company, and she's of a different skill set, but I think she could go far.

    1. Fiona was on fire with suggestions! I should try a cooking class – and with you mentioning art, I should upload my body painting class photos to the blog from recently!

  2. Have you visited a completely different part of your state. What about a hike in the Pilliga?

    Or visit a different ethnic area of Sydney for lunch once a month. Say Cabramatta for Vietnamese. Auburn for Turkish. Bankstown for Lebanese.

      1. Maitland does NOT count.

        West of the divide. Come on. You fly over the equator! Fly or drive to a palce with very low human density.

  3. I've done the bonfire and s'mores thing. Though I prefer the fire to the s'mores (and I'd rather just eat the chocolate to be honest).

    The barre class appeals to me! Searching for a local one, I found a studio just opened about an hour from my home . . but a drop in costs $20 for one class! Ouch.

    1. Ha! I only say the s'mores thing, as I only knew what they were a few years ago once I got blogging and read about them. Prior to that, Aussies just melted marshmallows (which I've been known to do on a gas stove!). Wow, for Sydney $20 is a steal – I expect I'll pay up to $50 for a drop in class!

  4. Hi Sarah, I'm enjoying catching up on your blog and am very pleased to see your second round of 12 in 2! A fantastic adventurous list. The cave diving intrigues me – apparently it's not about the adrenalin and fear but more about the sense of utter calm the diver feels in the caves. Although I recently watched the James Cameron movie, Sanctum. Don't watch that before you go!

    1. It's not quite 12, and I did a no listed adventure – a sea plane! I must get the photos onto the WordPress to blog about it.

      Utter calm sounds nice. We put off caving in Bali cause my mother had seen or heard horror stories, so I've resolved to do it in Australia.

  5. That's a great little list. It's good to see this attitude as I am have also been feeling a little stuck in a rut. Wish I'd have done the caving when I was in Bali years ago!

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