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I’ve ummed and ahhed about sharing my weight loss journey with you – it was nixed from my 2014 goals post.  Too cliched!  I have introduced monthly challenges, and on comments, I’ve disclosed my weight and my weight loss & fitness goals.  I’ve finally decided I should put it all in a post, so in ten weeks time, you can enjoy the ‘after’ and compare to this, the ‘before’!  There’ll only be a before and after photo if the results are impressive.

I was encouraged by Dear Baby G’s post of her similar experience on the Michelle Bridge’s 12 week Body Transformation (she’s Australia’s female Biggest Loser trainer-come-multi millionaire fitness guru!).  Yep, I paid for 12 weeks of meal plans and fitness plans, with forums and ‘mindset’ videos twice a week.  It’s a sizable sum to some people, but I’ve decided it’s worth it, especially as I believe I struggle to find enough tasty but healthy meals.  Having a ‘meal plan’ makes it easy to shop – it makes a shopping list for me! I refine meals, so I can change what I have when, and make double batches for leftovers for lunches.  Of course, it’s all calorie controlled, and my portion sizes have dropped considerably.  And I’m hungry… some of the time.

Here’s my goals

  1. Weight: get back to ‘normal’ weight: 70-72kg (weighed in at 72kg on 12/3/14)
  2. Stretch weight goal: get to 65kg
  3. Fitness goal month 1: Run the ‘lap around the park’ without stopping (this was my ‘usual’ walk when I did my December Walking Challenge)
  4. Fitness goal month 3: Run 5km without stopping
  5. Stretch fitness goal (month 5): run a half marathon (~21km) in two hours
  6. Airy fairy non-specific goals:
  • lose the muffin top/bulge, so from hips to torso are a smooth line
  • fit into the ‘tight’ work uniform pants (already feeling better the week of 3/3/14!)
  • feel confident about wearing ‘bare arms’

Here’s my stats

31/12/13 weight: ~78 kg (BMI: 25)
2/2/14 weight: 76.5 kg <—————pre week 1
12/2/14 weight: 74.4 kg (BMI:24)

Week 1 – fitness
Time trial to run 1 km: 5 min 27 seconds
Knee push ups: 16
Ab strength (planks) 80 seconds
Wall sit: 1 min 15 sec
Sit and reach: 7 cm

Week 1 – measurements
Weight: 76.5 kg
Waist measurement: 95 cm (I remember it was 1m late last year)
Chest measurement: 94.5 cm
Widest (waist): 104
Right thigh: 54 cm
Right arm: 30.5 cm

I’m only approaching the end of week 2 now, but already I’ve seen a downward trend with my weight.  And I’m confident of improvements on my (12WBT) fitness measurements.  The BF already knows I could have done better than what I got on the day!

And with running?  Well, despite being on the ‘Learn to Run’ program to reach 5km by the end of the program, this past Saturday I was entered in the Color Run, which is “the happiest 5k run on the planet”.  And I ran continuously for 22 minutes (and finished the 5km in 37 mins, so… my calcs might be off somewhere)!! That’s 2.14 kms, at a pace of 6.18km/h! So how’s that for pushing myself?

So come along with me, join me as I curse the crunches and hill runs, and cherish the weight loss and healthy eating (some of it at least).  Just having readers is enough to make me try and keep my word – especially now it’s in black and white!!

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  1. You're doing great, Sarah! It's cool seeing everything all laid out in stats 🙂 I am sorry to say I have gone from 172 lbs to 142 lbs (the range you mention) THREE TIMES…sigh!!! Last time I gave myself 6 months.

    I think your running goals and progress are very motivating!

    How is the food?

    1. It is cool seeing it laid out – and with each month, I can add and make graphs… also fun!

      I think ups and downs are common in weight, but I'd like to try and get it in control. This cohabiting might be partly the reason.

      The food's ok – smaller serves, and lots of weighing to check things til I get the hang of the new normal. They are definitely tasty though – spices and herbs are negligible in calories, but make up for it in flavour. There's no weird juices or smoothies or meal replacement, all real meals.

  2. I never know what I want to eat, so a strict eating plan doesn't work for me. I may love the food but not want it that particular day. Good luck with your goal, I won't disclose my weight to anyone, let's just say not being able to get a good workout has been causing a problem with my weight.

    1. I also think I need to know what I 'feel' like eating, but I'm finding the plans not too hard. Sure, I'd rather less lamb and asparagus (last week) but you can swap in and out recipes and menu items, so it's not too bad (helps they are all about the same serving of calories at least). No need to disclose your weight, but I can imagine it's hard in winter and snow for everyone, but particularly harder when your mobility is limited.

  3. Look at the progress you've made already, that's fantastic! It's the only program that has ever worked for and my 'stretch weight goal', well I've been that weight for over a year now and kept it off.

    1. Thanks for stopping by – you inspired me to post, and hopefully having it out in the public will make me accountable. It's sure worked for all the other goals and targets I've set on here!

  4. Oh! I'm really surprised that you feel the need to lose weight when you already have such a healthy BMI as a starting point. But it's wonderful that you are enjoying the running so much. The half-marathan is a huge goal but would be an incredible achievement! I am really keen to hear how the Meal Plans go as you progress.

    My doctor has been interesting to talk to about BMI…he checks all the other measures like blood pressure, blood sugar etc. and tells me that genes sometimes influence health more than the lifestyle factors like weight. All my 'other' health measures are fine, so I really haven't worried at all about my weight, even with a BMI of 33 late last year.

    That said…I really loved your December walking challenge and have kept it going just for fun. BMI is now down to 29 which can only be good.

    (p.s. not sure why my "feedly" took 12 hours to update me on your post…sorry for the late reply!)

    1. Oh Fiona – don't fret – you can comment whenever you want!

      My BMI has only just jumped back into the high end of healthy. I'd really like to be fair and square in the healthy BMI, if not the lower end of the boundaries. There's also that stomach fat that needs to move – from 100cm closer to 80cm.

      I'm glad the walk has moved your BMI closer to healthy – even if you were already healthy by the doctor's measure, I'm sure he'd be happy to hear the walking has only made things better.

      I'll report on meal plans a little later on!

  5. I don't think there's anything wrong with purchasing a meal/fitness plan. If it was me, spending money on a program would make me more likely to actually do it because I wouldn't want to waste money. I really hope this works out for you 🙂

    I'm glad you're doing body measurements plus weight and setting fitness goals that require some endurance. Some people are too focused on weight and don't notice their other areas of improvement. I think you're doing it right!

    1. You're right Amanda – there's sunk costs, so it makes sense to make the most of it. So far I've done every work out – some out of order, and some without certain exercises (or accommodating a 5km run already DONE!)

      It is more than about weight for me – it's about a formal program to teach me to run, but also some trimming around my stomach where the fat hang out – those things are both as important as the numbers on the scale to me

  6. You sound very fit and healthy. That's a pretty awesome achievement with the running. I can't run. Hate it. Have thought about the 12WBT but I don't like her food. (And I figure she's made enough money already. Lol)

    Soon your waist will be smaller than your chest! And that is a good thing – remember the Heart Foundation waist check?

    I've been walking regularly – it de-stresses me as well as provides fitness. Really need to resume my weights. I won't join you in running but will walk along side.

    1. Thanks Lucinda – I'm trying to be fitter and healthier now! I can't run – well I couldn't, but over the course of a year and a bit, I've been slowly teaching myself. Ambitious or crazy or both really.

      Her food is small portions, and pretty small on carbs and meat, and high on vegies. With healthy dairy – we've had cheddar once in 14 meals! I agree, I was loathed to buy into her multimillionaire business, but the meal plans + running program was just what I wanted – an easy fix to my two 'too hard basket' items.

      Totally remember the heart foundation waist measurements, already seen a 5cm improvement 🙂

  7. Good luck with it all 🙂 I would like to get my BMI a bit lower as well, but it doesn't seem to be shifting, even with the extra swimming this year. However, you've reminded me that measurements are also important (I feel like my clothes are getting slightly looser).

    I'll be really interested to see how you go with this, and if it keeps working after the 12 weeks is up (not a criticism of you at all, I've just heard of people putting the weight back on after the program is up).

    1. Please feel free to remind me to report in after it's finished – and I totally don't think it's a criticism, I am a little skeptical if the program is a one hit wonder (given so many people go back to back with programs, I can't help thinking it's not perfect). But naturally I hope I do manage to stay lean and learn everything I can from it. So far so good!

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