Holiday planning

As I mentioned in my annual goals post and my bucket list – I want to visit much of Eastern Europe – Russia, Romania and Bosnia.

Russia is one of the BIG national powers.  I loved Paullina Simon’s books, particularly the Bronze Horseman, and I am in awe of the majestic religious buildings, particularly in a communist country, which in other nations has totally destroyed religious buildings.  I used to think the ‘cold war’ was over – having just watch The Bridge of Spies, but then I applied for my visa and I’m not so sure.  It was incredibly thorough!

(this routine was in the film, and I can guarantee they match!  Though the film’s music was even more emotive)

Romania is definitely off the ‘usual’ tourist path.  Since 2006’s trip was cancelled whilst I live in France, it’s been on my ‘one day’ list.  The first reason for Romania is my fanatical interest in Nadia Comenici – when mum had to go into school on school holidays, she used to put this on to keep us kids quiet.  I am not one for learning to rote a movie’s script – but this film (Nadia) I can!  The film is SO old I have a copy on VHS! It doesn’t exist in DVD or anything new fangled like that.  The second reason is that I made a very close friend in first year university who was Romanian, so I’m curious to see his home town.  In 2006, I booked flights to Romania, however it wasn’t part of the EU and required evidence of USD100 per day! As a young student, I didn’t have that sort of cash sitting idly (I was working as an au pair)!  It was just too hard to get a visa, so at no cost Air France let me change my fare and I went to Rome, which was memorable and delightfully crisp.  To ensure I wasn’t just a dreamer, I’ve read two books set in Romania recently – one at a beachside town where they defect to Turkey.  Another was an American based in Romania with a few other shady characters, trying to survive in the communist state that was slowly dis-assembly all relics of the past.

I read a novel based on the true story of a cellist who played for 27 days after a massacre in a bread queue (via)
I read a novel based on the true story of a cellist who played for 27 days after a massacre in a bread queue (via)

Bosnia is probably best described as ‘trauma tourism’ or similar. The same things that draw me to Holocaust memoirs and visiting Jewish museums interests me in the war.  And… I have an ex boyfriend who is Bosnian.  He shared so little of his culture, but I was always incredibly curious about him and his childhood, having migrated at the age of 12.  Again, I’ve tried to read to ensure I have a better idea of what I’m visiting, and I’m incredibly curious to see this junction of ‘East meets West’ particularly as we’ll now also visit Turkey, which has similar parallels.

So, to date, I’ve booked the long haul flights, in addition to accommodation in two cities of Russia, a flight to Romania, and accommodation in both Bucharest and Sarajevo.  It’s a solid start and I just need to keep chipping away at booking for air travel and hotels.  Thankfully my younger brother is a champ, and happy to go along for the ride.  I bet he ends up knowing all sorts of quirky historic facts, cause he’s that type 😉


Weight loss update

Let’s start by saying – I’m envious of Dar’s fitness post today. Driving home, I thought ‘if she can do it (and she’s in a place with all that snow, and she is older than me) then what’s my excuse?’.  So I set up my laptop, and still channeling Dar – I put on her fave instructor Jillian Michaels.  I heard Jillian speak on the radio the other day, as she’s in Australia – what a champion.  Of course, I had no idea about her personal life and her new reality show…  So one 30 day shred session down!

Otherwise, I’ve done two Barre Body classes, and I weighed in today at 76.6kg, though I have been down to 76.0kg within the past week.  Honestly, my eating hasn’t been well regulated with a birthday at the end of January.  And with a big storm mid January, I threw my ‘no ice creams’ plan out the window.  Stress is definitely a ‘reason’ I give myself to eat rubbish! Shame on me!

I’m incredibly torn – I have something coming up before the end of the month that’ll blow my healthy plans out of the window – just wait, I will tell you, once the surprised are aware 😉  Oh and it’s not a baby, as much as I’d love it to be 🙂

So for this week’s menu, we went easy.  The butcher in our shopping centre has some ‘ready made’ meats and I feel more comfortable about these than the ones we often buy marked down in grocery duopoly.  Here’s what I got:

  • Chicken involtini
  • Pork noisette
  • Satay chicken skewers
  • Lamb kofta skewers

The BF’s pretty impressed by the meat haul. All up, it was around $50 and then I spent $40 at the grocery store, which brings us on par with most weekly grocery shops.  For vegies, I bought one ready made coleslaw mix and vegies to make a vegie lasagne.  I figure the lasagne is enough as a meal for me for lunches, and a ‘side’ for our evening meals.  All in all, it’s a pretty easy menu, so that’s a start!

Jillian - a side lunge is weird, but Lulu's got your back (via)
Jillian – a side lunge is weird, but Lulu’s got your back (via)

So with exercise – it’s one thing I struggle to pay for as I struggle to commit!  I’m good with playing water polo – but not training.  I could get a weekly or more membership to trampoline exercise ($15 per class or $19 for a weekly sign up for 8 weeks or $135 for 10 classes).  Barre Body is $25 for a casual class or $220 for 10 classes over six months, or $35 per week for two classes or $50 for unlimited number of classes.  Does anyone see how I could find this + my commitment issues = confusing!  And neither of these are particularly attractive when it’s super rainy outside either!

So, I’m not going backwards, but I’m not steaming forwards very quickly.  I do look good in my new work out top though!