Summer Bucket List

Oh you Americans, or is it just the subset that pin (on Pinterest)?

I didn’t know of these summerbucket lists til recently, but as a blog called ‘Live to List’, yes, I too want a summer bucket list!

Here’s what I have, some of these things have been completed, as Summer in Australia starts on 1 Dec.  Some of these are also planned, and I’ll elaborate on each point.  Here goes:

You couldn't ask for a pool with a better view
You couldn’t ask for a pool with a better view. My photos are further down


  • Walk the 14 km harbour foreshore walk: previously you couldn’t walk on public land all around Sydney Harbour, but with the development at Barangaroo, you now can.
  • Complete the ‘Bay Run’
  • Clear the greater than 24 month tasks at work (3) (wow, that one is exciting, isn’t it!) This was magically achieved… not sure when, but overall, I’m killing it in the stats, and helping other portfolios ‘clean house’
  • Go to a movie at the Open Air Cinema (sales opened today… and the allocation for the day sold out on films I liked) – Alas, they sold out, and I never did wait in line on the night of to see if I could get tickets.
  • Get a photo strip done with the BF in lieu of any more gifts, I asked the BF to come to the photo booth with me.  It has a real rustic look, slightly sepia toned.  It was good fun, though we’ll be better prepared last time, the flash caught us by surprise the first time!
  • Start a herb garden then it died from an infestation.  I shall try again, using offshoots from friends.
  • Chip away at visiting all the pictured beaches (sorry I’ve forgotten the source!) with the BF, we’ve been to: Maroubra, Manly, Bondi (though not to swim), Dee Why, I think it was Queenscliffe?, we’ve walked Bondi to Bronte, but not swum any
Not really all of them...
Not really all of them…

It seems putting things on a list does wonders for me getting things done! I did the Bay Run and the pool visit in this past weekend! The bay run was through a organisation my father introduced me to (he beat me at the 7km run too – I took 47 minutes, I’d hoped for 45 minutes).  We signed up on the morning of the run, and I think having it on the list was enough to make me commit to it.

The BF took me to the pool on Saturday to cool down.  It’s incredible to see the scale of the bridge built so long before sky scrapers, next to a pool.  Here’s some more photos of it:

Pool under Sydney Harbour Bridge
Real life
Close up of the eyes of Luna Park
Close up of the eyes of Luna Park
I swim a lot - I've never seen such prescriptive signs!
I swim a lot – I’ve never seen such prescriptive signs!
The best pool in the place
The best pool in the place

What things are you hoping to get done in this season? Hopefully you have some fun things on there, not just doom and gloom and household ‘musts’! Let me know

13 Replies to “Summer Bucket List”

  1. I'm feeling homesick for Sydney again, looking at your list and photos! I haven't done the Bondi to Bronte walk but have done Bronte to Coogee (then Coogee to Maroubra.) Just the most amazing coastline.

    The idea of a summer bucket list sounds irresistable…I think I'd add "drive-in" to mine just for starters!

    1. I've never been to a drive-in either, but when I mentioned the open air cinema to the BF that's what he thought it was. I've done the Bondi to Bronte, but not the others, so I should give them a whirl too!

  2. I had no idea there was a pool in that location – looks fantastic! Best yet, looking at your photos has made me want to swim again. Well, the temperature is -10C so maybe not today 🙂 Congrats for getting in another run!

    1. It's an amazing location, I think all tourists should go (if nothing to see the scale of the harbour bridge!) Swimming is just lovely, especially in our relative heat… -10C makes it a lot less appealing!

      Thanks for the congratulations, it was hard work, but glad I did it.

  3. I love the names of those beaches! We don't really have anything fun planned beyond Christmas and New Year's Eve . . but I like the idea of a winter bucket list. Maybe ice skating?

    1. Some of the names are aboriginal dialects (like Tamarrama – there are lot of repeated syllables in some of Sydney's names).

      Ice skating sounds delightful! We don't have any 'natural' ice skating, so we always go somewhere indoors. I'd love a chance to do it on a lake somewhere, someday!

  4. Wow, that's a lot of beaches! That picture is really neat – I can't imagine being in a pool and having a view of a bridge. Nice job on the 7km run; that's really cool your father ran it with you. Honestly, now that it's so cold out, I don't have any huge plans. Boring, I know, but for the most part I am hoping to get some reading done in the next few months. I'd like to spruce up my blogging skills. Good luck on completing the rest of your list!

    1. To think, that's not even all of them either!

      I should get some snaps of Drummoybe pool (which I did my run past, but I also have played water polo at) – it's also near a bridge, but smaller and less impressive.

      It's cool that my dad beat me too! I think it's fine to have relaxed goals – like trying new recipes, maybe for hot chocolate or something equally comforting? Reading is a great goal – I like to sit around on Sundays sometimes, reading a good book (which means it's fiction, non-fiction seems to take me longer to read)

    1. The Open Air cinema is the original and the best – sadly I can't seem to find tickets for anything I want to see – I don't know a lot of the titles even!

  5. Beautiful photos!! And you achieved your goal. They are enviable photos. Love that pool, but have never swum there. I read that the lap swimmers are quite aggressive about the pace. I like to float about, so it's not the best pool for me.

    You set some fun goals. I like them.

    I've done the Manly to Seaforth walk, and Bondi to Bronte. So many great walks to do. The whole inner harbour walk would be fantastic. I want to do the bits around Mosman and the zoo.

    I'll pass on the sky dive but look forward to your photos.

    1. IF you get a chance, make a trip to swim them (you might even chance free parking – they have meters with no tickets and we lucked a spot that someone had prepaid for two hours but left after 15 minutes). They did have a 'recreational use' lane, and we stayed firmly in that lane for our visit.

      I must add all these walk suggestions, as I quite like a scenic walk! Don't worry, I won't sky dive, but the BF is keen to use the voucher I gave him. Once was enough for me – yikes it's not all soft and fluffy in clouds like I thought it might be!

  6. The view from the swimming pool in that last photo must be stunning! I'd love to go visit Australia one of these days. I've always wanted to go there. And sky diving sounds super fun!

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