Waste Wednesday – pepper grinders

It’s a Wednesday, which means it’s the day I weigh the (landfill) waste/trash my household of two has generated.


Unrefillable mixed material pepper grinder
Unrefillable mixed material pepper grinder

This week, the weighty glass and plastic contraption has tipped the scales, adding 136g to the week’s weigh in.  It’s being trashed, as it can’t be refilled 🙁  Thankfully, the other set that came to our shared household can be 🙂

So, what about the total weigh in?

Two week's worth of waste
Two week’s worth of waste

If I adjust for last week’s trash in that same bag, the week’s weigh in is… 434g.  Still, 300g without the grinder is on the high side for our little home. Alas, I’ll continue to work at it.

Do you find things that should be refillable aren’t anymore? Or things that are refillable (ie pens) and it’s near impossible to *find* the refills?  Share you latest experience.

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  1. The ones that have got me recently are: (1) flickmixer taps (outdated / irreplaceable cartridges – had to replace the whole tap!) (2) non-recyclable toys x 100! The toys especially get me: "plastic craptastic" that breaks and goes straight to landfill!

    1. Oh wow, that's something to look out for I suppose. My parents have had the best grocery store grinders since I was a kid – just keep keeping on – thanks the McCormacks!

  2. That's so annoying! Recently I've been trying to organise internet at our new place, and my housemate's modem is a cable one. Apparently these modems are locked to the plan and if you get a new plan (even with the same company), you have to get a new modem and throw the old one away! Even if it still works!

    I'm waiting for her to get back from overseas to find out if she cancelled her old plan to find out if we need a new modem. So frustrating!

    1. OH totally – when I was with Unwired (I think) you had to get a modem with them, and they said it remained their property (maybe it was Virgin wireless), and when I came to end my contract, I wanted to send it back to them, and they didn't want it. I was pretty annoyed by that :p

  3. So irritating! I don't use a pepper grinder – I just buy a tin of already ground pepper. One thing that bothers me is when things are double wrapped – like a plastic bag of spinach, inside a plastic clamshell, encased in shrink wrap. Huh? Does spinach really need that much protection?

    1. I don't think I could have already ground pepper – but I think it's just cause I'm used to grinders since a small child! It's like the signal to start a meal 😮

      Oh I hate multilayered packaging, as you can imagine! I saw a woman with SO many plastic bags shopping recently, every collection of fruit or vege in an individual bag too – I was SO tempted to ask her how much trash she throws out a week. I was not that bold though!

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