Push has come to shove

I've been on both sides of the fence now. source

So… work: This week marked my six month anniversary of being a manager of my team of six in northern Sydney.  And at the end of the week, I was offered the opportunity to make the management role permanent. Ironic – as I didn’t apply for the role.  I applied for advertisement for six roles …
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And more decluttering

Hot on the heels of the big bag of clothes decluttered, and aware I was a few items shy on my in/out count on clothing, I tossed out striped leggings I bought cause they looked cool on someone else in the gym class.  I didn’t try them on in store, and they were itchy as …
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Clothes decluttering

Stained old white singlet

After buying 15-17 piece of clothing (4 tank tops, and 2 belts included), I thought it important to try and thin my existing collection by as many.  These were what I came up with: First item is a year or two old.  I bought it at Jeanswest as a ‘nice’ summer top.  I never like …
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The 30th Birthday Dinner Party

Isn't it pretty

This was the party to end all parties.  It had every element I could hope for, and of course, nothing I wouldn’t want.  You might recall a teaser post here. The morning was frantic. I got a fake tan. Then for the two hours waiting for it to set, I finished my jigsaw puzzle, cause …
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The real birthday

The birthday selfie - streaming TV whilst awaiting a GP appointment

This will be a two part series (can it really be a series with two parts?).  The real day of my birthday.  And the day of my party! So, the real birthday started with a horrible cold.  That’s what a 15 hour flight with a sick mother will do to you!  The BF (unbeknownst to …
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Portland is funny

US 2015 630

      I promise, I will FIND time to post all about my FABULOUS birthday dinner on Saturday, and one blogger/reader friend who got in on the biggest secret surprise of all – wow, I was gob smacked.

You can buy this?

Cute... though I believe out of season...

Surely these products don’t sell…     What’s the weirdest thing in this post for you, or the weirdest thing you’ve seen sold in a grocery store?

I’ve been hiding in the US

The city by the bay

It feels like a long time since I blogged. Mainly cause I’ve been exhausted.  Work takes it out of me.  I don’t like it.  And I even don’t like it when I get back from two weeks of recharging (or should that be refueling) holiday in the US.  I’ve had one day back, and I …
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