Zorbing in Phuket – 12 in 2 list

Ready or not, we roll!
Ready or not, we roll!

At long last, after posting about my 12 in 2 goals here, here and here, and then finding out that the Gold Coast, QLD, Australia, closed down their zorbing, this looked like a goals I might just never get done!

Post watery zorb
Post watery zorb

Alas, Phuket has what they call ‘Roller Ball’ which is zorbing – putting fully grown human in inflated balls and rolling them down a hill. Being Phuket, I naturally went with water inside the ball (I can’t imagine doing it without the sloshing water to help move me and the BF around.

Ocean views with adventure
Ocean views with adventure


Verdict? AWESOME!

It was over quickly, and it was pricey for the duration, but not the $110 I’d estimated to do in Australia originally. I think it was about $40 each if I remember correctly? As often is the case, it also came with a ‘free’ t shirt in orange. I declined. They were confused. I didn’t take it, nonetheless.

Twists and turns
Twists and turns

I laughed the whole way down – and we were on a crooked track not the straight one, which you can see above, and I think that made it more fun too!

So a quick run down of the 12 in 2

I did everything (still learning to surf, two lessons down and one to go) except: prepay my funeral, visit my friend in New Zealand (she moved back to Oz) and go on a silent retreat.  But I did start to meditate, so that’s a step towards the last one.  Nice work.  Time for another 12 in 2, you think?

8 Replies to “Zorbing in Phuket – 12 in 2 list”

  1. That's great progress on the original list. I must admit that when you first posted it, I thought it all looked too hard! What an awesome sense of achievement to have ticked so almost all of them off! (still in awe of the Half Marathon.) It's been fun and inspiring reading about them…definitely time for a new list!

    1. I'm pretty chuffed at the progress too, and seriously, the funeral one, I rethought, and continue to think about with some recent funerals.

      Must start ruminating on a new list!

  2. That looks SOOO fun! I didn't know you had continued with the surfing; nice! Hey, I think this is the first photo of your BF on the blog?

    Your perseverence on your list is inspiring! Do you have ideas for more?

    1. I think the BF has featured – the first white dinner perhaps?

      I think I will do another list – looking for inspiration on the bucket list and working from there…

  3. Awesome! I'm really impressed by your progress toward the 12!

    Zorbing . . I'm not sure it's for me. It seems like it would make me dizzy. Glad you had fun 🙂 How'd you feel afterwards?

    1. I felt wet and exhilarated! I was tempted to go again, but I thought it might make it a bit more mundane – you know, now that I know what to expect it might not be as awesome. So we settled on just one roll down the hill.

  4. I agree with Dar. First photo of BF in which we can see him clearly.

    Do you roll arse over the proverbial in the ball? Or do you run and stay mainly vertical? I think I’d worry about my back going on me or vomiting.

    1. Oooo well he's 'blog famous' now!

      We did roll around, but more moved along the sides of the ball, rather than thrown from side to side. I'm not generally prone to motion sickness, so I'm a bad judge. I can't imagine even trying to clean out spew from a inflated ball – that would be a tough gig… perhaps that's a factor in their pricing strategy?

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