Why so quiet?

Well partly cause I can’t recall my password for approving comments. And work – man, work. We’ve had big storms in Sydney, and big effort for me and my team to get things back to ‘normal’. And then there’s life. Life is full and complicated. Today was not a normal day in Sydney. I just …
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Inner Sydney snaps

The other gelato I wanted to have - yes that's a donut on top!

Some of the photos of my weekend – funny what you notice in the inner city!

Dramatism is like consumerism

Yesterday I wrote about how I still feel the twinges of desire to acquire things, but mostly I quash them.  I withstand my desire for the new and shiny things and the promise (lies!) of a perfect life.  I can be an anti consumer, or at the very less a low level consumer However, one …
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Window Shopping again

Tonight, as the BF had a work function, I took myself window shopping.  I wanted to see all that sparkled (but I know is not gold) in the stores, which are currently packed to the gills for Christmas.  There was nothing like this in New Caledonia, and from my travelling in past years, Australia does …
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New Caledonia


Long lazy days – in photos. Oh, long lazy days in PARADISE! Gosh there are so many more sunset photos!

Halloween Party

New Cal etc 180

The night before we took a week’s holiday in New Caledonia, I co-hosted a Halloween party with a friend (a lovely lovely friend) who I play water polo with.  I feel absolutely horrible that I left the party at a very respectful time (not even 11pm) and didn’t at all help with clean up  Perhaps …
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Holiday planning

How pretty is Portland? via

Here’s a post I drafted last August… I think I want to visit the US this year.  I mean, maybe.  I’ve lately felt a little ‘over travel’ so I’m not going to make myself go.  However, there are some places I love to go, and some new places I just keep reading about. Like Portland, …
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Zero Waste Update

The red one smells like cinnamon, the blue like yum, and the brown one like tar :( Haven't tried the other two.

Long time readers know that I was a big advocate of zero waste, with weekly Wednesday posts all being catalogued here.  Most of my posts were when I lived alone, in the loft.  It seems timely to let you know how the zero waste warrior is going after more than a year living with the …
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First kiss

source: www.deviantart.com

When I was a teenager, and hormonal, I wrote endlessly about love and all the involved permutations.  But I knew I was young and hormonal and who wants to read the same gaff every teen goes on about?  Now I’m in that perfect spot – neither youthful hormones, nor at the sunset of youth (relatively), …
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Where do you read?

Thank to source

So for a long time, I’ve wondered about all my readers, many who are ‘reading down the house’. Where do you read? Do you have a special chair and a light that you curl up under? Do you read whilst you eat – at a certain meal, or most sole meals? Do you read before …
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