Waste Wednesday update

Welcome to Wednesday’s waste update.  Here’s the damage:

Weighing in at Wed May 29th
Weighing in at Wed May 29th

I’ve taken another photo, with the ‘recyclable’ bags removed, so the weight is down a little more!

Waste weigh in  with recyclable bags removed
Waste weigh in with recyclable bags removed

29 May: 112g 89g
22 May: 245g
15 May: 80g
8 May: 98g
1 May: 171g
24 Apr: 183g
17 Apr: 172g
4 Apr: 232g

Bedroom 340g on 1 May
Bathroom 626g on 22 May

Overall total = 2.259kg 2.236kg

This week, there was no McDonald’s missions, so that kept waste down (cause thankfully City of Sydney accept pizza boxes in recycling :D)


  • Toilet paper bag: used as a ‘bin bag’ to collect and easily weight my waste.  I could move to paper wrapped loo paper from the co-op
  • Almond meal bag: something the co-op doesn’t sell in bulk.  Maybe I should look into making my own?
  • Noddle bag: again, rice noodles not a bulk item at my co-op.  Wonder where else might sell them bulk in Sydney?
  • Cookie bag: gift from a colleague – waxy paper with a plastic window
  • Command 3m hooks packaging + backing strips: Y’all know how much I love these things, and I needed to expand my spice ‘rack’
  • Jar seals: Why do glass jars with metal lids come with a plastic ‘seal’ over the lid? Is the ‘pop top’ not enough.  Grr!
  • Razor tray: yes I bought a large quantity of razors (a long while ago) and I just tidied the drawer they were in and removed the plastic ‘tray’ they came in.  I’d hoped buying 10 would lessen the overall impact of the packaging, though I’m dubious.
Here's what's inside the bag of trash for this week.
Here’s what’s inside the bag of trash for this week.

Non-plastics/or ‘I’m not sure *what* that is

  • Butter paper: someone suggested I could compost/bokashi these, but I’m not 100% sure?
  • Baking paper: Usually I’d reuse it, but this got a little brown and crispy
  • Foil-y bag: from a snack on site, which was protein balls.  Why didn’t I just get a banana?  Hindsight is 20/20
  • Sticker: from a yoghurt pot I’m reusing.  If the pot is recyclable, is the sticker?  Or is that something removed in the recycling process?  I wasn’t sure, so I trashed it
  • Blister packs: the last of the lozenges

Back on track after a ‘heavy’ week last week.  Whilst in some ways it’s seems like I’ve plateaued, I’m still turning things over in my head.  Looking at the choices I’m making, and what alternatives there are, which I’ve drafted a post on.  Things like, a metal handled razor, or even a razor with replaceable blades (rather than ‘disposable’ like I use now).  Toliet paper could be bought elsewhere. I could do away with some food stuffs that keep coming up with non recyclable packaging?  Seeing two are gluten free products, I’m loathed the limit my diet further!

Actually, I need to familiarise myself more with Coles’ supermarket’s plastic bag recycling policy, as pictured in this post, to see if some bags could head there for recycling.  Right! That’s on the to do list for the week. <– done this, see the edit above!

As always, alternatives and suggestions warmly welcomed.

12 Replies to “Waste Wednesday update”

  1. Looking at the choices is really interesting. It just appeals to me that you could make a change once (defferent loo paper) and it has permanent effects. Very streamlined. Every post you do makes me thing about the choices of brands/products I buy.

    1. It's a constant aim for improvement. It'll be a dream when one week, the bin doesn't get any heavier!! But it is really all about choices (like… not buying the mars bar an hour ago!!)

  2. Very impressive. We recycle and avoid packaging, often filling our recycling bin but not our smaller rubbish bin. But we still have a lot of rubbish that comes in the house and has to leave!

  3. Hi Sarah, I'm really enjoying your blog – had to come for a read after I read your nice comment on my skeleton wardrobe over at Lucinda's blog.
    I have been very depressed about the state of the planet recently, and I am going to have to do something about our waste, so seeing this post is just extra motivation. Like Lucinda, we fill our recycling bin to overflowing – but it is so much better to not use the packaging in the first place. I think I will tackle this one food stuff and product at a time, and see how I go.
    I think you are very brave to weigh your waste and publish the results!
    And like you, stupid packaging really annoys me.
    I'll be interested to follow your thoughts on non-packaging alternatives.

    1. Hey Jo, great to have you stop by! I love finding Aussie blogs and bloggers 😀 I think I might change the 'theme' on Wednesdays to ways I am tackling packing of different things. Next week might be cheese, I'm thinking cause I just ran out. I read a great post just today at Hum of the city that shared some harrowing insights about waste, today and in the past. I look forward to reading some of the books she mentions, so I can learn to improve even more!

  4. My first thought was that you wasted that cute labrador puppy 🙂 Almond meal is very easy to make if you have a food processor (even a blender might work). You just don't want to process it too much or you end up with almond butter (although this might also be a good thing!). You can make all kinds of different meals from different nuts and seeds.

    1. I knew you'd know! I'll give it a try – grab some almonds at the coop and then whizz them up. Not sure I want butter, but it might be an unexpected bonus :p

  5. Still going good, Sarah! I take stickers off things before recycling too, when I can. It is slightly pesky to be given gifts with excess packaging, but I suppose one can't "look a gift horse in the mouth." Sometimes I have trouble with package sizes – for example, I could save packaging by buying unwrapped chocolate bars in bulk, instead of single wrapped ones, but I know I will eat sooo many more if I buy a few ahead of wanting them!

      1. I would be too embarrassed to post because it's in pounds (J/K – I think!) I gave up candy for about 2 weeks before vacation so that I could indulge more while I was away. I actually didn't miss it as much as I thought I would, but there is zero chance I would ever eliminate it permanently (she says, while eating yummy rhubarb custard candies from the UK!)

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