Holiday planning

How pretty is Portland? via

Here’s a post I drafted last August… I think I want to visit the US this year.  I mean, maybe.  I’ve lately felt a little ‘over travel’ so I’m not going to make myself go.  However, there are some places I love to go, and some new places I just keep reading about. Like Portland, …
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Zero Waste Update

The red one smells like cinnamon, the blue like yum, and the brown one like tar :( Haven't tried the other two.

Long time readers know that I was a big advocate of zero waste, with weekly Wednesday posts all being catalogued here.  Most of my posts were when I lived alone, in the loft.  It seems timely to let you know how the zero waste warrior is going after more than a year living with the …
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First kiss


When I was a teenager, and hormonal, I wrote endlessly about love and all the involved permutations.  But I knew I was young and hormonal and who wants to read the same gaff every teen goes on about?  Now I’m in that perfect spot – neither youthful hormones, nor at the sunset of youth (relatively), …
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Where do you read?

Thank to source

So for a long time, I’ve wondered about all my readers, many who are ‘reading down the house’. Where do you read? Do you have a special chair and a light that you curl up under? Do you read whilst you eat – at a certain meal, or most sole meals? Do you read before …
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More to me than a job

Since the 18th August, so almost a month, in the new role, I’ve been grappling with the added commute.  Today, the boss asked me how I felt about the roll etc. I am steadfastly unmoving in my rejection of a permanent role with a 2 hours commute per day. 10 hours a week! My close …
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It was a good week!

When I take the slow train, I'm treated to views like this!

I’m delighted to report – what an awesome week.  Well, there were less than awesome bits, but I’d rather reflect on the great! (thanks to Tiff at Raising Lemons) Today, two lines on a work graph intercepted.  In 12 days, we’ve done radical things and seen a rapid drop in a statistic we were getting …
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Getting stuff done!

I don't see (modern) Hogwarts, but my FB friends did

In contrast to my last post, I pleased to report how I’ve knotched things up a gear in my personal life! I went to SES on Tuesday despite horrible weather, thankfully we were indoors and playing with power tools.  My first time with a plane saw, grinder and nail gun.  FUN! Thursday night, I ventured …
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To do?


  I’m a zombie of late – wake, work, repeat.  I mean, there’s this time between 6-9pm or so, but unlike times gone by, I just want to do something mindless, like watch a TV show, or comment on blogs.  I don’t want to do things that I know I might find rewarding in the …
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Yay! Friday!

Twice in three weeks, I’ve had the chance to take Friday off (one was sick leave, today is my one day off a month, which I’ve wholeheartedly earnt with extra hours worked!) I plan to get the ‘pink slip’ for my scooter sorted, so that I can get it third party insured and registered.  It …
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The scurge of cheap stuff

Less than 6 months old, and close to non functional

In the last little while, there’s been a lot of advertising for Kmart and BigW (both the same sorts of stores, essentially lower priced department stores).  One of KMart’s slogans is ‘We make low prices irresistible’ – and on the surface, most people think that sounds great.  Who wouldn’t want to ‘get more for less’ …
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