Is my house an Ikea showroom?

I really hope not!!

But then I thought, what is from Ikea?

So another photo essay it is.

PS none of the links are affiliate, but to help you should you want to source anything.  I’ve tried to link to Australia’s Ikea, as a more factual reference to the prices.

    • Bed – Malm Queen Bed in Dark brown, which I don’t think is a colour they still do
I think my bedhead isn't totally centred on the wall, oh well.
Ikea Malm bed with Malm hacked bedhead
Ikea Kasset blue
Storage underneath and my perfect bedside height
    • Box for elevating the fan (stolen from the parent’s house!) – the cute Hol – I love that lattice pattern and it’s stood up to many years of service!
Ikea Hol
I love the lattice pattern, and it’s strudily built!
    • Bedroom curtains – Vivan for the sheers (not shown below), and Sanela is a red velvet (which is out of stock, and the tops of mine are different to this new model), all on the awesome Kvartal triple track system
Ikea Sanela Red
More colourful than a hotel room.
    • Smalls storage – Skubb boxes, but bought years ago to fit in a wardrobe hanger thing
ikea skubb
On the floor of my wardrobe live my ‘smalls’
    • Lighting – the kitchen has discontinued and the living room has the PS Maskros
Ikea light fitting
Ikea’s flowery light fitting
      • Kitchen table – I bought this second hand from the old tenant, but it’s a Sanfrid table top and Adils legs (I think?)
The perfect table to compliment my stainless steel benchtops
The perfect table to compliment my stainless steel benchtops
    • Semi-armchairs – found in a thrift store, so I forgot they were Ikea’s Nils
Doesn't everyone have one of these?
Doesn’t everyone have one of these lamps?
The other chair
    • Salvaged trolley – from the kerb! But the real deal is the Bekvam
    • Magnetic notice board – sort of like the Spontan, but different
Bekvam trolley found on the roadside
The trolley was a kerbside find! The noticeboard was not
    • Lamp in the dining area
A thrift store find, but from Ikea orginially
A thrift store find, but from Ikea orginially
    • Lamp in the living area – I swear everyone has one of these, Dudero, it’s $15!! (Maybe it’s the cool name? Shown in the Nils chair photo above)
    • Second hand entertainment cabinet – the Besta, didn’t realise he was Ikea til someone told me (can be seen in the lighting picture above)
    • Side tables/stools – love the double duty Marius, and the limited edition teal colour of them
Ikea marius stool
Stool or side table, it works double duty for only $6!
    • Floating shelves in the entry way – those little Lack’s
Entry way with floating shelves
Entry way with floating shelves
    • Bathroom bin – love the shiny Rundel (til it’s not of course!)
Ikea Rundel bin
So shiny and easy to use!
    • Kitchen bin – so cheap at $3, you can’t go past Fniss (just why did I buy the white one?)
Ikea bin
Kitchen bin – with no wet waste, being unlidded doesn’t matter.
    • Stationary storage set of nine drawers
Covered drawers
Stationary etc drawers
    • Blue platters
A thrift shop find, and I love them true
A thrift shop find, and I love them true
    • Bedroom lamp shades (Jara)
Metallic bulb lamp base
Just the shade is from Ikea

What do you think? Do I have more than the average (keeping in mind, I was a ‘poor student’ until 2009)?

I’m pretty happy with the smattering of things I have, but I do wonder at what cost to societies and the environment where these things might have been made.