Yay! Friday!

Twice in three weeks, I’ve had the chance to take Friday off (one was sick leave, today is my one day off a month, which I’ve wholeheartedly earnt with extra hours worked!) I plan to get the ‘pink slip’ for my scooter sorted, so that I can get it third party insured and registered.  It …
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The scurge of cheap stuff

Less than 6 months old, and close to non functional

In the last little while, there’s been a lot of advertising for Kmart and BigW (both the same sorts of stores, essentially lower priced department stores).  One of KMart’s slogans is ‘We make low prices irresistible’ – and on the surface, most people think that sounds great.  Who wouldn’t want to ‘get more for less’ …
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One week in

The park near Central station

Today marks a week in my new role with the longer commute, which I introduced in this post.  I thought I would touch base on how it’s all going. In the five day week, I worked 4 days from my new office in Hornsby, and one whole day at my previous office in Chatswood (due …
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Living together before marriage

Bahahah... an engineer says 'it's twice too big'

The second topic I’d like to broach in the thorny issues of religion is living together before marriage.  Almost all the friends I have do and have lived together prior to marriage.  That being said, I also have friends and acquaintances who strictly believe that couples should not live together before marriage, and this extends …
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Jewellry combinations

Colours and gold!

What woman says to their partner ‘I have more than enough jewellery’?. Me! And to prove it to myself, I took a series of photo to show me all the combinations. The process also helped me realise what I don’t use or wear, ever! Of course… I could with a ring or two more

*not a holiday post*

Map of life

So, just to take a break from all the holiday talk – though there is more I’d like to post, and I should also confess to purchasing more flights and accommodation for a trip to New Caledonia with the BF in the first week of November…  Interestingly, all good posts need photos, right – these …
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Disaster learnings from Japan

If I could have bought a version of this...

This is a L-O-N-G post but I wanted to get everything down in one place.  Prepare a cuppa! The key reason many of us went on this tour to Japan was due to our involvement with the State Emergency Service in our state of New South Wales.  As volunteers, we help with storm and flood …
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Journal of Japan

Japan sourvenirs 017-Optimized

This is a picture heavy post, where I share the photographs of my journal of travelling – it started slow but once I got into it (on the road) it got more decorative! Should fire ruin this journal, at least I’ll have it in blog form, and you get to sticky beak! Questions most welcome!

Souvenirs from Japan

Paper to be framed

So what did I buy in Japan? Aside from four tops/shirts for a number of multinational companies (Zara, Uni Qlo, H&M), I also bought a belt from Old Navy.  That’s all par for the course –  I have the time and the funds when on holidays to buy clothing. However, I also bought Two packets …
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Site down :(

Japanese memories - this was a meal I had a week after coming back to Sydney.  Still not 'sick of it'!

Sorry all if you haven’t been able to use my site lately – some hiccups on a few things lately. If you ever have the time and inclination, please email me at livetolist AT gmail.com and I’ll get right onto it! In the meantime, enjoy this quick photo: