9 ways I’ve used adhesive hooks

When I did my house inventory (which I will one day publish, when I work out the best things to include/exclude.  Perhaps I’ll start with clothing?), I went through receipts.  I suddenly realised how much I’d spent on Command 3M hooks: $72.88.  They are expensive, but so alluring for their ‘no damage’ mantra.  So here’s where they’ve been put into service in my place:

1. Spice storage

Spice rack with 3M hooks
Spice rack with 3M hooks

Count: 15, with more to come, since I just bought some more spices

2. Paper bag storage

More paper carry bags in the linen closet
More paper carry bags in the linen closet

Count: 1

3. Hanging binder clips of rosters, take away menus etc

The messy noticeboard - with lists and rosters
The messy noticeboard – with lists and rosters

Count: 3

4. More bag storage

Carry bags in my front buffet
Carry bags in my front buffet

Count: 1

5. Dustpan storage

Hanging up the dustpan
Hanging up the dustpan

Count: 1

6. Bra hanging

Sorry, they don’t like as nice as at Victoria’s Secret, but then again, I’m not trying to sell you my bras!

Everyday bras in the closet with 3M hooks
Everyday bras in the closet with 3M hooks

Count: 6

7. Sports bra hanging

Sexy huh?  Hey, a girl’s gotta run!

Sports bras (and head band) on 3M hooks in the wardrobe
Sports bras (and head band) on 3M hooks in the wardrobe

Count: 3

8. Gently worn ‘house’ clothes

Again, so carefully styled so you think my home is swoon worthy (*not*)

Summer house dresses on the third closet door (plus a belt)

Count: 2

9. Jewellery storage

If your new to my blog, here’s more on how I store my jewellery.

Necklace storage

Count: 10

That’s 42 adhesive 3M hooks holding on for dear life there! That makes it about $1.70 per hook, though I do have a few still in my hardware drawer.  Seems I’m the ultimate brand ambassador (perhaps they’ll contact me and offer me millions, but I’m not holding my breath.  Though… I wouldn’t say no!).

I also have metal 9 screwed in hooks at my entryway for jackets, scarves and hats, and another 3 on the back of the bathroom door!

That’ll bring me to 54!

It seems interesting to me that there’s no pictures/picture frames using these hooks.  I have tried them in a number of locations – both on tile and on my normal wall surface with very limited success.  Naturally the humidity in the bathroom caused issues.  Then a few ‘jumped’ off the walls – breaking a frame in the process!  After that, I went the route of nailed in picture hooks for all my pictures, save for one where I used the 3M velcro strips, as I wanted the piece flush with the wall.  After some initial teething problems with the strips, they seems to be holding well now.  There’s another inventory I can bring you – all my wall art!

15 Replies to “9 ways I’ve used adhesive hooks”

    1. Oooo… I love the idea of tidier cords! (my little hamster in my brain is running now, thinking of getting some to sort my tangle out!)

    1. House clothes need much less washing seeing I don't really wear them in public. Hanging them just makes me pick one of those rather than something clean and folded neatly!

  1. Those hooks are definitely a good investment. Great idea to hang your bras, as they get so tangled in drawers!

    I use the hooks for hanging bags as well, but I'm sure I could find a few more uses now that I've read your post, thanks!

    1. I'm sure I could find some more uses too! The bras like that work so much easier for me, rather than beating myself up that they don't look tidy in a drawer.

  2. So organised! I had a bit of a hook-attack myself yesterday, making an "After School" wall station for school stuff.

  3. I am totally going to steal that idea of using a rubber band to hold things in place that might otherwise keep falling off the hook. So simple it's genius and why didn't I think of that before! I don't have any adhesive hooks up (the horrid woodchip wallpaper that is used everywhere here wouldn't deal with it too well, I don't think and even though I'm renting the wallpaper, etc. is part of what I'm responsible for). I do, however, have quite a few hooks that you can hang over a door. I've tried before to use them for things like shopping bags but then couldn't fit more than one per hook (even trying to put all the other bags inside one to hang on the hook doesn't always work). Like the spice storage, too although I found small jars just exactly the right size for the packets of spices I get a couple of years ago and have been slowly moving over to using them. Something to keep in mind though.

    1. It was such a simple solution, the rubber band, and it'll really improve things!

      That wood chip wall paper seems very retro.

      I'm a bit anti-plastic of late, but I like being able to see all my spices at a glance (over shuffling glass bottles) is great. When I find an ingenious space saving jar option, i might transition.

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