Stinky Waste Wednesday

For new or irregular readers, I weigh my landfill trash every week in an effort to work towards having a zero waste household.  Sure, I may never get there, but tracking and watching what I use, I remain mindful and try to limit the useless waste of materials where I can.

You’d think when your trash smells nasty, you’d remember to take it out, right? Nope, Wednesday morning came around, and thrown by the BF being up early, I forgot to get my regulation photos and weigh in done before work. Rest assured, it’s the *first* thing I did when I got home (or maybe second, after some rocky road was scoffed).

This week, Wednesday 18 December, I weighed my non recyclable, non compostable land fill rubbish in at 285 grams.

Scales reading 285 grams
A weighty sum of 285grams

Almost on par with the week before last at 288g. It must have been an odd week last week at 129 grams.  My overall average since I started at Easter is 327 grams, but if you take out the two big hauls when I moved house, it comes down to 221 grams.  For those who know me well, from Easter to July I lived alone, now we’re a household of two.

Given I wasn’t lugging work lunches and handbags, I took the recycling out at the same time.  Here you can see a normal week of rubbish for us.

A couple's week of trash and recycling
Recycling for a week and the trash for a week.

Yep there’s a purple (turkey) meat tray in recycling! I removed the thin film and put that in the landfill trash. As for the ‘nappy’ that soaks up blood in meat trays, well, let me tell you from a VERY messy experience, do NOT try to squeeze out excess fluid in an effort to lessen the water weight in your trash. Of course, go for it if you like the look of speckled clumps of redish goo everywhere. Finally, Lois, I cursed those open shelves!

There’s also a pair of the BF’s boxer shorts in there. No good for charity, and I’m a little icky about using underwear as rags. Out they go! One day soon my bra will join such a trash haul, but not yet.

As to the nasty smell – I don’t know what it was.  There was something leaking from the plastic bin bag liner, and it was dark and sticky but I figured I didn’t really need to know.  It’s funny, it’s been months since I’ve dealt with rubbish smelling bad – composting sure smells nasty, but my landfill trash never does.

Anyone else out there exploded a meat tray nappy?  No? Good for you… will  you use old underwear as dusters?  What about bras?  How out there are my readers 😉

10 Replies to “Stinky Waste Wednesday”

  1. Your consistency in minimising rubbish is to be applauded.

    Can't give any advice for dead bras. They have so much mixed material they aren't good for much, except landfill.

      1. OK, that made me laugh. The imagine! Walking into work with a bra gas mask!

        Now here's a frugal idea. Don't want to catch the flu in winter, I have a cost effective face mask!

    1. Yay for another 'chucker'. I feel self conscious, as I know they could serve one more purpose, but alas, no.

      It is incredible how recycling differs – almost makes a mockery of zero waste and similar books selling internationally. They almost need to be city by city, council by council!

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