St Petersburg first day

Such beuty

We had a 9am ish breakfast buffet in the hotel – awesome little cheesecakes! Tomorrow Rory plans to try herring. The coffee is tasty too – and we see Cafes every where and vans with coffee machines in the back. So far only seen one Starbucks. We started the day with a long walk – …
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From Russia… with like?

The engineer in me can't avoid photos of lighting like this, on my drive into St Petersburg

My holiday  started with flying into St Petersburg, spending four nights there with my brother, followed by four nights in Moscow. The hotel we selected in St Petersburg couldn’t have been better located – it was on one of the many man made canals, within a short walk of the Hermitage/Winter Palace and the Church …
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Checking in

Hi readers…! First I have a new laptop on trial from a friend.  It has a touch screen, and folds in half to be like a tablet.  It’s pretty cool, and annoying as I work out its quirks and work out how to make it work how I like. And, I’m back from three weeks …
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Resin jewellery making course

Work in progress

Horribly, my parents home was robbed, and Mum lost most of her jewellery.  With every thunder cloud, there’s silver linings, and one of them was that I booked us both into a class to make resin jewellery, one rainy day. Yes, I’m sad about plastic cups.  You use those to divide up Part A and …
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Gliding (fixed wing…)

2016 Gliding 063

So like a plane, except, extra long wings so that you can cut the engine and glide.  The BF got this as a Christmas gift, so it made my 2016 Goals, and struck something off the bucket list. That’s my pilot tinkering   I was pretty darn excited: Here’s the inside: Let me show you …
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Laptop loathing

Hand crafted (mangled?) by myself

So… My laptop is in disrepair.  It seems to have evidence that it was built in 2008.  It’s a ‘hand me down’ from my mother’s work.  She doesn’t work there anymore either. I think I put up with it, and my greenie, eco warrior-ness means I don’t like to say or think that I want …
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Brexit & war on young people

Unrelated thoughts that I want to ‘rant’ on. I audibly gasped when my brother sent me a message, from the UK where he lives and works, that Brexit won. I know it’s reductionist, but I can’t thinking the xenophobic, immigration hating people.  And since it’s happened; I’ve seen other perspectives.  It may result in better …
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Why aren’t mega-corporations worried about their image

A litter pile I walk past weekly.

If I owned a business, however small, I would HATE to see my bags/covers/containers defaced. Wouldn’t it be horrible to spend all that time and money on designed a beautiful ‘container’, and making it (out of paper, or plastic or wood or whatever) for it to be muddied? Defaced? Defiled? Having to mark up prices …
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Diner en Blanc 2014

The sponsor...

Somehow, this post never got posted, but the pictures are no less lovely, so why not now? Last year (ie 2013), we went to Diner en Blanc held at the surprise location of Bondi Beach.  I posted about it here.  This year (cough 2014!), we went again, and here’s a photo summary.  This year it …
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