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The BF and I are going overseas! We’re going for just over a week from Friday night 25th October to Monday 4th November.  I’ve tried to queue up some posts, but I can’t imagine I’ll reply to all comments as promptly as usual.  And I might not be commenting and reading all your posts either.  What are holidays for, but a little digital sabbatical?  We’ll see – I might not be able to resist the lure!

If I'm not replying to your comment, here's why! source:
If I’m not replying to your comment, here’s why!

We’re spending two nights in Ho Chi Minh, and then some nights in Nha Trang and then back to HCM city.  Whilst I’ve been a blogger, I’ve not been overseas, but I love travel.  On average, I make one BIG international trip a year, usually for a few weeks, to either Europe or the US.  I like to go back to old faithfuls, but it’s just as important to me to see new cities and countries.  I’ve never been to Vietnam.  I did do a project in primary school about it though!

I’m not a huge tour girl, which is sort of in line with my no guide book motto from Honeymoon with my brother, which I mentioned in my all time favourite books post.  That’s not to say I don’t think about and research what I’d like to do on my holiday.

I’ve done a fair share of my travelling with my family.  They’ve structured most of it the same way.  It goes a little something like this:

I can already hear the theme tune! source:
I can already hear the theme tune!
  • wake up (and read/watch BBC world/CCN <- it’s not a holiday if I don’t see one of these news channels!)
  • eat breakfast
  • wander/shop/sight see
  • eat lunch
  • nap/read/watch trashy movies
  • cocktail/happy hour in the hotel room, sometimes with board games (scrabble is a favourite)
  • eat dinner
  • sleep
  • repeat

So much better than the usual eat, sleep, (rave), repeat.  (Sorry, it’s a song lyric of a song I can’t stand, and whilst I don’t rave (though I do Neon Run), but the song is so pervasive!) I really mean eat, sleep, work, repeat.

Cu chi tunnels source:
Cu chi tunnels

Here’s what I’m considering as activities whilst we’re there:

  • visit flower farms
  • visit silk worm farms
  • zip lining (though there’s been some deaths, so maybe not!)
  • cu chi tunnels from the war in HCMC
  • sampling endless Vietnamese coffee, and pastries (seeing they were once a French colony)
  • visit Hoi An
  • mud baths and hot springs
  • get cheap manicure and pedicure for…
  • get sandals made!! in Hoi An (I love some leather sandals that are dying, from Greece)

What would your must see/do/buy be in Vietnam?  Have you been?  What would lure you to visit?

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  1. Have an awesome time 🙂 I like the structure of your days – I watched quite a few trashy movies when I was in Thailand, which was very relaxing 🙂

    I haven't been to Vietnam so can't recommend anything, except maybe getting clothes made as well as sandals. I've been very happy with the clothes I got made in Thailand 🙂

    1. Thanks Liz! I will definitely be in full relaxing mode, that's for sure! I almost I wished I worked in a corporate environment to make the most of all the tailoring for so cheap!

  2. Exciting! I hope you take some pictures – I've never been or known anyone who has visited Vietnam, so I am pretty clueless about it. Sounds like you have some good plans! I would tend to relax and stay away from the computer =).

    1. I'll definitely take pictures, but they might be just phone pics, seeing I don't have a camera and have no idea what I'd like (otherwise I'd buy one duty free!) I'll do my besterest (that's a word!) to stay away from the computer, but I won't be too strict on myself.

  3. Oh wow!!! I had no idea this trip was happening like, NOW! That is so exciting!!! I hope you have the most fantastic time!

    I know of a few people who have said that HCMC has such a unique atmosphere that it is an all-time favourite travel destination. Can't wait to hear your impressions and what you do there. I think my must-see things would be the war history, as well as natural attractions like the mud baths and hot springs. I would definitely get sandals made there if possible, too! Hope you have a fabulous time (and hopefully the chance to sneak in some wifi updates for us while you're there!!) Bon Voyage 🙂

    1. Yes it was a very last minute booking – though it'd been in the 'thinking about' stage for a while. We're so pleased to have a break after a lot of additional stress and busyness at work!

      Oh mud baths and springs, I must find me some of those, they sound nice! I will definitely try to update when and if I can, but I'll queue some posts too!

  4. I had friends who worked in Vietnam. They loved it. But I never made it over.

    Have a ball! (Which I low you will.)

  5. I was in Vietnam (for the first time) for 12 days in March of this year and I absolutely loved it. The food is beyond amazing – normally I'm not a fan of fish, we had loads of different fish dishes and everything just tasted really fresh and yummy.
    As for must-see attractions I agree with Fiona that the war history sights should not be missed – the Cu Chi tunnels are chilling, both American and Vietnamese fighters have been through hell there.
    I can also recommend taking a day trip out of HCMC to the Mekong Delta – life there is very different from our Western comforts.
    And a few tips: Don't carry visible valuables around in the streets of HCMC. Nothing happened when I went, but the guide had also been very emphatic about the importance of not flashing valuable stuff, so I left as much as possible at the hotel. A lot of people are very poor and some do go hungry, and pick pocketing and robberies (including mopeds blasting by and ripping people's bags out of their hands) do happen. Watch out for the traffic, it's really crazy – red lights do not necessarily mean that mopeds and cars will stop. In the central parts of HCMC you will see a lot of personnel in green uniforms – they have been hired to help tourists cross the streets without getting killed, and they really are helpful. Make sure to use loads of mosquito repellent, there is both malaria and dengue fever in Vietnam. Don't let these precautionary tips scare you, it is almost impossible not to have wonderful time. Have a great trip!

    1. Thanks Annette – I don't have any insect repellent yet, so I'll add that to the short shopping list for tomorrow (also need to get some more paracetamol). All my 'precious' stuff is costume jewellery which is super cheap, which makes me feel safer. I'll definitely be mindful of flashing anything around though. I appreciate all the helpful advice.

  6. I'm a bit late, but wanted to wish you lots of fun and safe traveling. I hope you plan to share pictures and stories of your trip when you get back!

  7. Aw! This post made me excited about our trip to Vietnam next year! (We travel to a foreign country every year, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur were our last destinations.) I'd love to see that Cu chi tunnels in person. It looks a tad weird. 🙂

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