My house review

Today I’m moving house, so in light of this momentous occasion, I thought it time to shine a light on all the things I loved in my ‘old’ place.

When you select your home, you do so based on lots of factors.  Obvious things like number of rooms, location, proximity to amenities, and mostly: the price!  Then there are things that as you start to live in a place you realise you’re lucky to have. First, let me share with you my list of things I was looking for when I was looking to buy:

  1. Close to public transport, as I don’t own my own car
  2. Linen closet
  3. Pantry
  4. Bathroom with a window (compromised on this!)
  5. No lift (keeps the fees down, also compromised)
  6. Character – such as a loft, or oversized windows, timber or polished concrete floors etc
  7. Close to amenities, like a grocery store

But here’s all the things that I love, and hadn’t even considered!

  1. The double height bedroom railing makes drying sheets easy, so I don’t need a clothes dryer!
  2. The hallway orientation allows me a landing station, and a great place to store all my outwear and accessories
  3. Over sized kitchen drawers mean I can store more than the usual drawer
  4. My carspace have two walls and a pillar keeps cars safe (even if it took a while to master parking in it).  It also makes storing things in the spot easier
  5. I live walking distance to my grocery store, the GP, 3-4 friends, butcher, beautican, baker, green grocer AND an Op shop (thrift store).  I can also walk to church
  6. The bus from the city stops RIGHT outside my door – so shopping til I drop is possible (why is the city so exhausting?)  And the train is only 3 blocks.
  7. My bathroom makes it possible to use a tension bar, solving how to air out running clothes, hang things to be ironed etc

I’m sure once I settle into my new home, I’ll realise more things I miss about this charmer, but for now, these are the things I know, love and will miss!

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  1. Your place is really cute, I love the loft area, which always appeared so airy in your photos. For me it was accessibility as I knew I was getting weaker, close to amenities, size (wanting small was hard to find) and of course price. What I found has a lake view, and a huge back field which allowed me to garden again. There are always things we find we love once we move in we hadn't thought about before.

    1. Close to amenities can make such a different, and so can access – no good if it's a task to go anywhere. You did end up with some great upside – with all that space out the 'back'!

  2. Wow! I hope you find a lot of great things to love about your new place….If not, it's only a rental…and you can create you list of must haves as you move along….always a bright side.

    1. You're right – every house you live in teaches you what you love and hate. I always wonder how people can build houses, when they are young, unless they've lived lots of places to know what's good and bad!

  3. I think walkability and transit are really important. I also go for nearby green space but I don't "need" a water view, although some people really do! Inside, I am all for cupboards, drawers and closets. My house has many small rooms rather than fewer large ones. On the compromise list – it can't claim much character!

    1. Yeah I overlook a nice view pretty quickly too, but I know people who love it! I've gone from a view of a playing field to my neighbours – it's kinda interesting (for now!). I did get sold on my place cause of the HUGE green cupboard, that was just a godsend!

  4. Walking distance to so many facilities and bus at the door would be absolute top of the list for me (and of course…these are the two main things we *don't* have in our house!) We do have lots of storage, car space, cupboards etc. though plus the over-riding factor for us…"affordability"! Hope you are settling in well ~ how exciting!

    1. Houses make those first two features much harder, as houses are further apart than units/apartments. And, it's true, at the end of the day, cost can be the deciding factor, and anything else gets compromised.

      Settling slowly – finding the quirks of the place 🙂

  5. The big things for us were cost and location. We also wanted at least 2 bedrooms, and my husband was set on a garage (which I didn't care about, but now I think I'm spoiled because a garage is so nice on those rainy/snowy/blustery days). The compromises – I prefer wood or tile flooring and this house has wood/tile downstairs, carpet upstairs; and the yard is a little smaller than what we hoped for. Nothing major 🙂

    1. Thanks for commenting Amanda! I do love parking off the street, particularly on rainy days! Something both places have – though the new house is for the BF's car (rather than mine :(). Tile flooring can be a little cold, but it is easy to keep clean, that's for sure. Carpet can get so dirty, but it's nice underfoot. Small yard does mean less work, right?

    1. I am close to a shopping centre, so yes (but no – cause it's not as personal etc). As far as GP, I'll stick with the lady I have, it'll only be a 10 min walk. Beautician, same thing. But $4.50 for a block of butter is obscene at our new local store – even IGA is pricier than Coles and Woolworths, but not that bad!!! I shall be stockpiling and freezing butter, as I use a bit in baking.

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