Savings target: oh so close!

As my new year resolution (one of many) for 2013, I wanted to save $20k by 22/12/13. I started with $13,487, so I was really looking to save $6,512.45.

When that looked like a sure thing in May, I shared with you that I’d like to save $26k by the same date (Essentially doubling the ‘real’ money I saved to $12,512.45)

Here’s where I am today:

OH so close!
OH so close!

$213.01 remaining! If I have a slow weekend, I can easily hit that on Monday. If not, it is easily possible after interest at the end of the month, oh, and after being paid again!

For those who might be struggling with debts – see that my savings journey wasn’t simple either.  I did well, and then I dipped in.  Moving house certainly took some savings, and time to rebuild.  But overall, I kept my eye on the prize, and strove to beef up my account more and more.

Yes, I will meet my stretch target!

13 Replies to “Savings target: oh so close!”

    1. Thanks Fiona – I definitely needed focus, but one thing I find I'm good at is achieving financial goals – I think having a goal and tracking it weekly keeps me from splurging as often as I might.

    1. Yeah the dips hurt, but it's savings and I'd rather use cash than earn interest on credit card debt.

      With my new mortgage in late Dec, I will put all this money into an offset account, to decrease my interest payments.

    1. Yep! Though I might take the $6k and buy a funeral plan like I mentioned in my 12 in 2 years goals, cause otherwise it'll be a long haul and uninspiring to save for!

    1. I love Ubank for showing my tracking to my savings goal (though I also independently track it too, as that keeps me thinking about my goal). I think it helps to show some of the readers I have (who have big debts) that it's OK if the process isn't linear – saving is the same as paying debts in a lot of ways.

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