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What’s in your (bathroom) drawers?

Do people have the British sense of humour in my title.  Oh well, if not, I’ll just amuse myself with my dad jokes at the ripe age of 28 (and being a female!) Here’s another look into what I have.  I’m not sure why I am so fixated on tracking and documenting everything, but I …
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One buffet, so many uses!

At the front door, I have a buffet with three drawers, and a cupboard with two shelves on either side.  It is the key to organisation in my house!  Shall we have a look what’s inside? Top drawer This drawer holds: church collection envelopes, my name tag, a small folding fan.  In winter it also …
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How to work kitchen drawers in small spaces

No waste Wednesday this week, but back next week I promise.  This is also my 92nd post! I hope to do a ’20 questions+’ for my 100th post, so please feel free to email questions to me at  It’s ok, I won’t reveal who asked what, and I’m a pretty open book, so feel …
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Mixed use kitchen cupboards

I did my pantry inventory, and then I followed up with ‘what’s in your cupboard‘. But I missed a few cupboards that I didn’t feel fit into either ‘food’ or ‘functional’. Here’s where they are, relative to everything: The electrical + alcohol cabinet This is where light bulbs go that I can reuse, or are …
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What’s in your cupboard? (My Kitchen Inventory)

Galley kitchen in a loft apartment

By a tiny majority, inventory posts were the ‘winner’ category in my recent poll (not too late if you haven’t completed it!).  Lucky, cause you’re about to get a whole week of them!  Get excited.  See what’s in those cupboards and drawers…  And feel free to ask where something is, or why something is where it …
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