Things this trip taught me

Moss garden

If I pack three pairs of ‘pants’ (one skirt, two pairs of shorts) – then I need the same proportion of tonal knickers (cause I’m like that!).  I didn’t have enough light toned knickers, but Uni Qlo to the rescue… Synthetic pockets in my white shorts – need replacing stat! I had the least luggage, …
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A selfie a day

At sumo tournament. Incidently, I found out after the fact that my cousin was also there!

I’ve often travelled alone. I’ve often not taken any photos of myself. With the BF back home, and this echo of friends in the past, I implemented a policy of ‘a selfie a day’. In reality, some days there are a few selfies, and other days there are none. But you get the picture: Do …
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Japan’s differences in dot points

Lining up just so - no one had to tell them on the loudspeaker, like here in Sydney

There’ll be many a post on my two weeks in Japan, but I thought I would start with the big difference I noticed and didn’t expect (like, obviously the language and alphabet is different!) They are SO tidy – even though there aren’t many bins, you just don’t see rubbish lying around.  I saw someone …
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Japan packing

Denim short outfits

There’s nothing I enjoy more than some photos collages, and doing outfits ensures I pack enough. And I can easily get up and get dressed. If you’re bored (already) can play ‘spot the repeat picture’ :p These don’t include the ‘plane’ outfit. The plane will introduce jeans, a cotton sweater, a scarf, my trench… and …
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Half marathon – 12 in 2 list

Proud father and daughter duo!

Hot on the heels of my harbour bridge climb last Friday, yesterday, Sunday 6th July, I did the Gold Coast Half Marathon. Talk about a busy month – between the BF cashing in his skydive, to me climbing the bridge (and having a fancy dinner), then the half marathon, and in less than a week, …
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Harbour Bridge Climb – 12 in 2 list

$15 to prove I got to the top!

I finally did it! For a long time I’ve wanted to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, so I made it one of my 12 in 2 goals (12 things I wanted to achieve in two years). I have an incredibly generous boyfriend who took the hints… and bought me a voucher for my birthday to …
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End of Financial year

Gross salary to extra earnings

In Australia, our financial year ends on June 30.  As such, today marked the start of a new spreadsheet of my annual earnings. For all the years I was a student (six) and the first two of full time employment, I used to work casual jobs.  Even when I started as an engineer, I continued …
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Oscillate Wildly – Newtown

Sorta creepy tea light holder

I use this blog as much as a photo album, so here’s another multi course dinner at Oscillate Wildly in Newtown, Sydney.  I avoided using the flash in this small restaurant, so apologies for the grainy footage – it’s mainly so I can remember the night Oh no! I forgot to photograph the ‘custard apple’ …
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Pining on pinterest

View of nature (source above)

The BF astutely said last night ‘the time she used to spend blogging is now spent on Pinterest’. I was BIG into pininterest (that’s how I used to say it) before I moved out on my own, and then I slowed down in the intervening 2+ years.  But I’ve been sucked back into the vortex …
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12 in 2 progress


I have til 19th Feb 2015 to meet my 12 goals for two years.  Given I turn 30 on the 30th Jan, it’s a nice way to leave my 20s. How am I going? The eating out? Done like a dinner (boom tish!) 1. Dinner at Quay – done in January for my birthday.  They have the …
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