I’m sick.


I swear, since I started the new role in April, I’ve definitely had two colds, and one killer headache (I’d like to call it a migraine, but it wasn’t).

Anyhow, despite being sick, I did make it to Foodcraft which broke the internet recently with it’s Tella Ball shake – a nutella shake with a nutella filled donut skewered on top with the straw.  It was not all that – but then perhaps my taste buds aren’t normal?  The BF has two of the donuts in the evening (see, I have SOME self control) and I advised him to heat them which definitely helped.  He also disclosed he’s never had Nutella?  If that’s not a reason to head to Europe pronto nothing is!

My super sweet tooth has somewhat settled of late – some days, I’ve not devoured sweeties like it’s going out of fashion (of note, today, Monday, Saturday, Friday too I think).  Today I weighed in when I woke up at about 2pm and I was on par with the weigh in before last, so slowly the fasting is working, despite some days being far more calorific than ‘normal’.

Oh, I mastered laundry in a new way this weekend – I finally tried a concoction of dish liquid and hydrogen peroxide, painted on the under arm stains (twice, with an hour in between) worked very well. I’m sort of asking why I waited so long!  Have you ever tried this, or do you have magical deodorant that doesn’t stain?

Black white and gold

So a while ago, I think I mentioned I was planning a spectacular 60th for my mother.  I saw this inspiration picture on BetterAfter:

Pretty right? via
Pretty right?

With that in mind, my mum and I worked on a spectacular celebration with her friends and children. And we went literal, unlike Lindsay who went with an interpretation:

Lindsey's table
Lindsey’s table

So let me start with the hallway:

The were LED tea lights (about the ONLY time I'd tolerate single use plastic tea lights!)
The were LED tea lights (about the ONLY time I’d tolerate single use plastic tea lights!)
Some recent TV show inspired the vase of tulips (50!) and you see the gold on the door - it had a big gold bow on it!
Some recent TV show inspired the vase of tulips (50!) and you see the gold on the door – it had a big gold bow on it!

Now for THE table

Hand written menus for individual choices
Hand written menus for individual choices

Unlike the inspiration, we went for some flowers on the table:

Hand made by me
Hand made by me

How would people know where to sit? Solved that with a US purchase in Jan of a special little pen for writing on glass and porcelain:

Simon says sit here!
Simon says sit here!

Now all the rest of the shots I just wanna share for sharing’s sake:

Seems similar right?
Seems similar right?
Ready for a feast
Ready for a feast

Lastly, the cake (apologies for the fugitive-ly taken photo in the car, lest we have an accident and mum never see it!):

Yummy inside and out!
Yummy inside and out!

Overall, I LOVED planning for this – I hand sewed the white ribbon onto all the napkin rings, which was definitely the most intense part.  But I love hand sewing.  Everything was perfect, I’m told, and I was pretty happy with how things turned out. I realise the part of ‘entertaining’ I stress about is the food – everyone being happy and full and eating.  If that’s outsourced, I love the rest of it (Which isn’t to say I don’t like baking, but it’s like baking or event coordination, not both).

So I’m available for hire 😉 You pay bills (I covered the flowers in the end, mainly cause I wanted free reign – there was another HUGE bouquet in the kitchen you didn’t get a photo of cause I forget which was Birthday Girl’s request on our market trip).

Party planner instead of engineer? Maybe… just maybe!

Thrifty clothes haul

I find those youtube channels so vulgar, where they buy all the fast fashion and can hardly remember why they bought what they did.

Close up of the details
Close up of the details

However, I had my own version, just at Red Cross Paddington.  (If you ever come to Sydney readers, this is the BEST op shop, or thrift store.  They curate the best stuff, but the neighbourhood is pretty posh, so it’s win win).  Yesterday, in the effort to walk home whilst BF gymmed, I went shopping.

Knotted necklace
Knotted necklace

For $111, I bought:

  • a knotted aqua and blue note style necklace out of some fine wire? $10
  • a black flowy cardigan, with a ripple like appearance, edged with a brass zipper $18
  • a knit Country Road cardigan with 3/4 sleeves in grey cotton, missing one button of 4, so marked down to $10
  • a thickly black and white striped shell top, in a neoprene like fabric $18
  • a silky button up shirt with a thin black and white stripe.  True fabric unknown, so may be winter only $18
  • Banana Republic black work trousers.  Button up on me, but a touch tight.  Same size as my other BR pants, so didn’t hesitate $22
  • soft blue with white spot gauzey scarf $15

So yeah, now I feel like my wardrobe is ‘interesting’ again, and all without anything ‘new’.  Oh I did use my languishing Westfield voucher on a simple gold necklace with a knot.  That voucher has been lingering since March, and started at $50 and is now a little under $30.  Super non-consumer (or forgetful user?!)

clothes 002
Perhaps a little big


Not the be outdone, the BF spent the better part of $500 this morning on a suit.  Overall, a stellar deal – first it was on sale, second it was the best of what he saw, but the clincher? TWO pairs of trousers… And this boy I live with, man does he feel the heat, so a second pair of pants for a suit and still a competitive price (so he thinks), is a steal!  I learnt all about suits, and his and my preferences.  We both like the slits to be at the sides, not in the middle.  And today’s ‘blue’ isn’t really all that – navy was far nicer. And a fabric with some inherent details, like a self strip, over a flat or ‘shiny’ look suit.  Two days, and it’ll be all tailored and ready for his shin-dig later in the week.

Back to me – if you’re lucky, I’ll wear 2-3 new items tomorrow, a get a photo retrospectively posted… Or not.  We’ll see 😉 (I have worn both cardigans already, so that’s a stellar start!)

I feel great about my haul, less great about my dressing room appearances… but clothes hide my faults.  And chocolate makes it seem worth it!

What piece of clothing did you last buy? Have you worn it yet?

More thoughts on food

Today I had a sick day – I left work half way through the say yesterday with nausea and a headache I’d had for days that wasn’t improving.  Today, I used the day off to see a physio to resolve the pain.  It’s been three months since I’ve needed to get my neck and shoulder aggressively massaged to recover from the pain.  All in all, I feel better now.

With the rest of my time, I wandered to a local Asian market to buy sunglasses, as my second cheap pair have broken, the arm snapped off.  I feel torn, buying cheaply made, Chinese sunglasses for $5 or $10, but then to buy second hand, it’s time sifting through the styles in a basket, and finding something I like.  And patience – I have to have the patience.  I don’t.  $10 later, I’ve been sold something that’s little labels tell me is polarized (though that’s a furfy to charge $10 not $5!), but hey, they’ll do.

As with most time I spend alone when not working, I think.  Gosh do I think.  About food.


It started with a mocha on my way to the physio.  I saw a caramel slice, handmade in that cafe.  I skipped it. On my market visit, I craved a hot cinnamon donut.  I didn’t find one – but I trawled the Woolworths that’d newly been built. I longingly looked in their ice cream cabinet.  My favourite Maxibon wasn’t available in a single serve.  I continued wandering.

I went to my local Woolworths. Still no traditional circular donuts – I refused to settle for a twist.  I wandered the shelves.  My favourite Maxibon was in a four pack at a reasonable price.  I couldn’t fathom explaining, or withholding from consuming them.  I left without anything from Woolworths.

I went to the pharmacy, and picked up a wheat heat pack (selecting the one that was Made in Australia) and a bottle of sodium peroxide.  A glass bottle and a plastic bottle twice the volume – the same price.  I then realised the strength was comparable, 200ml at 3% or 100ml at 6% in the glass.  I felt better for the glass purchase.  Shorter ‘best before’ date though.  So many thoughts!

Almost home, you’d think I’d beaten my sweets obsession.  But the corner store for one last look-see.  Three of four flavours of the Maxibon there, but not my preferred.  So instead I bought a 120mL Ben & Jerry’s tub. $4.95. Made in the USA.  On the counter were (probably short dated) blocks of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate.  Same $4.95. I’m better off with the smaller tub of ice cream right? Less quantity. Same money – so not the most affordable ‘sugar hit’.

Seriously though – this obsession is not healthy! I need a better thing to spend those brain cells on. A greater mission!

What are your thoughts?