House tour – master bedroom

Here’s a photo rich post I’ve been meaning to share since we moved in! Β Welcome to our master bedroom:

Looking from his side of the bed
Looking from his side of the bed
Looking from the fan's point of view
Looking from the fan’s point of view
Looking from my side of the bed
Looking from my side of the bed
Bedroom from the doorway
Bedroom from the doorway
Looking straight in the doorway - yes it's big enough for the BF's sofa!
Looking straight in the doorway – yes it’s big enough for the BF’s sofa!

Just wait til I share the photos of the master suites we’re staying in! We’ll be back Monday afternoon, and I’ll read all your comments then.

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    1. I hope you enjoy Toronto, and seeing your daughter. We actually discussed (whilst we were away) to move the bed in case a new position helped me sleep soundly… So if it changes, well I'll be sure to let people know!

    1. It's a little over the top! We didn't need such a big bedroom but it was a bonus seeing we had the second sofa from the BF's place. It's very useful for draping clothes πŸ˜‰

  1. I've been hoping you would post pictures of your new home. Wow what a huge bedroom. Now if I lived with someone I would enjoy that couch for reading so as not to disturb my partner but still be able to sit in the bedroom. Hope you show more of your apartment.

    1. Interesting I don't read there much – there's no lamp close by since I moved the one I had there into the living room (and needed the power point for the fan). But perhaps I should use the bedroom sofa more for reading, just to make best use of the HUGE space more often! It really is a little over the top!

      1. I didn't even notice there wasn't a lamp close in the picture, I was probably too shocked by the size of your bedroom. I would have added a power strip just to have a lamp there. Of course, it would make a good daytime reading spot with the window there.

  2. Nice! Echoing others, your bedroom is really big. I would love to have that much space to include a couch. As it is we only have a cheap little futon for the living room, but I don't think it's worth it to upgrade anything right now.

    1. Yeah it's hard when you're in a holding pattern – I held off 'nesting' and setting up a home til a few years ago. For all the university years, I wanted to buy nice furniture, but I didn't know where I'd be living and how it would suit. Spend the time pinning, and when the moment comes to start replacing stuff, you'll have a clearer idea of what you like and why.

  3. Love the blue pattern on the quilt cover/bed spread! And all that space! How do you get to the built-ins behind the bed?

    1. The bed is offset from the wardrobes by about a metre, though interestingly, neither of us use the centre two panels of the wardrobe as much as the far left and right ones.

      I crushed on that cover repeatedly (seeing it in a shopping centre display, then in store display elsewhere), and was so happy to find it marked down at Peter's of Kensington's by chance! I love it to death, I swear, it's seldom swapped out.

    1. It is a lovely retreat, almost as nice as the Sheraton in Nha Trang! I added a photo to my blog's facebook page about it – which reminds me, did I add you on facebook? I should check.

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