Where do you read?

So for a long time, I’ve wondered about all my readers, many who are ‘reading down the house’.

Where do you read?


Do you have a special chair and a light that you curl up under?

Do you read whilst you eat – at a certain meal, or most sole meals?

Do you read before falling asleep?

Do you read whenever the option presents itself, like waiting rooms and in transit?

Thank to source
Thanks to source

I’m a regular bed time reader, finishing TV viewing strictly by 8.30pm, then tidying up to a vary degree.  Then I settle into read until I’m tucked in (yes, coupledom mimics my childhood and it’s lovely).  I read on the train from time to time.  My current books aren’t engaging, so they’ve not made it into my handbag of late, but a good book will!  I find it hard to ‘read’ when I have down time – to sit on the sofa and just read.  I always think all you avid readers must do that? Do you?

I’d love to know!

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  1. All of the above! When I am engaged in a book I will settle on the couch and read for a couple of hours. But if I'm really drowsy I might read at the kitchen table with a cup of tea, rather than falling asleep at 7 pm! And I also read during solo meals at home and work. Since I work at a library, often everyone is reading something in the staff room at lunch while chatting! Rom and I usually don't read when we have meals together but sometimes we will browse and discuss the entertainment listings or grocery flyers or mail. I try to read at bed time but I never get past 3 or 4 pages. I always have an e-book on my iPad for when I get caught waiting somewhere like a car appointment, and I read it at workout time, on my elliptical machine!

    1. I love to flick through stuff too – but got a bit of schtick when I tried to read at the dinner table (post eating!) the Sunday paper's insert. Gosh, the grief!!

      I miss having a place to eat lunch in this new office location, I used to read the local paper or whatever was on the tables in my former office. And chatter with colleagues. Now I eat at my desk 🙁

  2. It's so hard to find time to read, but I've learnt a bit from Dar's posts on reading and your idea of keeping a book in the handbag. I usually eat lunch at my desk at school but I'm trying to force myself to stop, eat a proper lunch and read while I do so. Often though, I just do prep or corrections all lunch time. After work, we have 'extra-curriculars' 3 nights per week now, which really cuts out time in the evening (by the time dinner, clean up, laundry etc. are done, there's no time left.)

    We do have a family habit of reading before bed. It used to always be one parent reading with the 10 year old while the other did clean-up. I must admit that nowadays though, he reads on his own most of the time while we do boring things like putting bins and recycling out, cleaning the kitchen, making lunches etc.

    1. Wowa the extra curriculars add up – but do you find yourself waiting for your son, and can sneak some reading in?

      I think setting a firm time to stop TV helps me read more, definitely. Before that I was sucked in, and then finding myself getting to sleep harder.

          1. Thanks Lucinda – I do try to set myself 'rules' so I can be a proper grown up :p All that boarding school can't get out of the gal!

  3. I read most mornings at breakfast since I eat alone, and every once in a while at work during my lunch break. It's so tempting to get work done during that time, but the brain break is nice. At home, I mostly read in bed (before going to sleep or right after waking up on the weekends), or on the couch. One place I don't usually read is on the go, because I drive myself everywhere.

    1. Back in the day, I used to be 'on site' a little for work, and a THRILLING book would see me sneak a page before driving back to the office – cheeky!! I figured people have idle time no matter (often reading the newspaper online) and this was similar.

      I also like to read at b'fast as I too am alone, but it's usually when all you Northern Hemisphere blogs have posted!

  4. I read anywhere and any time. I do have a rule that there are no electronics and no books at the dinner table but I break that when I have a really good book.

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