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Journal of Japan

This is a picture heavy post, where I share the photographs of my journal of travelling – it started slow but once I got into it (on the road) it got more decorative! Should fire ruin this journal, at least I’ll have it in blog form, and you get to sticky beak! Questions most welcome!

Souvenirs from Japan

So what did I buy in Japan? Aside from four tops/shirts for a number of multinational companies (Zara, Uni Qlo, H&M), I also bought a belt from Old Navy.  That’s all par for the course –  I have the time and the funds when on holidays to buy clothing. However, I also bought Two packets …
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Day 1 – Japan

So, laziness, or insanely smart, I’m going to try and ‘recycle’ some of my emails to blog posts.  It has been noted that my email style is a little ‘punchier’ than my blog content… so I suppose we’ll see if it’s loved or hated!! At Sydney Airport So… other than bruising my hand on one …
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Things this trip taught me

If I pack three pairs of ‘pants’ (one skirt, two pairs of shorts) – then I need the same proportion of tonal knickers (cause I’m like that!).  I didn’t have enough light toned knickers, but Uni Qlo to the rescue… Synthetic pockets in my white shorts – need replacing stat! I had the least luggage, …
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A selfie a day

I’ve often travelled alone. I’ve often not taken any photos of myself. With the BF back home, and this echo of friends in the past, I implemented a policy of ‘a selfie a day’. In reality, some days there are a few selfies, and other days there are none. But you get the picture: Do …
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Japan’s differences in dot points

There’ll be many a post on my two weeks in Japan, but I thought I would start with the big difference I noticed and didn’t expect (like, obviously the language and alphabet is different!) They are SO tidy – even though there aren’t many bins, you just don’t see rubbish lying around.  I saw someone …
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Japan packing

There’s nothing I enjoy more than some photos collages, and doing outfits ensures I pack enough. And I can easily get up and get dressed. If you’re bored (already) can play ‘spot the repeat picture’ :p These don’t include the ‘plane’ outfit. The plane will introduce jeans, a cotton sweater, a scarf, my trench… and …
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Japan trip in July

My apologies, devoted and committed readers (hahaha), it’s been more than a week since my last confession post.  But to break the silence, I have some VERY exciting news (which I alluded to in comment on declutter)! All the wonderful photographs are directly from Louise Hawson, and brilliantly talented photographer from Sydney who took her daughter …
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