Zero Waste Wednesday Weigh In

Hello fearless readers – another Wednesday peak at my trash weigh in.  Every week, I weigh my landfill trash, in an effort to get to zero waste – for details of this crazy experiment, head to my Zero Waste page.

Zero Waste attmepts
A weighty 1.071kg – a woeful week for zero waste


I’m sad.  That’s pretty high. Actually I came home grocery shopping, shell shocked from the price (~$100 for three meals and some supplies), the size of the store (2-3 times my IGA), the number of people (it was Saturday), the number of choices (but still I couldn’t find cream cheese) AND the packaging.  We went together, the BF and me, and I just went for the path of least resistance.  Neither of us enjoyed the shopping trip.

I WILL get back to the co-op and the bulk supplies they offer soon.

And I’ll start working with a new butcher to get rid of meat trays.

Here’s what (from memory) what’s in this bag

  • meat trays – pork mince for Mexican
  • blister pack from new HDMI cable & mini book light
  • plastic wrapper on a new wireless card
  • egg shells – only got the Bokashi composting back in action a day or two ago
  • plastic ‘slithers’ from the top of the GF wraps

I’ve also started reading Bea Johnson’s Zero Waste Home and she concedes that hardware items (like dot point 2) are really hard to find zero waste alternatives, so I’m feeling a touch better.

And last week? I forgot to include two mattress bags, made of fine plastic.  They some how made it to the building’s bins without my weighing them.  And I let them.  SIGH!

So, it’s a third of my moving waste (which was over 3kg last week), but it’s still twice what I can achieve in a ‘normal’ week.  Once work stops being so draining, and house errands keep me out and about til later than usual, I’ll knuckle down into my co-op and butcher/grocer routines that help trim this number.  The more I can do myself, the less the BF will need to do, cause I’m not sure I can get him using the fabric produce bags just yet!

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  1. It probably will take you a while to get settled – it sounds like life is a bit crazy at the moment. Do you still live near the co-op, or is it harder to get to?

    We have student elections coming up (we had them and then they were cancelled for some reason – got to love student politics!) and one of the groups is promising to bring in a food co-op on campus, which would be awesome if it actually happens 🙂

    1. The coop is about the same distance, but there are more buses more regularly. I also have around the clock access to a car (though… it's not mine). I like to volunteer and then shop, so it's a 2hr plus commitment. Admittedly I don't have to volunteer every time I shop!

      Wow, that would be so cool if you end up with a coop on campus – two of the unis near me have them, but the two or three further afield don't. Still, they aren't as 'open' as the one I go to, and the stock is very variable. Better than nothing though.

    1. Yeah I am tempted to take a week off work just to 'nest'… But it's hard to justify :s I certainly have the days banked though.

  2. It's so busy moving (with a new job to boot)…I still think this a great weigh-in. Everytime I've moved we've had lots of packaging waste from the inevitable new bits-and-bobs for a new home. I think you're trekking through the move fantastically well!

    1. Thanks for the little confidence boost – it was definitely a bit of a downer post yesterday, with a headache, I was evidently a little 'clouded'!

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