Under the sink contact

A while ago I saw book contact, in the checkerboard pattern. I thought it was so cool – and I’m not sure if it was the chicken or the egg, but I also wanted to protect the base of my under sink cupboard, which occasionally get soaked when I forget I’ve been draining the Bokashi. I’d seen the same product at both Mitre 10 hardware store and Kmart. Always price conscious, I bought some at Kmart for about $5, knowing I could easily return it – days later I noted that Mitre 10’s equivalent products was $42 a roll! Who knows why or how Mitre 10 sells it at that price, but I was mighty chuffed at my savings!

Halfway there - Checkerplate book contact
Halfway there – Checkerplate book contact

I contacted the back half of the cupboard a while ago. I had to do it in two pieces (to get it around the pipework. I also chose to create a skirting in contact, for that little extra protection. For reasons I don’t recall, after I did the back half, I called it a day. So this weekend, I thought best to complete the job (and use up the surplus contact I had). Without the pipe having such a great impact, I could lay it in once piece, just trimming it to fit. Sadly, I didn’t have quite enough to make a skirting on both sides, but it still looks pretty slick!

Checkplate contact completed!
Checkplate contact completed!
Here's the cupboard in action - Left: trash; Middle: recycling; Right: Bokashi bin
Here’s the cupboard in action – Left: trash; Middle: recycling; Right: Bokashi bin

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    1. Industrial suits my little loft – certainly more than floral contacts!

      Bokashi is a great apartment solution for compost, really cuts down my rubbish

  1. I'd be absolutely stoked too if I got that kind of deal! I really like this idea. I'm thinking I should consider something similar as a winter project under my sinks to protect against leaking bottles.

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