Zero Waste & dental floss

*sorry to anyone who got this before it was ‘finished’!*

For regular readers of this blog, it’s a weekly obsession of mine to aim for zero landfill.  Each week I weigh in, but there’s some recurrent items in my waste.  Today I’ll look at whole I’ve conquered dental floss.


Whilst floss is negligible in weight, it’s still something I was regularly adding to the trash heap.  The only solution I could find was silk thread.  Given I’m not a vegan, I don’t have a huge concern with this option, and it can be composted.  So from plastic box, wheel and nylon floss (I assume it’s nylon), I’ve gone to silk thread, of course on a plastic spool.  Ah well, you win some you lose some.


In practice? It was a FAIL.  The thread is too thin, and it tears.  And at $6.70 a spool, it’s not cheap!

Lucky I got it in a colour I like, I should be able to find a use for it.  Oh well, you have to try to know!

This week’s weigh in:

Waste weigh in on Wed 10/7/13 (total for two weeks)
Waste weigh in on Wed 10/7/13 (total for two weeks)

220g – 95g = 125g. Not too shabby, as the bf’s nachos was made again, complete with foil chip bag & meat tray.  There was also turkey & salami packaging from my road trip meal.   I’m ever vigilant – in buying the salami I asked about BYO containers, and we talked about the logistics.  It seems possible, but difficult.  Another deli made it seem simpler, but it’s more of a walk.

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    1. Chat up the butcher! Or get Mr 9 to charm them! But recently I've popped into delis to run the idea past them, before actually turning up to buy stuff. I just explain it by saying I'm aiming for zero waste – no one questions th

  1. That was a good try but at that price I would balk too. At least you haven't been using those plastic picks with the floss, what a waste they are and I find them everywhere. One thing I don't get in this day of flossing is why people don't use a good water pick. I grew up with wooden toothpicks, but when I had braces my orthodontist required that I use a water pick. You used approximately a cup of water, maybe a little more to clean between your teeth. In wanting to save water you could add the water to plants or a number of other things.

    1. Interesting, I'd not really heard about these water picks. I think wooden ones would be somewhat ok, as far as a waste point of view, so long as it's from a sustainable forest…

  2. Well done. You're doing a great job. What about rinsing your dental floss so it lasts longer? We rinse our toothbrushes and don't think twice about it but for some reason we treat dental floss as a one use only item. I rinse mine and rest it over the floss container. I change one piece every couple of days.

    1. I read about the rinsing idea, really creeps some people out. I suppose I could give it a whirl. It can just smell so horrible, but then I don't wash it currently so that might help?

  3. Well, I was just thinking about the subject of floss. I was at the dentist last Friday and they gave me a bag of plastic crap. Those stupid plastic things with floss. I hate those things. A worthless toothbrush that I don't like. I shouldn't have opened it. I should have put it in the donation bag. Two plastic bottles of Listerine and a sample of dental floss in a container just as big as the one you have above. Errrrrr. Oh, and it's in a plastic bag. At least the bag is big enough to use as a doggie liter scope. But….errrrr.

    I was recently at the whole foods here and they sell floss in cardboard containers called Eco-Dent. There's some other brands but I can't remember. For some reason I remember Eco-Dent.

    Great weigh in on the trash.

    1. OH those floss picks? Yeah, they haven't really taken off here in Australia. I'm always a little sad I never get dentist gifts, but I assume it keeps my bill down (as well as waste now I'm all 'thingie' about it.

      I wish we had wholefoods here, whilst it's not perfect, it's an improvement in many ways. I'll 'google' eco dent. Sometimes wrapping is recyclable, but the contents (ie the actual floss) aren't.

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