How do you manage your bookmarks?

Sometimes, I’m just a busy bee! So please, tell me, how to do you keep track of all your blog reading? Here’s how I do it:

I have two much loved blogs and they receive pride of place on my bookmarks bar at the top of my page.  These are blogs that thousands of people comment on, so they are ‘famous’ to me!

Then I have some folders, and here’s how they roll

The way things usually are!
The way things usually are!

Food/recipes, with general food blogs, but then recipes in a Sweet folder and a Savoury folder

Next up is Mommy DIY.  This features US/Candian blogs that are DIY/mommy blogs (where they talk about raising their kids amongst other things)

Read Fridays is a seldom use folder, but has blogs I know haven’t posted a lot regularly, so I think ‘oh I’ll check them once a week’, and Friday is usually my day off (or slow day).  Honestly though, I often don’t look at the 4 blogs listed in there!

PF is for Personal Finance and I group all those blogs I like to read about their debt journey etc.  There’s probably a few blogs I could take off this list, cause they are no longer capturing me, or they aren’t posting regularly (and could move into the Read Fridays folder perhaps?)  There’s about 15 blogs in this category at the moment.

The next folder is Subscribe which is for some of the blogs I get direct emails from (others email me, and don’t get bookmarked.  I’m not sure why, perhaps just not that thorough).  Some of the PF blogs I get direct emails from too, but they stay in the PF folder.  There’s 10 blogs on this list, and they are largely regular readers of this blog too. Awww thanks for reading!

My followers is a different tab, and holds all my readers that are on Blogspot.  Why? Cause I can’t read your blogs at work, so I like to have a tab that I know to head to when I get home if I want to comment or read your posts.

Next is a folder I just decided could be consolidated to the above, called Read at home which was for the same reasons as above – blogs I couldn’t access at work, where I used to get the bulk of my internet!

Lastly I have a collection of posts on reaching a greater readership or improving my blog.  I don’t really refer to these, but for some reason felt the need to keep them bookmarked?!

Sometimes I think I should resort them, making sure all the blogspot ones are in one tab (with the typepad blogs too, cause I can read those at work, but not comment).  I would like that lovely little matched iconography!

So, please share with me how you manage your blog reading.  Do you rely on emails? Do you have a set time, and open all your bookmarks? How do you deal with blogs who drop in writing frequency?

Why I think I’m a non-driver

Well… at least I think I am a non-driver, even though I drive almost every day.

Let’s explore why, starting at the beginning.  Apologies, this is a little long, and disjointed – bad memory of what happened when, but I did try :p

Learning to drive

Regular readers would know I went to boarding school pretty much for 10 years to 17 years of age, in a different state to where my parents lived.  This meant that learning to drive couldn’t be done regularly with my parents.  When I was 17, I did take driving lessons during the school term, which I conveniently started at school, and arrived at water polo training at the end of the lesson – essentially avoiding two buses!  In Queensland (QLD), the state I went to school in, you can do you ‘learners’ practical test for your licence once you’re proficient in all your skills.  In New South Wales (NSW), where my parents lived, you needed a log book of 50 hours of driving to take your practical driving test.  I’d hoped to sit my learner driver test in QLD, pass and then convert my licence to NSW when I moved there for university.

Driving Tests

My first driving test was booked in November 2002, in the week after the end of school.  After graduating, my friends all had a party week on the Gold Coast.  The plan was that I would return to Brisbane on the train, sit my driving test and return to the Gold Coast.  Unfortunately, in the week of partying and completing schooling, there was a calendar mishap and I got the day wrong.  I missed the practical test.

My family planned a holiday in Queensland in January 2003, and I thought I booked another driving test through the rural traffic authority near where we were holidaying.  Alas, on the day of the test, I was advised that the assessor was sick, and could I reschedule?  Being a short holiday, there wasn’t a time that suited.

An older model than what Mum had Source:
An older model than what Mum had

From 2003, I lived in Sydney, New South Wales.  Under their law, I was required to transfer my learner’s permit to NSW, and then complete 50 hours of driving before taking my test.  The expiry of my learner’s permit remained the same, which in effect meant I needed to complete 50 hours in 2 months (though I could complete the log book in retrospect for the hours I’d already completed).  However, I’d only done maybe 15 hours with a driving teacher, and the remaining months were during term time where I had no access to a car – my parents were living in Jindabyne in the Snowy Mountains (5 hours drive from Sydney).  I did get some driving experience on that drive, in my mother’s work car, a Subaru Liberty.  Clearly, the odds were stacked against me! I couldn’t afford to complete the remaining hours with a driving school, and learning to drive is not something I wanted to farm out to aunts and uncles!

For a few years, I just continued to renew my learners’ permit, with no clear goal to getting my licence.  I lived in the city, and walked to university.  I didn’t need a car!  In 2004, my parents returned to living in Sydney, but I didn’t live with them.  Lessons were few and far between! I think we had a old beat up Volvo station wagon since I was in late high school as my dad’s ‘drive to the train station’ car, so I got some lessons in that!

Old and safe Source:
Old and safe

I have a licence!

After failing once, I finally got my licence!  Actually, I did both my practical tests in Wollongong, where I’d spent my late teens (well, where my parents lived, and I holidayed).  It was nice to do the test somewhere I knew well, without the ‘big smoke’ scariness that is Sydney!

In 2009 I joined my current company.  One of the hiring criteria was a drivers licence – at least I had one.  I finally graduated onto my full unrestricted licence in February 2009, at the ripe age of 23!

I ran some numbers once, in the first two years at my company, I drove more than 20 different vehicles (some were the same model of course).  Pretty varied driving history for someone who thinks they don’t drive!

Crowding the Nest (2009-2011)

Not our car, but similar
Not our car, but similar

For my first three years of full time work in my career, I lived at home.  There, I shared a car with my brother/s.  It was affectionately known as ‘the little car’, and it was a Hyundai Accent that my grandmother passed on when she could no longer drive. It seems I only ever shared with one brother, as the elder of my younger brothers bought a car about the same time the youngest got his licence.  Both my brothers took jobs that required the car to get to work, or for the work.  I continued to make choices about my work and social life largely assuming I didn’t have a car (or wouldn’t have access to it).  Around this time, I got a rider permit and bought a motor scooter.

In 2011, I started the role I’m in today.  My package included a car for my use whilst at work, and to get me directly home and back to work. It’s a Hyundai i30, and whilst I don’t love Hyundais, they’ve come a long way since the little car.  Still, the fleet within my office has had a fair share of problems – auto locking people out, radios dying, shuddering engines…

Hyundai i30 source:
Hyundai i30

Living alone (2012-mid 2013)

When I moved into my own home (the loft), I continued to use the shared car with my brother – it was just a 15 minute train ride away! Thankfully my brother studied at a university near my house, so we often switched it near my house, so I didn’t have to do all the dropping off and picking up.

The work car lived in my one car space at the loft, and when the ‘little’ car visited, it was relegated to the street.


In the past few months, my youngest brother wrote off the little car.  He didn’t injure himself, but the car was only worth a few grand and so the cost of repair wasn’t worth it (and naturally we’d not comprehensively insured it).  My youngest brother is moving to South America for a year, so he’s not too fussed.  Given my level of use, it’s a pretty minor adjustment!

Everyday, I continue to drive to work in my free work car.

Outside of work, I very occasionally use my boyfriend’s car, though it makes me nervous cause he loves that luxury vehicle!  And interestingly, my parents have the same model car, that they bought after returning from living in France late last year – so far I’ve only driven theirs once.

Fancy! BMW source:
Fancy! BMW

Overall, I would happily catch the train to work, if they paid for it!  Instead they pay for a car, and money talks.  There’s rumours (for more than a year) that cost cutting measures will mean we will lose our cars, instead moving to pool vehicles.  I’m ready for the change, having always chosen to live a short walk from a train station.  I’m just not looking forward to the rainy days!

So, despite driving daily, I’ve never bought a car.  I don’t think I will if I lose my work car.  But I did once say to my (younger) self that my first car would be a lovely Audi.  And every year I get older, and more financially stable, the more it might be a reality!

Zero Waste & going out

This past week, I’ve thought a lot more about zero waste than I usually do.  Mainly because of my weekend out and about, my run and then Beams festival, but I also went to a Sunday School party.  Let’s work backwards:

Sunday School Party

This was held at the rectory on Saturday afternoon. The Sunday School coordinator asked the priest’s wife to supply paper plates, knives and forks.  I ran into the priest’s wife as I finished the church flowers on Saturday morning, and mentioned the request – I could easily supply everyone with my ‘extra’ crockery set from when my grandmother downsized.  (Yes, I could ‘declutter’ them, but I’d rather have them on hand than single use.)  The priest’s wife agreed, but obliged also with the request.

At the party, I brought a banana cake on a grandma plate, rather than something single use.  The best thing is that grandma’s plates aren’t my usual set, so I don’t miss them if they end up staying at someone’s house for a short while, which is exactly what happened.  I was free to head to the museum unburdened by a plate!  And because I’m zero waste, there was no cling wrap.  It would have ruined the icing!  But we do have it (inherited from the BF’s house).  So I carried a cake a number of city blocks, uncovered.  Nothing comedic happened.  But I did realise I could have used a cake tin. D’oh!

At the party, there was both ceramic and plastic crockery and cutlery.  Like a sheep, I got a plastic plate, but I realised, and used proper cutlery.  You win some you lose some!

Beams Festival

Did I feel smart or what, remembering to bring my bamboo knife and fork with me?  I did, til I needed a spoon to eat sago pudding! Thankfully the fork passed.  The rest of the food was ‘hand’ edible.  Interestingly, the meals came in compostable containers, which I know Beth Terry’s (I’m currently reading her book Plastic Free) is dubious about.  I was impressed that there were marked ‘recycling’ bins at the festival too – though lined in plastic wheelie bin liners.  For non Aussies, this is a wheelie bin:

Wheelie bin - due to the little wheels! source: by L Reonalds
Wheelie bin – due to the little wheels!
source: by L Reonalds

Bridge Run

Firstly, last week I mentioned I had a need for textile recycling last week – I had a cotton interlock zip cardigan that had lost it’s mojo.  Thankfully, I wore this to the run, and discarded it at the start to be collected for charity (so they tell us).  Whilst it’s not ideal for charity given how worn out it is, it was a good compromise to keep me warm before the run, and not discard something I would sorely miss.

The run came with two or three drink pit stops.  These were all stocked with plastic cups, most with water and some with Gatorade.  As people finished them, they just threw them on the ground, and I was no exception.  It was one of those instances that was dismaying to see the discarded cups extending every which way on the ground.  But it also made me realise, there truly is no alternative.  Glass or ceramics would break.  Competitive runners will not stop to place a glass/cup down.  No one is going to run with a reusable cup, and whilst some people have a strap with a bottles on them, it’s not really widespread.  The water that filled the jugs came from hoses, at least.  Hoses that filled bins (not wheelie ones ;)), again lined in a plastic bag.  Surely the bins were bought new for this purpose, I’m just not convinced they needed a plastic bin liner too!  SIGH!

Lastly, at the finish, everyone was offered a bottle of water, and a medal.  I took the water bottle.  I admit, we still use plastic water bottles which we endlessly refill here at Cohab Central.  It’s not ideal, but small steps.  I did not take the medal.  The BF was aghast.  I was adamant it would have been waste the minute I got it.  I don’t have a place for a medal! And I don’t need proof of my run – although I have (for now) kept the baggage label as a memory.  The bib I wore came with some techy doobie which means it’s chunkier and not as good to keep.  And it’s in the trash, cause it’s that funny material that seems to be paper, but never tears, or gets wet?

Weekly Waste Weigh In
There’s two meat trays in there, and meat stained coated paper. I lost the battle with the deli lady this week, but it’s not over! Sorry for the horrible photo, for those who can’t see, it’s 195g. Down from 203g last week, but not as good at 88g a few weeks ago.  I’m not too worried.

Zero Waste attempts
Weighing in at 195g this week

Gratitude (for Tuesday)

  1. Time in the office to catch up on paperwork
  2. Fundraising Caramello koala chocolate after lunch
  3. Healthy dinner made by 7pm
  4. Intelligent new graduate engineer working with me 🙂
  5. Mocha on the way into work (and I was still early!)
Aussie chocolate source: by S Marr
Aussie chocolate
source: by S Marr

Do you actively think about the least waste option when you’re out and about? Can you think of creative ways the water situation could be solved at fun runs?

Light entertainment – Beams Festival

Saturday night, before my big run, I was excited to be able to visit the local arts festival ‘Beams Festival’. Seriously, across the nearest main road from my house, my suburb was hosting this cool one night only art show, complete with food trucks and music! It was great. My brother came over to stay before he did the half marathon (who start a fair bit earlier than 9am like me!) and we headed out to the festival.

A plastic bottle walkthrough
A plastic bottle walkthrough


Graffiti style art (in progress)
Graffiti style art (in progress)
A wave in a laneway out of netting and plastic cups
A wave in a laneway out of netting and plastic cups
Not so paper cranes
Not so paper cranes
Curious things hanging from tresses
Curious things hanging from tresses


I'm not sure what... but I do like fairy lights!
I’m not sure what… but I do like fairy lights!
Umbrellas upside down (you could get those all from lost and found I think!)
Umbrellas upside down (you could get those all from lost and found I think!)
Plastic shot glasses!
Plastic shot glasses!
Reading glasses
Reading glasses

We grabbed some food, and were dismayed at the quantity for the price (not enough), although it was tasty! We headed home afterwards and made pasta to carb load for our runs! There were also great activities, like decorating paper lanterns, painting portraits, creating ‘reflections’ by cutting out things from magazine images, and transposing them. I didn’t get in on any of the crafting, cause I wasn’t sure if they were for adults or kids, but I was very tempted by the lanterns!

Gratitude (for Monday)

  1. A work car for my sole use, which got me from home to Chatswood, to Freshwater, to Manly to Lindfield to Chatswood to Cherrybrook to Chatswood and home!
  2. A delicious dinner of beef bourginon, cooked by me (a rarity these days)
  3. Minimal washing up!
  4. Getting 1 hour of chores in before dinner prep, best idea ever! Cleared some of the ignored weekend’s backlog, but still had dinner sorted ‘in time’
  5. Finally getting sticky pads to stop one of the sofas moving (and potentially scratching our lovely floors)
  6. A row of chocolate, mmmmm Cabury’s! for dessert

Does your city do many festivals?  Does it have a light festival – they seem to be popping up everywhere lately!  I really wonder how they coordinate it all, with only a 24hr window of road closures, and so much cabling!

Running – 12 in 2 list progress

In February this year, I set 12 goals I wanted to achieve in two years, called 12 in 2.  Number 11 was to run a half marathon, which is 21kms.  Naturally, as a non runner, this is a huge stretch of a goal but something I put on the list to as the ultimate challenge.  When I say non-runner, I mean I devised ways to get out of high school cross country, despite being otherwise a capable and fit athlete!  Warm up jogs at boot camp or school sport had me whinging (and panting) the loudest.  However, this past Sunday, I completed the 9km Bridge Run over the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, as a stepping stone to the half marathon.

Million dollar real estate with a view to our start!
Million dollar real estate with a view to our start!

The 9km bridge run (5.6 miles) was the last race of the day, starting after the marathon, half marathon and family fun run (4kms) for the Blackmore’s Sydney Running Festival.  So it was a sunny warm day for the 9am start at Milson’s Point.  I was in group C, which run third/last of the groups, due to us having expected run times of 1hr or over.  The cutout off it 90 minutes <- I was pretty confident I wouldn’t get cut off, but your never know!

I can’t help myself, and took heaps of photos before the start, to share with you:

The view in front of me
The view in front of me
The view to the left
The view to the left
The view behind me - yes, the lady in blue and I talked... I can't help myself!
The view behind me – yes, the lady in blue and I talked… I can’t help myself!

How’d I go?

I set myself a target pace of 9kms per hour, hoping to finish in an hour of starting (I actually started at about 9.23am).  I had Runkeeper going, along with some music.  When I usually ‘run’ I actually do jogs interspersed with walking, and still achieve this 9kmh so I was happy to pace myself to this.

The first kilometer was hard, and I always find the start of a run the worst!  There was also a gentle but continuous incline to get onto the bridge as well.  It was exciting to be on the bridge though! I drive on it twice a day to get to and from work, and here I was, running on it when it was completely devoid of cars.  There was definitely a smug smile through the running pain! I remember I didn’t make the first kilometer without a walking stretch.  Still, Runkeeper kept me up to date every 5 minutes with my pacing, and I think only one interval over the whole run was I behind!

Our course had us do all sorts of strange things to someone accustomed to Sydney roads – we went the ‘wrong way’ down a spiral ramp onto the Cahill expressway, which took us running over the train line at Circular Quay.  If I’d been more about blogging than running, I might have photographed the sparkling harbour, and iconic bridge and Opera House, but by this stage, I was in the thick of the ‘running’ and not so worried about a play by play for my readers!

Where Runkeeper saw me run!
Where Runkeeper saw me run!

Prior to this run, I’d only done a training run at 6km. That run was more than two weeks prior to the Bridge Run, and in the meantime, I’d been through a cold. So, part of me wasn’t entirely confident in how I’d run! I used positive self talk to help – instead of ‘you’ve never run more than 6kms’, I’d say ‘wow, you’ve got 3kms to go, you can easily do that’. It made a big difference!

Oh so bright!
Oh so bright!

According to Runkeeper (I love their stats), I was above 9kms per hour for the first 4kms, which probably helped me stay ahead in pacing for the second ‘half’ of the race. Interestingly, the peaks in the coure are around the 4.5-5km mark and again in the last km! As far as speed, at my fastest I was doing 12.32kmph (I must check where it thinks I ran that fast!), and at the slowest, in my last km, was at 7.77kmph. Overall, I ran at 8.79kmph, for a total distance of 9.63kms (They say the course is ‘about’ 9km). This took me 1 hr and 5 minutes. This puts me right on pace, even though I didn’t meet my 1hr ambitious finish goal. Overall, I’m happy I made it to the end without an injury (even my shin splint like pain was silent), though I did have tight hamstrings before and after.

I never took this photo (photos were banned to keep the flow on the bridge - I actually was running when I snapped this!)
I never took this photo (photos were banned to keep the flow on the bridge – I actually was running when I snapped this!)

At the end of the race, I made my own way home. There was just swarms of people at the finish, so I can’t imagine if the BF had made it in, even trying to find him! Then getting to the train was a little bit of a logistical challenge – I ended up crossing the marathon runners path twice! Thankfully, Sydney smartly provides free public transport for all run participants, so being lazy, I got the train, then a bus (cause just a train involved more walking to get home!). The bf was at home after spending the last 24 hours on a yacht race, and we headed out for burgers. I then thought I was entitled to anything I wanted, being that I burned 710 calories! Alas, I still coped some cheek when a block or two of chocolate ended up in the shopping trolley! (For the record, I’ve not yet had any!)

So, in a rousing finale: anything is possible when you set your mind to it!  Practice makes the world of difference, and having people overtake you is often enough to stumble from walking to jogging again.  Now for a training plan to get me to a half marathon! (My brother’s time was 2hr02minutes for his half – impressive!)

Gratitude (for Sunday)

  • I finished the race, without an injury!
  • A beautiful warm day
  • The BF’s patience in traffic, during run road closures
  • The Newsroom finale (and finding out it’s signed for a new season!)
  • Mac and cheese made by the BF
  • For being somewhat relaxed with the state of the less than perfect house

What ambitious goals have you set yourself?  Have you surprised yourself in what you can achieve?

Decluttering – using it up, giving it away and selling

When I started this blog, it was after more than a year of reading daily.  This lovely Australian blogger, Colleen writes up to six times a week to inspire people to live with less, and follow her on her journey of decluttering one thing a day.  I’m not even sure how I found her site, but I enjoy the community feel.  I was sure that my blog would have a stack of decluttering posts, but it seems I did a lot of the leg work before moving into the loft, and I have been in the ‘maintenance’ phase ever since.

Every now and then, maybe once a month on average, I like to list items on freecycle, and move them out the door.  I thought I’d share some of my lists I have for decluttering

Use it up

Some things aren’t really give away worthy.  You’ll see what I mean:

Three too many (ok, two really…) And why does the Macleans one taste like bubblegum when it *says* mildmint?
  • 3 tubes of toothpaste in progress
  • mini hotel shampoos
  • cotton buds with plastic tubes
  • moisturiser – 3+ are too many
  • satay sauce in a jar – I prefer to make my own, and it’ll spoil soon enough
  • pesto in a jar – I might ask the BF to handle this, I really don’t like pesto
  • frozen spinach – from the Bf’s to the loft to cohab central, that’s silly!
Sauces to go

Give Away

  • Ikea chair cover – I bought one to see if it’d fit my non Ikea chairs
  • two hats – from my bald preparation days.  I need as many as I expected when I shaved my head
  • old stained smelly pillor – hopefully for an animal shelter?


  • microwave from the loft
  • Caring for Cut Flowers – a beautiful reference from my floristry course, but not in use now

Not my domain

  • extra vacuum – I want to keep my Dyson and move the BF’s on.  He disagrees.  I vacuum
  • extra washing machine – mine fit in the space, his has been faulty.  Hardly far to sell to someone, but no use in the garage!
  • extra hand beater – we only bought the BF one so he could have cheesecakes made for him at his house!  I do actually prefer his though, it allows either beater in either hole, way easier!

The hardest thing to ‘declutter’ are things that are unloved, but not really likely to be wanted by anyone else.  Like the pillows – that’s clutching at straws.  Or socks that have lost their elasticity.  I must look into textile recycling in Australia!

Oh, Sunday is my first run in a competition! I’m running the Bridge in a 9km race (my brother is showing me up and doing the half marathon).  I’ll report back how it goes – the last run was two weeks ago at 6kms and since then I’ve been sick, so it could get interesting!


  1. Date night tonight – we’re going out for dinner, which I just LOVE (for those who don’t know :p)
  2. Got my head around a complex work job – it’s hard to find the right time to switch off power with residence, bakery, resturants, doctors etc, but I’ve resolved it (Sunday afternoon)
  3. Lunch out with a colleague saving me from my ‘scratch’ lunch
  4. Cakes at work (to farewell the cake lover who goes on 4 weeks holiday)
  5. Budget *just* balanced between all my rego/service bills on the scooter (which never sold) and the usual
  6. I’ve completed and sent all 16 x 500+ word career episode reports to my external mentor, and checked in with my in house verifier!  I will be a certified engineer once I submit, verify and get assessed
  7. My brother saved me a trip to pick up my running bib etc, and collected mine with his!

Australian readers, do you know where I can do textile recycling?  What items are lingering in your home that need to move on?  What are you trying to ‘use up’?

TV shows I like

Back to a good old list – the namesake of my blog!  I thought I’d share with you some of my current TV watching favourites.  Due to the international audience, I’ve not really added too much link details, as everyone has different networks etc.

Project Runway

What’s not to love about pressure challenges with eccentric fashion designers?  I love seeing innovative clothes that aren’t like everything you see in the stores.  My favourite is the bizarre challenges – making clothing from a hardware store, or a candy store or a florist.  And every season, there’s a weird ‘customer’ or two – either retired ladies from a dance class, reusing bridal dresses to party dresses, or rip off clothing for a men’s revue.  Mix in the lack of sleep and lots of ‘interviews’ and there’s tears and spills and all sorts of D-R-A-M-A complete with hand flips!

House husbands photo
House husbands

House Husbands

This is an Australian show set in Melbourne based around a group of fathers.  The most outrageous things happen sometime – like the opening episode having the grade 1 children driving a bus, but mostly it’s like real life.  Ups and downs.  Marriages splitting and reuniting, suspicion and mistrust, foster care and gay parenting. There’s enough lightness to truly fall in love with all the children, the wives and of course the husbands.


Aaron Sorkin is a genius, the producer of a drama about a … wait for it… newsroom! There’s enduring tension between the anchor, Will and the British executive producer Mac, and a sordid triangle between young Maggie, executive producer Don (the douche bag to me) and new executive producer Jim (the knight in shining armour).  They match the scripts to the news events we’d all remember, and make it incredibly compelling.  There’s rousing speeches, cutting journalistic interrogation and the usual drama rollercoaster of almost/is it/not quite relationships…

Orchestrated bouquet catching, before the awkward proposal in front of everyone... to be rejected
Orchestrated bouquet catching, before the awkward proposal in front of everyone… to be rejected.


A recently released Australia drama based on all the flatmates who live in a flat called Wonderland, on a beach of Sydney.  The young somethings are naturally people I relate to, and there’s some delicious shoots of Sydney!  It started with a wedding, then a shock proposal by a woman – who was publicly rejected by her boyfriend… Naturally, there’s some chemistry and some love triangles as well as some lovely ‘flat’ dinners, where all the parties come together – including a mum of a younger character!


  1. The BF cooked me an omlette for dinner, before he went to the gym
  2. I have an awesome colleague who with minimal supervision, channels my ideas perfectly!
  3. Got onto straightening the top of the entry closet – I kept wondering just what was in there (not much)
  4. Got a great rock star park near my house that is also untimed 😀

What are you thankful for today?  What are your favourite TV shows?

Gratitude addition to the daily edition

By Donna L Martin source:
By Donna L Martin


Lately, I feel like my posts have been a little less bright.  I certainly haven’t felt like I’m my usual self.  So I’ve thought about it, and think I need to create a habit of gratitude – something that I’ve done before and it works really well. Now, dear readers, at the bottom of every post, or maybe as a side post each day, I’m not sure, I’ll add a short list of things I’m grateful for.  I hope, over time, it’ll help me to continue looking up!

  1. Beautiful sunshine all day – from the moment I was on site at 7am!
  2. Seeing all my immediate family for dinner
  3. Caught up on my back log of unread blog emails (and commenting) from the beginning of the week
  4. A great night’s sleep last night

Waste Wednesday & Corn Chips?

Pyrex saves waste!
Pyrex saves waste!

This Friday was my day off, so I borrowed the BF’s car, and headed to the outlet for Pyrex.  For change from $80, I got the haul above, which I’m impressed with.  These things last well – not one has cracked or chipped in all the back and forth to work, and in and out of cupboards etc.

Now I have enough pyrex for lunch leftovers (I bought 9 when I first moved into the loft, for lunches). Now I have another 10 (!!) so that I can have one with bacon at almost all times, one with pepperoni, a few with a meal’s serve of meat, like chicken breasts. It’s a learning curve for deli staff in Harris Farm and Coles, but I’m patient, and mostly it works… Til I give them a flat rectangular pyrex for a large cube of feta – live and learn!

So, this week wasn’t as good as past weeks – there were three meat trays. We can’t pass up $3 for 500g of beef mince, especially when making lasagne for 8!

Still a modest weigh in, despite three meat trays
Still a modest weigh in, despite three meat trays

I should also show you the weight of the plastics that I take back to Coles, who offer a recycling program that supposedly turns certain plastics into playground furniture:

Back to Coles, for them to recycle.
Back to Coles, for them to recycle.

Mmmm cornchip packets…

Garlic bread wrappers, museli bar wrappers, pasta packets etc
Garlic bread wrappers, museli bar wrappers, pasta packets etc

Reader/commenter challenge: Is there a zero waste way to corn chips? I’ve never seen them in bulk, but I’ve not looked that far and wide. What would it take to make a cornchip?

Not too hot, not too cold, just right

Gosh, Goldilocks seemed like a picky so and so.  And oh so similar to me.  But I’m not talking about my porridge (though it is my daily breakfast!)

Here’s my ‘just right’ issue – I’m either bored or I’m swamped with activities.  Finding my just right is taking 28 years and counting!

Here’s what I have:


  • greeting parishoners – once per 2 months
  • counting the collection plate – once per 2 months
  • doing the church flowers – once a month (recently resigned)
  • teaching Sunday school – once a month during term times
  • refreshment roster – once per 2 months

Weekdays after work:

  • parish council meeting – once a month
  • visit my parents – once per week
  • ad hoc church meeting – advent initiative – thrice this month!
  • water polo training – once per week (starting this week)
  • water polo game – once per week (starting in a few weeks)
  • running – at least three times week (ideally! Not happening!)
  • meeting non work mentor – once per month
  • meeting work mentor – once per six weeks
  • hair cut or trim – once every three weeks
  • 2 hours at the co-op – ideally weekly, but not happening at all at the moment.

Ad hoc activities

  • Doctor visits
  • Leg waxing or pedicure

And all this is before hen’s nights, weddings, birthday dinners and all those other wonderful social events.  Oh and dates!

And don’t forget, blogging and working a full 40 hours!

So I might sign out for a day or two whilst I work out what the heck I can rationalise from all of this.  If you’d like to nominate the weakest link, totally let me know.  I won’t be offended, I’ll look at my silly justifications and eventually the penny will drop!