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Inner Sydney snaps

Some of the photos of my weekend – funny what you notice in the inner city!

Dramatism is like consumerism

Yesterday I wrote about how I still feel the twinges of desire to acquire things, but mostly I quash them.  I withstand my desire for the new and shiny things and the promise (lies!) of a perfect life.  I can be an anti consumer, or at the very less a low level consumer However, one …
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Window Shopping again

Tonight, as the BF had a work function, I took myself window shopping.  I wanted to see all that sparkled (but I know is not gold) in the stores, which are currently packed to the gills for Christmas.  There was nothing like this in New Caledonia, and from my travelling in past years, Australia does …
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First kiss

When I was a teenager, and hormonal, I wrote endlessly about love and all the involved permutations.  But I knew I was young and hormonal and who wants to read the same gaff every teen goes on about?  Now I’m in that perfect spot – neither youthful hormones, nor at the sunset of youth (relatively), …
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Where do you read?

So for a long time, I’ve wondered about all my readers, many who are ‘reading down the house’. Where do you read? Do you have a special chair and a light that you curl up under? Do you read whilst you eat – at a certain meal, or most sole meals? Do you read before …
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More to me than a job

Since the 18th August, so almost a month, in the new role, I’ve been grappling with the added commute.  Today, the boss asked me how I felt about the roll etc. I am steadfastly unmoving in my rejection of a permanent role with a 2 hours commute per day. 10 hours a week! My close …
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It was a good week!

I’m delighted to report – what an awesome week.  Well, there were less than awesome bits, but I’d rather reflect on the great! (thanks to Tiff at Raising Lemons) Today, two lines on a work graph intercepted.  In 12 days, we’ve done radical things and seen a rapid drop in a statistic we were getting …
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Getting stuff done!

In contrast to my last post, I pleased to report how I’ve knotched things up a gear in my personal life! I went to SES on Tuesday despite horrible weather, thankfully we were indoors and playing with power tools.  My first time with a plane saw, grinder and nail gun.  FUN! Thursday night, I ventured …
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Yay! Friday!

Twice in three weeks, I’ve had the chance to take Friday off (one was sick leave, today is my one day off a month, which I’ve wholeheartedly earnt with extra hours worked!) I plan to get the ‘pink slip’ for my scooter sorted, so that I can get it third party insured and registered.  It …
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One week in

Today marks a week in my new role with the longer commute, which I introduced in this post.  I thought I would touch base on how it’s all going. In the five day week, I worked 4 days from my new office in Hornsby, and one whole day at my previous office in Chatswood (due …
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