Japan packing

Denim short outfits

There’s nothing I enjoy more than some photos collages, and doing outfits ensures I pack enough. And I can easily get up and get dressed. If you’re bored (already) can play ‘spot the repeat picture’ :p These don’t include the ‘plane’ outfit. The plane will introduce jeans, a cotton sweater, a scarf, my trench… and …
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Half marathon – 12 in 2 list

Proud father and daughter duo!

Hot on the heels of my harbour bridge climb last Friday, yesterday, Sunday 6th July, I did the Gold Coast Half Marathon. Talk about a busy month – between the BF cashing in his skydive, to me climbing the bridge (and having a fancy dinner), then the half marathon, and in less than a week, …
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Harbour Bridge Climb – 12 in 2 list

$15 to prove I got to the top!

I finally did it! For a long time I’ve wanted to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, so I made it one of my 12 in 2 goals (12 things I wanted to achieve in two years). I have an incredibly generous boyfriend who took the hints… and bought me a voucher for my birthday to …
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End of Financial year

Gross salary to extra earnings

In Australia, our financial year ends on June 30.  As such, today marked the start of a new spreadsheet of my annual earnings. For all the years I was a student (six) and the first two of full time employment, I used to work casual jobs.  Even when I started as an engineer, I continued …
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Oscillate Wildly – Newtown

Sorta creepy tea light holder

I use this blog as much as a photo album, so here’s another multi course dinner at Oscillate Wildly in Newtown, Sydney.  I avoided using the flash in this small restaurant, so apologies for the grainy footage – it’s mainly so I can remember the night Oh no! I forgot to photograph the ‘custard apple’ …
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Pining on pinterest

View of nature (source above)

The BF astutely said last night ‘the time she used to spend blogging is now spent on Pinterest’. I was BIG into pininterest (that’s how I used to say it) before I moved out on my own, and then I slowed down in the intervening 2+ years.  But I’ve been sucked back into the vortex …
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12 in 2 progress

Source: http://www.bridgeclimb.com/

I have til 19th Feb 2015 to meet my 12 goals for two years.  Given I turn 30 on the 30th Jan, it’s a nice way to leave my 20s. How am I going? The eating out? Done like a dinner (boom tish!) 1. Dinner at Quay – done in January for my birthday.  They have the …
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This and that

Roof top pool - finished after I finally moved out!

It would come as no surprise, but work has been insane.  Me blogging bloomed out of a less busy time at work, and now that work fills 40 hours and then some, and I still do many things after work, I’m finding blogging slipping by the wayside. That, and a certain brand phone makes it …
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Dearest readers, thank you for your considered responses to my last post.  For the first time, ever, I will not reply to each comment individually.  I think it would be more vulnerable that I’m willing to be.  But I would like you to know that the comments you made created some serious food for thought …
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Falling in love

Postsecret 1

I know most of my (known) readers are married, so it brings me to a question: how does it feel knowing you will never (or should never) romantically fall in love again? The recent Father’s Day PostSecret post started me on these thoughts, here’s an example: It’s not Father’s Day in Australia, we celebrate that …
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