Goals update or not!

So every month I like to check in with my progress on my new year’s goals.  But interestingly, I’ve added some goals along the way throughout the year, and they haven’t been added to my monthly review (see the last one here).  I latched onto doing this little side project of 12 things I want to achieve in two years (ideally 2013 & 2014, though I did start a little into 2013) .  It’s like a condensed bucket list. Sadly, I only check in with my blog readers when I’m on my road to achieving some of those.  So I thought I’d write a post about what I’m NOT achieving, and perhaps kick me into action (with the added accountability!)

I’ll only talk about the ones I’m not consistently achieving in the new year’s goal, so let’s have a look:

New Year’s Goals

  1. Not eating sugar: I get on this bandwagon and off as soon as I justify the occasion, and then it’s a slippery slope from ‘just this once’ to ‘yes please’ at every single offer!  Moderation is not something I do well with cakes, sweets, biscuits, brownies, chocolate… need I continue?  It’s not enough to rest on ideas like ‘at least I don’t drink soft drinks (soda, pop)’
  2. Training for water polo: well I took a season off, so that might be ok.  But I didn’t really swap it for something else.  Even committing to exercising twice a week (as I would with polo) would have been good for me.  Some weeks I was on fire, running every second day.  Other weeks, I’d call a walk to get an ice cream exercise!

12 in 2 goals

I'd even go to Miami, if I had to you understand source: miamibeachsightseeing.com
I’d even go to Miami, if I had to you understand
source: miamibeachsightseeing.com

In summary I had the following (check the old post for links about what I’m on about!):

  1. Dinner at Quay: Done for my birthday in 2013
  2. Dinner at Aria: Will do it for my birthday in 2014. BUT… as part of Good Food Month, my father took me there for lunch exactly a week ago!  What a treat, and a semi ‘achieved’ for this goal.
  3. Sydney Harbour Bridge climb: cough cough, this is simply putting down a few hundred dollars, praying for a beautiful day, and doing it!  I should just book it in with the colleague who was interested.  We’ve pencilled in 22nd November
  4. Go jet skiing: The BF thinks I can do it at Christmas, as he knows a place in Perth (where his family are, and we’re headed for Christmas)
  5. Go zorbing: Would you believe it, when I was in the area they did it, they were closed!!  UNBELIEVABLE! I even drafted a post to report on it… I was that sure I’d do it!
  6. Visit Lexi in NZ: Well, that’d be fine, if Lexi hadn’t moved back to Sydney when she was surprisingly accepted to Medicine!!
  7. Do a knife skills course: Did it, and reported to you all here.
  8. Learn to surf: Oh yeah, that! Summer is the time to do it, I should speak to my friend about that.  I did email him, but it’s been more than a week, and no news 🙁
  9. Read the new testament: See I set an *achievable* goal, and then went and started reading the whole darn thing.  I reported in with a book review when I got to the 1/4 mark (13 weeks in), then promptly moved house and didn’t resume reading.  It’s tough going at times.  I get a few days behind, and it’s a mountain to get up to date.  I really need to etch out ‘bible time’ and get back to this.  I want to do this, no one is making me!  And I do enjoy it some of the time!
  10. Go on a silent retreat: I found one, and then it became the same weekend a friend from out of town was visiting, so I didn’t book in.  I should look into them again
  11. Run a half marathon: I’m not there yet, but I did compete in a 9km run, and I did the 5km Neon Run, just the 5km fun color run to do in Feb.  Other than that, I have no real training plan or goals.  I need to plan to get further!
  12. Plan and prepay my funeral: Hahah, no.  It’s expensive, but I also think I need a will first.  So I need to hassle the solicitor today about what I need to do!
This could be me one day source: andrewmichaelroberts.blogspot.com
This could be me one day
source: andrewmichaelroberts.blogspot.com

How do you kick yourself into gear, and ensure you do the fun things, not just the mundane things?

Not long now til I’m back to normal programming – please comment as freely as usual, and I’ll read and reply to everything once we touch down (if not sooner).

18 Replies to “Goals update or not!”

  1. I went jet skiing, it was a lot of fun! I didn't get to drive but that didn't really bother me. I almost got knocked off twice, too. I would do it again in a heartbeat. It was kind of crazy being so far out in the water with nothing around you. I would like to learn how to surf but I have awful balance so I don't think that will happen! It seems like a good bit is in progress or already accomplished.

    As for not eating sugar, why not set mini goals to cut down every week or month? Whatever you feel you can do at the time. Sugar is so prevalent in so many things it can be difficult to all out refuse it. I find it's a lot easier for me when I just don't buy candy or baked goods. Then I don't really have access to it. Sometimes I do crave chocolate, but I've definitely cut down from what I used to eat. Honestly, too many sweets make me a bit sick now so that's also why.

    1. Oh wow, we had a chance to almost go jet skiing whilst away, but the BF plans to gift me a chance to do it when we visit his family at Christmas, so I held off. I look forward to it!!

      You're a smarty, aren't you – I should set small sugar goals. I have got down to no sugar in coffee, and one in tea (which I drink about once a month or so). I suppose I feel like I'm all or nothing – all desserts all the time (like on the holiday!) and then here at home, almost no sweets at all. Maybe a 'one cheat day a week' perhaps? You're right though – too much sweets make you feel worse, not better, for sure. I turned down a few chances for sweets on the holiday to the shock of the BF!

  2. Great to see your update! I understand how easy it is for things to be postponed, as in your zorbing. The same thing happened with one of my 12 in 2's: kayak down a river. I ordered and paid for the kayak but it never arrived! So I replaced it with float down the river, which I did. Since then, I've found a secondhand kayak and have managed to achieve this goal. I'm sure your zorbing is only delayed and that you will get back to it. I can't wait to read about it – sounds like so much fun!

    I think what is also insightful about the 12 in 2 process is that it is a relatively short-term timeframe which encourages us to put goals that should be quite achievable on it. So if we get to the end of the 2 years and certain items are not done, then we can look at why. Perhaps we didn't REALLY want to do them but felt we ought to…or whatever other reasons we discover.

    1. I agree – which is why I joined you on this 12 in 2 idea – it's great to have a defined time frame, and realistic things you want to achieve in it. I just need to keep reviewing the list and making plans, as some things have been done. I'm glad you got the floating down the river sorted, it sounds so peaceful!

  3. Your goals are much more exciting than mine! I need to add some oomph into my goals. Just doing the get fit, lose weight, get organised, declutter, do my tax goals.

    Though I did go to Byron Bay, Alice Springs and Falls Creek this year on three separate holidays. And am going to the North Island of NZ in January. Oh and I did the Absinthe Bar thing which I had been wanting to do for a little while.

    Never heard of zorbing before this post. Your two restaurant goals have got me tempted, though. I have no desire to climb the Bridge. I would freak right out.

    1. Hahaha I have the boring ones too – lose weight, eat healthier etc etc! You did see some lovely parts of Australia though – was that planned, or part of other obligations?

      The absinthe bar does sound interesting, it might well feature in the next 12 in 2!

      1. None of our trips were part of any obligation. The trip to Alice was sort of last minute; the ski trip planned long in advance; Byron and South-east Qld was part of the usual trip north in Jan and part "let's do something different".

        I'd do high tea before the Absinthe bar. I've eaten at many high tea places in Sydney and am off to another one before Christmas. But the Absinthe bar was interesting for something different.

        1. That's good when holidays are where you'd like them to be, rather than where you have to go! I love high tea, though between now and Christmas, I'm going to try and keep treats to an absolute minimum and try to trim up a little. I'll definitely seek out this absinthe bar, especially if I have friends in town.

  4. You have amazing (and some scary to me) goals, except for the restaurant ones – I could do them! 🙂

    1. The restaurants ones were easy to add to the list (and easy to tick off too!) save for the money, but that's not really that much! Yeah seems I like anything a little out there, trying to be fearless. Interestingly, I'm scared of swimming with fish, which ruled out a lot of activities on our Vietnam trip. I really appreciate the BF knowing I don't like it, and not making a big deal about it.

  5. You have such an interesting contrast between all the adventure sports and the Bible/retreat/funeral plan goals 🙂 Maybe you are onto something because they balance each other? I have not set any goals that really push me out of my comfort zone, especially physical stuff, so I admire you for that!

    1. Maybe the adventure goals are to mix up from my 'boring' responsible side :p So, a little balance! It's nice to have some that challenge, some that I'm not sure if they'll challenge me or not (like bridge climbing or silent retreat) and some that are just fun (eating out and zorbing).

  6. I love your list! There's a lot of exciting things as well as personal development goals with the retreat etc. I like adventure goals too but the zorbing and the Bridge Climb would be very challenging!

    I must admit I haven't set any really 'fun' goals…mine are all about sticking to financial plans and various other responsibilities! Something to think about for 2014…

    1. I think I got on board with the 12 in 2 goals *because* the money ones always take over! I'm always hitting my savings targets, but not finding a few hundred to climb the bridge! Still, I haven't done it, but it's in my view finder!! I look forward to finding out what 'fun' things you'd like to do.

    1. Agreed! I did try to get the one I needed to read sent to me every day, but it was out of whack with when I'd started. I should be able to sort something out though!

  7. You have a good mix here. Hubby and I took a cooking class a few years ago for a date night and really enjoyed it. Your knife class reminded me we should do that again!

    Unless I feel strongly about something, it often doesn't get done, so I'm sorry I can't help you with motivational tips. I'd be the one doing all the fun things and leaving the other stuff behind 😉

    1. Ohh and cooking class – there were a few whilst we were away, but neither of us showed any interest, but it might have been a good experience! Maybe I should steam ahead with the fun ones and see what happens 😉

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