Waste Wednesday update

It might be a busy week, but I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t weigh my rubbish.  So, let’s see how things went in the first (partial) week of the BF living at live-to-list-ville:

rubbish weigh in
Waste weigh in for Wed 31 July 2013

That’s the weight for three weeks worth of trash, so, this week’s weigh in is: 548 – 67 -172 = 302g

Not my biggest week.  Just my second biggest week.  And here’s why

  • meat trays: with all the moving, I settled for meat from the grocery store, in non recyclable trays
  • ice cream wrappers: why does stress come with eating bad things, and thinking it’s ok?
  • cheese packets: yes, I used up TWO of the packets in the photo from last week
  • apple puree cups: I was feeling ill, so I always go for apple sauce to settle my tummy.  Whilst I can buy it in a jar (with cinnamon), I somehow just got single portions pack, with three cups and three pretend foil lids.
  • tortilla bag: I’m not sure I can buy these without plastic, though I could look into making them?
  • plastic wrapping from a lamp: this cellophane wrapping was removed to show the lamp’s fabric (like it’s already un-plasticed twin)
  • tea bags: yes, I still have a stash.  And I could empty out the tea leaves to the Bokashi, and just trash the string and staple, but I’m not that vigilant (yet)

So I’m not that happy, but it’s not *that* bad.  I’ve got to focus on work, and packing my house/showing my house, so I let other things slip.

I also indulged in a cleaner to do the bathroom and the oven yesterday.  She emptied the bathroom bin (curses – seriously, my boyfriend thinks I’m the only person who’d have a problem with a cleaner emptying bins!).  Thankfully, I found the bin liner and contents in the kitchen bin, so I weighed them.  There’s ‘wet’ stuff still inside, so it’s heavier than it I did it later:

Bathroom trash weigh in
Bathroom trash weigh in

It’s by no means ‘full’ but this is 216g since 22 May – so more than two months.  In this bag we have:

  • cotton buds: using the last of the ‘normal’ ones up before buying bamboo ones
  • floss: remember that the silk thread as floss was a failure, so I’m stuck with this waste.  Not yet at rinsing it either…
  • dish cloths: from the cleaner.  I usually use a microfibre cloth and wash it (in the washing machine) and use a little loo paper for the ickiest of wipe downs.

So there in completes my weekly update.  I’m not sure I’ll have a Wednesday Waste post next week – I’ll certainly trash things in the moving day of Monday without weighing them! I’ll perhaps Facebook post any ‘trashing’ in the move process…

On the rental front: There was only one interested couple to apply after two showings.  The other couple found the balcony too small.  I’ve decided to accept the first couple’s application, rather than lower my rent and see if there’s more interest.  The first couple can move in 9th August, which is just 4 days after we vacate, so that’s better than what I might otherwise get.  So that’s one more thing sorted…

10 Replies to “Waste Wednesday update”

    1. Thanks Dar! I do already have a 'donate' box rescued from the 'throw out friendly' flatmate of the BF. I will of course look to donate anything usable… And if I can pack with paper, I'll much prefer it to plastic.

      Weird, the tenant feels like it's taken ages, but in real terms, it's been only a few days. Sigh!

  1. Oh, that's fantastic news about the tenant! So pleased for you. That's a very quick turnover.

    I'm surprised that this week's waste has been so good, considering the circumstances (I would have lots more take-away food rubbish, I think!) Good luck for the big week ahead 🙂

  2. It didn't seem quick, but in real terms it has been!

    The BF has been so behind this no eat out plan (esp being so close to a grocery store at my house). I have to credit him to not having more take out! Thanks for the well wishes!

  3. Wow! That's fantastic about the renters! It's amazing how that all came together so nicely and so fast!

    I hear ya on the trash! I don't know about you, but when I'm getting ready to move, I hate to bring new full size items in the house because I think about having to move them….I tend to eat out more during moving time, too! Really not a good thing either.

    1. Yeah in reality it's all been pretty swift this rent + rent out situation. No messing about here!

      I'm totally on board to eat out a lot, particularly after a month off. I'm surprised the bf isn't super on board with returning to eating out, but it has been an expensive month with rental bond and a new fridge

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