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On Saturday, like most weekends, I went with the BF in the car to the gym.  He has a membership, so he works out, and I walk to the co-op if needed, and then walk home.  Usually, I walk with exercising in mind.  This weekend, I had a few shopping errands or missions to attend to, and I thought I’d share them with you.

First, the co-0p has some new stock, and I couldn’t be happier:

Sesame seeds refilled, and compostable cotton buds and toothbrush
Sesame seeds refilled, and compostable cotton buds and toothbrush

Then, I thought I might buy myself a beeswax candle with Christmas money.  As you remember, they were on my wish list, so I went to a store that might sell what I was looking for.  It took a while to find them in the store, but once I did, I found the one candle that wasn’t marked down, and (of course) asked if it could be reduced, seeing it was dusty.  All the other candles in the range were marked down too.  For asking, I got 30% off, so I was pretty chuffed with that, as I would have bought the candle no matter what!

Australian, beeswax, and 30% off thanks for asking
Australian, beeswax, and 30% off thanks for asking

Next up, I headed to the Chinese discount store. I always feel a little uncomfortable about shopping in these discount retailers. I feel like everything is so cheap, but at what cost.  But then, I also think that $2 for a pair of sports sock is about the right price – is it?  Truly?

The black socks in Target were $3 per pair – made from bamboo.  The BF likes how super soft they are.

The sports socks are all for me, and I love pairs I can easily match (so they wear and wash equally).  The black socks are for the BF seeing I have enough to last til I retire in m 45 pairs.
The sports socks are all for me, and I love pairs I can easily match (so they wear and wash equally). The black socks are for the BF seeing I have enough to last til I retire in m 45 pairs.

Whilst collecting as many various coloured socks, I noticed something I’d been thinking I’d look out for. Some of my bras straps *always* fall off (no matter how tight). Rather than tossing the bras out, I thought getting a contraption to make them racer back style, might fix the issue. I also have a few tops that reveal the straight over straps, so this would also solve that issue. Enter, the bra contraption:

From the discount store, $2.50 for 6; From Target, $9 for 3.
From the discount store, $2.50 for 6; From Target, $9 for 3.

There were 6 above contraptions for $2 in the discount store – but they came in a plastic package, so I opted for the all cardboard option for the 50c more.

Nothing earth shatteringly stylish, but all these wants and needs will solve some long standing frustrations.  I’ll now have enough socks for my daily walks between loads of washing.  And my annoying bras will return to being fully functional.  The BF’s threadbare socks can find a new home, and more soft bamboo socks take their place.  And now I have a lovely, natural beeswax candle.  Supposedly, they deionise the air?!

What was the last ‘little thing’ you bought that helped reach your goals, like generating less waste or walking every day?  What was the last ‘little thing’ that brought more life to something you own?

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    1. Oh I like the sound of those! I carry my meals in a bag that allows them to sit flat – the BF doesn't and he's lucky to have only had one spillage!

      I must start to *use* the candle, but then I worry it'll be used up by the time/if there's a black out – catch 22!

  1. It's so great when you find things that bring a new lease of life to things you already have! For me, it's been buying a "No Junk Mail" sticker to replace the one that fell off; plus a special-size battery to make the thermometer work again (after about 5 years!)

  2. Love, love, love that candle. It's the one I would have picked as well. I am drawing a complete blank on what I bought last which helped me generate less waste. What comes to mind first are the things I stopped buying such as bags for my trash. I mean why was I putting my trash in a bag when it wasn't messy or smelly to begin with?

    1. Awww, we must have great taste!

      I agree, early on, before I weighed my trash, I didn\’t used to use a bag. Without the smelly, wet stuff there\’s really no need! If and when I run out of the slow trickle of bags that come in, I\’ll go back to it (I just got a new bag from a work vest, so at least it\’s getting a second life as a bin liner)

      1. I too use what comes in to my house as you probably guessed. After I commented I began to prepare my dinner and knew what the last item I bought that made my life greener. My Christmas present to myself was a stainless steel rice cooker to replace the non-stick one I had been using.

        1. Ah, what did you do with your old non stick rice cooker? Did the rice cooker come with recyclable packaging too – I know Plastic Free's Beth Terry has struggled with green products with un-green packaging!

          1. The old one I set aside for my neighbor who only being here a for this last year of college hasn't bothered to buy a hot plate and instead has been carrying his food and pan to a friends home when he wants a cooked meal. Who wants to go out in the winter just to eat?

            As for the packaging, I was a bit disappointed, while most of the wrapping was paperboard there were 3 bags which were wrapped around the different components. And the cup for measuring along with the handle on the lid are plastic, but it was the best I could find. The instructions stated the measuring cup equaled 3/4 of a cup so I will just use my glass measuring cup instead and will repurpose the cup which came with the cooker as a paint container for the little ones when they craft. No food will touch it. As for the bags, well I'll use them to pick up dog leavings when my son's dog visits as they are much smaller than a plastic grocery bag. It would have been nice if the plastic bags were at least marked as recyclable, but I feel better knowing I no longer have any nonstick cookware in my house.

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