Not too hot, not too cold, just right

Gosh, Goldilocks seemed like a picky so and so.  And oh so similar to me.  But I’m not talking about my porridge (though it is my daily breakfast!)

Here’s my ‘just right’ issue – I’m either bored or I’m swamped with activities.  Finding my just right is taking 28 years and counting!

Here’s what I have:


  • greeting parishoners – once per 2 months
  • counting the collection plate – once per 2 months
  • doing the church flowers – once a month (recently resigned)
  • teaching Sunday school – once a month during term times
  • refreshment roster – once per 2 months

Weekdays after work:

  • parish council meeting – once a month
  • visit my parents – once per week
  • ad hoc church meeting – advent initiative – thrice this month!
  • water polo training – once per week (starting this week)
  • water polo game – once per week (starting in a few weeks)
  • running – at least three times week (ideally! Not happening!)
  • meeting non work mentor – once per month
  • meeting work mentor – once per six weeks
  • hair cut or trim – once every three weeks
  • 2 hours at the co-op – ideally weekly, but not happening at all at the moment.

Ad hoc activities

  • Doctor visits
  • Leg waxing or pedicure

And all this is before hen’s nights, weddings, birthday dinners and all those other wonderful social events.  Oh and dates!

And don’t forget, blogging and working a full 40 hours!

So I might sign out for a day or two whilst I work out what the heck I can rationalise from all of this.  If you’d like to nominate the weakest link, totally let me know.  I won’t be offended, I’ll look at my silly justifications and eventually the penny will drop!

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  1. I can relate – I do a lot of these things too! (Well, not the water polo!) It looks like you've already chosen "by default" because the running and the co-op are at the bottom of the pecking order? And you've placed a higher priority on grocery shopping and home cooking!

  2. I am amazed at how much you fit in, Sarah! And you found time to mail me those books so quickly as well…they were waiting on my doorstep tonight. Thank you, they are exactly what I need right now.

    It is hard to know what to rationalise off the list…though some things are clear 'not negotiables' like parent visits and dates. I don't know how you fit it all in with full-time work…lol, maybe you will have to 'rationalise' work 🙂

    1. The secret is the day off once a fortnight to 'catch up' – so your timing was impeccable! Maybe I need to stop working :p But I actually quite like my job, it's just getting in the way of life too much hahaha!

  3. That is a lot of stuff to fit in! I'm struggling to fit in exercise at the moment, and the only non-work activities I have are band (one night a week) and blogging.

    I would nominate leg waxes as the weakest link (but that is much easier for me to say, being single!)

    1. Hahaha I certainly let leg waxes lose over winter, let me assure you! Exercising is such a great thing to do, but there's so many considerations around the rest of life – what you need to do it, the showering, the before and after activities and eating! Any wonder you're struggling!

  4. Wow that sure is a busy schedule! I don't do half the things you do and I am not sure if I could fit more things in. You definitely deserve a break; I hope you are able to relax and be happy with whatever decisions you make in regards to cutting some things out. I know it can be hard to say no to obligations but you should always make sure to put yourself first!

    1. I'm certainly trying to trim some things down – last night I was thinking (wait for the hippy speak) "what nourishes my soul and what drains it?" as a way of trying to decide.

  5. wow that is a lot. i don't mind being busy but don't like recurring commitments very much, as I rarely know where I'll be in 3 months. So I prefer not to let people down. There is a right measure, but you can only find it with trial and error.

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