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After reading about how Extra Organised stores her books, I thought I’d take a chance to review my books and where they are stored around our new house.  (By the way readers, help me remember to use OUR not MY… I need to share, and using sharing pronouns! I have to get out of the bad habits pronto!)

After three years of living with my parents, in a room LINED with books, I got a bit over seeing books around me.  Living in the loft, I hid most of my books behind closed doors.  I didn’t own a book shelf, and had only the skinniest shelf for displaying books, as shown below:

Well, the new house came with a great little built in book shelf, which I’ve used for what few books I own, and many other ornamental items, such as three birdcages.  Here’s a photo whip around of what my books are stored.

Top shelf is my 'files' binders and the bottom shelf is the unfiled!
Top shelf is my ‘files’ binders and the bottom shelf is the unfiled!
My collection of holocaust books and some french texts
My collection of holocaust books and some french texts
My high school photo album with two books that wouldn't fit where I hoped they would!
My high school photo album with two books that wouldn’t fit where I hoped they would!
Stacked and packed
Stacked and packed
Reference books and my stationary drawers
Reference books and my stationary drawers
Yes, to the right, are my childhood stamp collections!  There's also my three travel journals in the middle!
Yes, to the right, are my childhood stamp collections! There’s also my three travel journals in the middle!

How do you like your books? Lying down or like a library? Do you face them out like they do in book stores, and increasingly, libraries?

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  1. When I had a bookcase I liked to mix it up. Some were standing up, spines out, some I laid down and stacked, it gave me room to add a few other things to the shelves and the shelves appeared to hold less books. Now I have them all standing up and they only take up part of one shelf. The library books I borrow get stacked next to my bed out of sight of visitors.

    1. The library books! I forgot those – some sit on the kitchen breakfast bar bit (why!? dunno), one by the bed, and usually one waiting for return.

      I didn't used to 'mix it up' – so I'm trying something new. It works, I don't hate the non-uniformity like I thought I might!

  2. I like the new organisation! I've seen a few gorgeous pics on Apartment Therapy with books mixed in with knick-knacks. Not how I normally do it, but it does look nice.

    Would you recommend either of those French grammars?

  3. The rest of my house may be a complete mess, but I am a bit obsessive-compulsive about my books – they must be all lined up with the spine out and in alphabetical order by author, then title 🙂 I've been that way ever since I was a kid.

    1. I think I remember you saying they were alphabetised in a post or a comment – that's impressive. My are, loosely, in themed groupings. Once they are all sorted and straight though, they probably tend to stay like that, right?

  4. As you know, we have loads of book shelves with all the books standing up straight, and arranged in themed groups. I refuse to alphabetize or catalogue them at home and won't be listing titles in my home inventory, LOL!

    1. Good on you for breaking from your work, and not alphabetising them or cataloging them – of course, so long as you can still find the book you're looking for! I had so few titles that I could list them in my inventory :p

    1. He has one – it was a Christmas gift last year, and he's not read it. He thinks books are silly – but then he works in digital media. So everything he reads is digital.

      My mother did all our living and dining room ones by colour when they got built – co-oped my poor brother to help. It does have a great visual impact though!

        1. I'm with you on gambler, smoker… I'll compromise for the football player or the non reader. I wonder if I took him offline (you know, overseas etc) his boredom would get the better of him and he'd read? At least he lets me read before sleeping, so I don't miss out. I love reading.

  5. It looks cute! When I lived with my parents we all shared one bookcase that they had had forever. We were boring and always had the spines facing out. I never got fancy with it because I don't really read books more than once. We don't have many books between the both of us, so right now they're under our nightstand. I would like to get a shelf in the future! Oh, and you'll start saying "our" soon; it takes time. I still claim my bed as my bed since I paid for it (and hog it) =).

    1. I don't really read books more than once either – the ones I keep are either so I can share them (like I have with my two French grammar texts), refer back to them (like my 'emergency' book) or because it's a custom library – books I can't get in Australia and I've bought overseas, and I hope will live on beyond me (how grand!?).

      Yeah most of the furniture 'we' have is 'mine'. But I'm working on 'our'!! It's so hard with writing cards, always stuff up there!

  6. Have been waiting for this post, thanks!! Whenever I visit someone's home I love to browse their book collection. It feels like I've been able to visit you and stand in front of your shelves, what fun! You made me smile with your caption about the books that were on another shelf because they didn't fit where they were supposed to! Hate it when that happens 🙂

    1. Sorry – took me a while to get the photos, and they still weren't ideal :s Welcome to my home. I do hate it when things don't go where I planned – I think we're very similar in our organising minds!

  7. I'm weird – my books are in stacks, standing up, sorted randomly, sorted by color . . it all depends on what bookcase you happen to look at. I'm glad your new place has a built in bookcase – that's a cool feature!

    1. I love your agility and adaptability to situations! I told Extra Organised in her matching post that I was all standing up, spines out, but I've slowly moved to innovative 'lying down' – hold onto your hats, what will be next :p It's great to have built ins, such a simple place to store nice things (and not need another piece of art)

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