Weight loss update

It’s week six of the program (I spoke about here), but I didn’t share my end of month 1 results.  I think I was less than happy with the weight loss at week 4, so I held off.  But I’ve met one of my goals this Wednesday, so I’m keen to share!

Here’s my stats

31/12/13 weight: ~78 kg (BMI: 25)
2/2/14 weight: 76.5 kg <—————pre week 1
12/2/14 weight: 74.4 kg (BMI:24)
26/2/14 weight: 73.3kg
13/3/14 weight: 72.0kg !!!

Week 1 – fitness
Time trial to run 1 km: 5 min 27 seconds
Knee push ups: 16
Ab strength (planks) 80 seconds
Wall sit: 1 min 15 sec
Sit and reach: 7 cm

Week 4 – fitness
Improvements on all measures!
Time trial to run 1 km: 5 min 12 seconds (15 seconds faster!)
Knee push ups: 33 (17 more)
Ab strength (planks) 131 seconds (51 seconds more)
Wall sit: 2 min 10 sec (55 seconds more)
Sit and reach: 11 (4cm more)

Week 1 – measurements

Weight: 76.5 kg
Waist measurement: 95 cm (I remember it was 1m late last year)
Chest measurement: 94.5 cm
Widest (waist): 104
Right thigh: 54 cm
Right arm: 30.5 cm

Week 4 – measurements

Weight: 73.3kg (3.2kg lighter!)
Waist measurement: 92 cm (3cm reduction)
Chest measurement: 96 cm (there’s no way my breasts are any bigger?!)
Widest (waist): 102 (2cm better)
Right thigh: 55 cm (1cm bigger – we’ll call that muscle right?)
Right arm: 28 cm (2.5cm smaller)

Definitely more work to be done, but some healthy improvements.  The sculpted abs of the early weeks have hidden back under some warmer, flabbier skin, but hopefully they’ll reappear.  Halfway there!

How are you attempts going to get healthy and maybe lose some weight?

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  1. Good for you, Sarah! And you are so brave to post it. I know it must be hard to shop and cook for two while focusing on your health and fitness, as you've mentioned, so you're doing great to have come this far!

  2. Nice work! It must be really motivating to see those changes. Maybe I should keep track, but I'm a bit too lazy! I just want to feel more in shape, I'm not too concerned about weight or anything. I've been using my kettlebell and we went on a walk three days in a row. It's finally starting to warm up here. Keep up the awesome job!

    1. Oh I saw kettlebells at Kmart when I picked up a skipping rope (which I'm yet to use). It does help to see the changes, so that even in 'slow' weeks, cumulative, it looks more than ok. You're lucky to be 'warming up' here – it's getting darker each morning here… We'll change out of daylight savings in a few more weeks yet.

  3. Good on you for jumping on the scales again and updating the measurements. I've been a bit off-track the past week since my son brought home a massive box of Cadbury Fundraising Chocolate. I've been so good with *not* buying snacks…but to have them right there in front of my nose in the fridge was beyond my powers! So I haven't weighed in lately. Wow – you are so close to smashing the 70 barrier! (I am jealous – in a good way!)

    1. OH yes, those fundraising freddos – I ate one this week too, seeing a box appeared at work, and it would have been rude not to, right?

      Can't wait to smash the 70s, keeping eating well and working out hard (well running hard at least) and it should happen!!

  4. Yay! Well done! I've stopped thinking about my diet so much and I'm down 3lbs…and I'm tracking everyday. Go figure.

  5. Great job!!

    I'm married to a man that can eat anything…everything and still not gain a pound. It can be really frustrating for me because I feel like I'm always struggling to lose.

    1. Oh that's no fair! My BF thankfully isn't super lean, which in some ways is encouraging, cause I can think 'he eats all that, and he's not stick thin (and wouldn't want to be!)', whereas, me, eating less than him should hopefully result in a slimmer build!

      Long time no speak, sorry, seems I lost your blog from my bookmarks :S

  6. Wooohooo! This is awesome news! Keep doing what you're doing 🙂

    And not to get too personal, but my chest does measure differently depending on what time of the month it is.

    1. I thought that might explain it Amanda, though measuring once a month/4 weeks, you'd think it'd be more or less the same time of the 'month'? Anyhow, I hope to get to 68kg (under 150lbs) by the end of 12 weeks on the program

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